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Star Citizen Free Flight WEEK! May Day Holiday Free Flight & some 3.5 Thoughts

Star Citizen Free Flight WEEK! May Day Holiday Free Flight & some 3.5 Thoughts

hello everyone my name's Bubba and welcome back to some more star citizen I know I've been away a while have a knife it's been due to holidays and the Easter break so I wasn't insomnia and I couldn't really do a lot when the three point five point five because the gaming festival actually had some problems with his internet and I didn't feel comfortable streaming because it had a tendency to cut out a random intervals and so yeah kind of had just had to take the 3.05 launching the stride and play along with the sync guys when it came out so why am I here today well that's because CID is doing a free to play week not a weekend as they have normally done in the past but a week so from the May Day holiday so from May 1st you can enter a code like you could last time on the CID website I'll link it in the description for you if you've not only before or if you're new to it or if you have you know when the code pops up and it will give you some free ships to fly so basically it will give you a range of features to buy it won't give you all of them so you can't fly you know every single ship in the game sort of like we can in the PTU when they want us to test and break things but it will give you a selection so you'll get an anvil Hawk which is like the light fighter you will get a drake cutlass black which is kind if the tried and tested old ships everybody tends to get in the free flight areas you know the free flight weekends if in the past people have gotten drug covers blacks you will get a prospector so you'll be able to test out the mining mechanic if you've not seen it before or you've done it before so you can go and try mining if you've not tried it since they updated it in the past then you'll be able to try asteroid mining out in asteroid fields and on different moons and different materials as opposed to just the three moons that we had previously and you will also get a dragonfly so that's one of the little hover bikes it's not the speedy one not the NOx that looks kinda like the Tron bike with its the more utilitarian sort of cross-country 'mobile of the shipment so yeah it's definitely something to check out if you've never played so this isn't really video with lots of you know it features and new toys and things that break this is literally just an announcement video because see IG is a doing a free to fly week so an entire week of flying free internet spaceships so if you do not try to star citizen or you know can't see you computer runs it now will be a good time to kind of dip your toe in and have a look and get a feel for it since they will date 23.5 and you know but our core period and the female characters and different ships and armors and all the new toys that we've had in the update since they did the last free flight weekend which walls blast I hazard hazard to say last year this all of last October time I think when 3.3 K mail I could be wrong so it's been a while so definitely if you've not done it coming stick you're telling me have a look at there we go what do I think about things so far because I haven't really done much of a video since three point five came live you know the last one was the PTU I did do a stream because sync had a really cool event over the weekend and lots of other streamers are doing it as well so sitter oh and said Thals jumpin spider we were all streaming however YouTube seems to have had that stream in processing on my channel for about three days now coming on four days so it's severely broken and I don't know if he's going to remedy itself so we'll just have to see outside of that I think 3.5 brilliant I love the female characters as you can see I'm still playing one it's fun to see the the diversity and armors although some of the armor pieces are still broken especially the concierge pieces which is a bit annoying art corp is fantastic as you can see I looked a whole hologram thing the sound design here is beautiful the sound design in 3.5 overall is fantastic the ships are great the flight model is great it needs tweaks of course but it's only the first revision and there really is a lot to like about the Alpha now it's still you know it needs more gameplay loops it needs more features adding to it isn't long but it really really is starting to wind up into something special now I was having a discussion with one of my colleagues at work today who was lamenting he's not been able to play elite dangerous in a long time because he has a lot more family commitments than I do but I was saying to him that after really sort of getting into the star citizen alpha and the way I can I can't really play elite dangerous anymore I just doesn't have the same feel I could probably go in and do it for a little while but I couldn't go in and do things like I'd done before such as you know travel to the center of the galaxy in that game and go to the giant black hole I've done that once and that was kind of my rite of passage and I just wouldn't find the fun in doing that again without being able to you know walk around my ship and interact with a character like I am doing now so yes 3.5 is very very good so free flight week if you have not done the game then come play come blow things up come join us on synchronizers go and find some other organizations to play with maybe some of the streamers if they're doing content there's tons of streamers on Twitch who are always doing public events with guys sadly a lot more of them tend to be in the US side so I missed them because the times only fuse but there is so much to do and so much to see in the Alpha now especially if you haven't done it before and it's a good way of seeing how your computer holds into another minute there's the arrow there's one of the ships that you get in a fight week so please please please come and play and have some fun and blow things up crush things crash into a planet crash into other people steal from people do drugs character Oggs smuggle drugs do all the kind of cool funny stuff that we've been doing for months so please come up like free flight week next week May first go get it

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