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So Scary Ghost Adventures Will NEVER Return: The Terrifying Haunting Of The Washoe Club

So Scary Ghost Adventures Will NEVER Return: The Terrifying Haunting Of The Washoe Club

Today, we are investigating the
mysterious paranormal events of the haunted Washoe
Club, one of the locations that Zak Bagans from
Ghost Adventures said, “fears the most.” According to Zak Bagans,
this place scares him. It’s also the location
where Ghost Adventures got their start, and
captured the most compelling paranormal evidence to date. We’re heading to see if
we can replicate what Ghost Adventures captured. And it’s like, party
central in here. This is really great. [SCREAMS] Did I scare you? I tried! My ex-wife scares me. That kind of scared me. That’s what Dad’s going to
look like after this paranormal investigation. That’s what Emma’s going to
look like when she’s older. I’m scared. That’s going to be me
after a few ghosts. It’s like– That scared me. All right, guys. We are back at the
Washoe Club tonight. We’re getting another chance
to do a proper investigation. You guys wanted us to come back
and do a real investigation. Luckily, the crazy lady
is not here any longer. She has been fired. I just volunteer my time
here, and I help out, and I really do not
want to be on film. And I’m saying that because
I don’t want to be on film. Is that OK? They got rid of her
thanks to you guys, and you won’t believe
the outpouring of support we got from everybody
in this community who freaking hated that lady. They got rid of her, and
everybody in this town was so grateful for
what you guys did. Now what we did– what
you guys did– they said, oh, thank you so much. That lady was driving us crazy. So anyways, we are here, though. We’re going to do a proper
investigation tonight. We’re going to try
very, very hard to find out if
ghosts are freaking real tonight, in this club. The kid died. When he was to playing
with his older brother, he fell down in a hole and died. That’s why this
place is haunted. We did have a bartender who
committed [MUTED] upstairs in 1984. His son and a friend
were out playing, and on the other
side of the mountain, there was an open
mine, I believe– OK, that’s just the breeze. There was an open
mine and he fell in, and the little
boy– and he died. And I believe his name is Peter. The blue lady– they see
her over here by the stairs. It’s where they store
dead people’s bodies when it was cold. They had to put them in there. How many bodies? Um, 65. I thought it was 72, Char. I don’t know. I don’t remember. You’re so weird! Look, he’s a mountain. So people said we were
provoking demons too much on our last paranormal. How’s that make you feel, Bob? Makes me feel like people take
life a little too seriously. I think we’re going to
try to provoke demons even more tonight, so
get ready get scratched. If you’re scared of demons,
you probably should just not watch this video. We are going to be provoking
them and just attacking us and scratching us. We have this Ovilus. Some people think this is a
cheap knockoff spirit box, but this is like, an
upgraded spirit box. Yes, and we are going
to put it to the test. So Ghost Adventures
in here– they had rocks flying right
on top of their heads. So let’s go see if we
can get some rocks thrown on top of our heads. Now, conveniently,
while this was happening on Ghost Adventures, Zak
did have something kind of up in there that might have
been stirring up the rocks. It was [INAUDIBLE] or something. Yeah, I think something was
a little fishy about that, Zak Bagans. So here we are. All right, guys. Let’s try this. We’re in here. Let’s put the Ovilus the table. Now, this is where they
stored dead bodies. Something like 72. So we have the Ovilus, and
let’s see if the Ovilus could pick anything up. Anything coming down
hitting us on the head? Those are Zak Bagan rocks. Zak Bagan rocks? Did you just call
them Zak Bagan rocks? Yeah, the rocks that fly down
and hit you on your head. Remember when [INAUDIBLE]? Oh, yeah. But a rock didn’t
even hit his head. He didn’t even see
a rock hit his head. It was supposedly air, he
said but it wasn’t a rock. It was just air or energy. Anyways, but they did
have rocks coming down, so we’re hoping to catch some
rocks or something falling down. Maybe the Ovilus can
give us a little action. Here’s the Ovilus. Not that I know it was trying. Picking up something,
is there any spiritual– what’s your name? Any ghosts or demons in here? Any of that junk? Come on, Ovilus. You can do it. We’re here for reals, guys. We’re not joking. We’re being serious. You notice how it doesn’t
