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South Africa – An Epic Adventure, Part 6: Trout Bungalow

South Africa – An Epic Adventure, Part 6: Trout Bungalow

Sometimes it’s giraffes and sometimes cows. So now we had to stop again We are going to try the pool right beneath Trout Bungalow Even the locals say there are lots of snakes here That means there actually are a lot of snakes Alright, fly box, leaders, clipper and snake serum Let’s go He’s eating again Stay down It looks nice One meter above the rock That’s right. Perfect. He’s going to take it Nice Anders There’s a nice trout right in front of me What’s happening? That was a decent fish I’m sitting here trying to decide which flies to use tomorrow After a hot day under the African sun it’s nice to cool down with a bath The fish are rising. Hurry up I’ll be there in a second This is not a bad fish It’s not huge but… He’s gone into the branches He’s stuck He’s gone under the roots How can I fix this? It’s impossible He’s loose. And he’s still on He’s tired now What a fight This trout is fat He’s fat as a package But he’s tired. I gotta release him Bye bye River Mooi has finally produced It’s tricky but one of Peter Brigg’s dry flies conquered here in the stream That was a tough fight Nice fish It’s not huge but it’s really nice They are really fat here This is magical. Totally dead the whole day and then it starts to rise everywhere I’m gonna land him now The fish are rising everywhere even though I have this one on Look at that fish Trout from the Mooi River In South Africa Fantastic fish. Heavy That was two. Let’s do a third I wonder what they are eating, considering all the effort they put into it They are rising everywhere There he is. He took it This one is also nice He’s stuck He’s loose again I lost him That was a huge fish It was really big He was bigger that I thought What a trout Incredible. What was that? How many big trout are there in this river? And they are all wild trout It’s not a pond stocked with rainbows I can’t fish anymore I can’t It’s getting dark And they keep on rising A quarter past six The magical half hour in the Mooi River A quarter to six to a quarter past six, fish rising everywhere

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  1. What ! 14 years ago . Oh well the Trout bungalow looks like such a cool place to stay and fish the Mooi river for a couple of days . I was fooled I thought you might have found what Juan Ponce de Leon was looking for , but no 🙂

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