stink in here like last time? Last time, it was
really stinky in here. Well, literally
nothing’s happening here, and this is where
like, 70 bodies were stored in the winter. Come on, spirits. Are you here at all? Maybe they’re not in here. Maybe they left,
they floated away. I’m trying to think
if they floated away. It’s possible. So the Ovilus doesn’t even
have anything to say here, and we’re definitely not getting
rocks or energy freaking thrown at our heads yet. Norman. It says that every single
time– it says Norman. Not. Oh, he’s not Norman. It’s not Norman. Well, who is it, then? Who is it, if it’s not Norman? And if it’s not Norman,
then who are you? What’s your name? Come on, you could talk to
us, even though I don’t how to make that thing talk. [INAUDIBLE] We’ll go back
in here with the SLS, what you think? OK, thing right here
is where they say they catch the lady, the blue lady. I don’t see that catching
anything up in here. What the [BLEEP] was that? What was that? Guys, that just like,
did a crazy creak. When that happened,
it said children. It’s kind of a weak ground,
you know what I mean? Maybe. Should we try to
recreate that again? Just as we were
approaching this, the whole freaking
thing creaked. OK, well this is supposed to be
haunted by that lady, I guess. I hear something again. Mom, are your feet settling? Are you really like, settling
into the freaking ground? Guess what. Just a second ago,
it said “bar.” There’s a bar right there! It’s right there! Oh, that is actually
kind of weird. It’s never said
that word before. Oh, OK. I thought that was
like, something crazy. Thought someone was getting
a phone call at 3:00 AM. Turn it off! The bar just a second ago, and
I was pointing it at the bar out there. Didn’t Scotty the
parent, work at a bar? Yeah, he did. The bartender’s name was Scotty. You’re going in alone. How do you think Mom’s
investigation is going? Well, knowing Mom, she probably
thinks it’s going great. You should scare her. You should like, knock on the
door and try to scare her. Try to like, knock,
kind of on the side. OK, OK, OK. I’m going to do it. Yeah, yeah. Stay over there. Hey. Well, that was lame. I forgot the film, too. All right, who’s still upstairs? Person. Ground control to Major Tom. It’s creepy up here. Close it, close it! I don’t want to break it. I feel like I’m
going to break it. Why you guys always
leaving me behind? Oh, Jesus. I thought that was Dad. Thanks! Remember not to touch the walls. We were thinking the same thing. Is it just me or does it
smell like smoke up here? Yeah, it smells really strong. Think someone’s in here? Coming up from
the bar, probably. Everyone’s gone from the bar. [INAUDIBLE] It makes it
really creepy that there could be someone up here. Why is it every time,
there’s got to be, like, some kind
of smell up here? It’s a demon smell! Demon was doing bad stuff. Something smells weird. Smells like perfume almost. Yeah, it does. It totally smells
like perfume up here. This is where the full
body apparition was. Smells really funky
up here for you. Smells fresh. What? Smells fresh, OK? ; There’s a tissue. Right behind that
mirror right there. Yeah, there is stuff
behind that mirror. Smells weird in here, too. Smells like gas in here. Oh, it really does. Yeah. It smells a lot like
gasoline in here. Really strong. And we just keep going. This was supposed to
be the table, I guess, where a president sat. Why does it smell so
strongly of gasoline? It only smells like that
over here in this room. What does it say? Digging. I thought it said “ticking.” I was about to be like– I was like, OK,
we’re about to die. Did you hear that? Swear I heard something. Screaming. What? It sounds like screaming. Kind of sounds like whistling. Or whistling. Outside people getting
drunk, probably. What do you guys think? You creeped out a little bit? It’s really– I hate it up here. That’s the top of the
crypt right there. This is the room where the guy– “yell”– that’s the room
where the guy supposedly took his own life and the father
of this boy who died in a mine shaft, right here. So let’s see if the Ovilus
picks anything up in here. Now, where’s the one that
they say that the demons are scratching them? Let’s go look. I mean, if I was a demon, I
would possess the Detective Pikachu, personally. There’s a line right there. There’s some demons,
all these scratches. Supposedly, what did they say– 40 people were scratched? I think they said, like, 70. So which is the scratching room? I don’t know. I want to go to the
scratching room. Oh, it’s an antelope head. That’s what the ghosts
are going to do to you. Oh my God. There’s “angle”–
wheels, present, angle. This thing is gold. All right, I say we go
to the [INAUDIBLE] house. What you say? I thought that the
person said they left. Someone left their comments. I don’t know, they
could have been lying. There’s people. Where? Wait, you just saw
someone out there? I swear I just saw
two people walking. Maybe it was just our
reflections, though. Go look. We can look. See anyone? No. Well, that’s kind of creepy. Well, how do you
solve an apparition? There’s two people? Yeah. You swear you saw it? Yeah! It was probably
just our reflection. When we were, like,
walking that way, it looked like a
girl and a person who was taller than them. I swear I just heard something. Why don’t you ask if
anyone’s out there? I will. I don’t see anyone. Maybe you saw us. Did you film it? I just saw a shadow in there. I’m seeing people moving
in there, I swear to God. Is there just someone in there? No, there’s people in there. There’s something. Are you sure it’s it’s not
from the front of the building? Charlie, relax, buddy. You see them? No. Here, I’m going to look
out there really quick. No, seriously. Because there was
somebody, there’s– You see them? Yeah, I see them. Are you kidding? And I’m ready to fight. I saw something. Trust me, it’s awesome. There’s really
nothing out there. I saw somebody walk from
the door– two people– they walked through the door. It was like, two– You saw their entire body? Yes. I saw from their waist up. There’s no one in there. I saw from their waist up. Get ready to fight, guys! Well, it literally
could be people on the street walking by. Did you just see that? Did you see something else? Yeah. What did you see? I don’t see nothing. You guys leave yet? I don’t see anything. I think what happened is– Your thing just went off. This? Probably because my
phone’s in my pocket. Oh yeah, guys, look. It can go off on command. Oh my God, look, I’m really
getting ghost activity right now, can you
believe this activity? Look at this freaking
thing, it’s going insane. Couldn’t be my phone. Oh look, it’s died. See, you guys got to
watch out for the fakes. The phone’s nearby, this
thing’s going to go crazy. She thinks she saw
someone in there. So the only thing it
could be is a ghost. I could see the
girl kind of clear because I could see
her hair and stuff, and it was like,
really wavy and long. You saw that much detail? Yeah, but I couldn’t see
their faces or anything. They were like, just shadows. That was weird. It was so weird, though,
because I knew that there was something in there. I could like– I knew it wasn’t any of us. I know, I saw you staring at it. It couldn’t have
been us, either, because like [INAUDIBLE] There’s none of us– What? I thought I saw someone. I think what you’re
seeing is your own shadow. Well, I don’t see
myself right now. I think you’re seeing
your own shadow in there. If we want to eliminate the
shadow, all we have to do is turn off some lights. I saw them. I know I saw you
staring at them. [INAUDIBLE] is freaked out. I could tell– no. It was two people in, like– [INAUDIBLE] See if we can
pick up anything on the SLS. Let’s see [INAUDIBLE] Charlie. Um– um– What? Charlie turned into an octopus. OK, guys. We’re going to go see if we
can have anything on the SLS. Someone needs to go over there
and put the EMF reader there. Woah, what’s it
got, like 10 legs? Dude, he’s chilling. With 10 legs? Oh, he disappeared. Anything happening there? He’s back. Anything happening there? No. Raise your arm. Dude, he’s hanging out with you. He’s moving with you. Come on, dance with him! It started going. I don’t know what
happened to [INAUDIBLE].. He kind of went away, so
let’s see if he comes back. All right, let’s go upstairs. Steamy the mannequin,
is that you? Dad, it called you a geek again. No, it did not. Yeah, it did. It said geek. Ew, this is creepy. You see anything? Nope. I’m not getting anything. Let’s keep going. Apparently, this is a
150-year-old original table. You had Mark Twain and several
other, like, politicians, really famous people, who
actually sat at this table. S. What’d it say? S. I thought it said “yes.” Logical. Maybe we should play a
little game of Go Fish. Have fun getting scratched. Show that to Mom. She got so scared. She ran out as
fast as she could. Did she get scared? Yeah. That’s not nice to
leave me in here alone. Ew. How does that make you feel? I don’t like it very much, guys. That clown kind of
looks like he’s like, want to go out for dinner? There’s one right there. Ah, I got one. What? Mapping something out on there. Next to me? He’s [INAUDIBLE]. He thinks that thing’s a person. Right there– that metal object. Maybe that’s the
form he’s taking or she’s taking right now. What does that say? Limp, else. Else. Definitely didn’t
just yawn or anything. Tired? Nope. Dad? If there’s anybody
here, any ghosts, why don’t you show
yourselves to our cameras? Or demons. Or demons. Because there’s supposedly
a room here where like, 50 plus people have
been scratched, and people in our comments
are really scared of demons, so we’re inviting the demons
right now to come and get us. Anybody? Just come on. Everyone’s welcome. You’re all welcome here, guys. Demons, spirits, all of you. The Ovilus just
said “reveal” when you were talking revealing. Come on, Ovilus. Reveal yourself. Ovilus? Let’s go this way. He pretends like
it didn’t happen. It didn’t happen. I didn’t say nothing. Scratch. It said “scratch.” Is this the scratching room? Scratch across your back. Scratch one of us. You’re allowed to possess
me and run me over with your demon car. Is it going to be a Dodge Demon? It said “react.” Next thing you
know, a Dodge Demon is going to appear
down the hallway. Hey, there’s one right here. Oh, look it! There’s a doll. What? [INAUDIBLE] the doll. Malicious. The doll has an attachment, Dad! I’m doing it now. All the weird smells are gone. It’s kind of weird
how there’s always different smells up here. Did you see that? No. No, seriously, I’m not kidding. We need a flashlight. I’m not going over there. What? What’d you see? She’s running! What is happening? I don’t even know what she saw. Do you know what she saw? What did you see? It looked like a
person over there. [INAUDIBLE] spirits here. What is your name? Come over here to this
device, and tell us your name. You can use the
energy, supposedly, from this device to talk to us. So one more time, so all the
people know that we’re serious. Is there any spirits up in here? Up in here. Come over here and talk
to us on this device. Just come over and
use the energy. All right. Looks like a dress. Let me see. It still has that thing on it. Seems to be mapping
something on the stairs, too. It just disappeared as
soon as you showed up? That’s the first time
it’s ever said Peter. On the other side
of the mountain, there was an open
mine, I believe– OK, that’s just the breeze. There was an open
mine and he fell in, and the little
boy– and he died. And I believe his name is Peter. The microphone is dead. No warning, which is
interesting, because usually it’ll give you a warning. Oh, there it is. It’s back. [INAUDIBLE] got turned off. We’re in here, we’re
alone in here in this– Ugh, fell off. Looks like it got a
little messed up there. We’re going to go in. That’s the best. And that’s just
a wonderful shot. So we’re going to
turn the lights off. We’re going to have a
little EVP session, just us. There’s a live
review afterwards. Clearly dark in here. All right, we’re rolling now. If there’s any spirits in
here, what is your name? Live review this. (REPLAY) If there’s any spirits
in here, what is your name? That’s it, nothing. I tried, guys. Next, in the chair
that’s over there, there keeps
appearing– not Audrey, but there keeps
appearing another person. We just heard, like, the gate
out there slam or something, and now Dad’s up there doing
his investigation by himself, so now we’re here by ourselves. It’s really creepy. We don’t know when
he’s going to be back, but we have the door locked. We still don’t know
what that sound was, whether it was the gate
opening or closing or what. Those weird scents
up there almost made me wonder if someone was
up there right before we went up there. I mean, anyone could
go in there right now. In the room that
is most activity is where I think we
should go, so that’s where we’re going to go now. And then I’m going
to come back up and grab the rest of my stuff. You guys bored? No, we’re all really scared. We’re just waiting for you to
come down because it’s creepy. So ghosts, where are you? All right, I think this is
the location where one of you have took your own life, is
what we have to say on YouTube. Here we go. You guys ready for this? If you’re a spirit, you can
come over here to this device. You can supposedly talk into it. I don’t believe in it. I don’t think there’s
any spirits here. I don’t think there’s
any ghosts here. Prove me wrong. Come over here and tell me. I’m going to put this down
right here on the table, flat like that. I’m going to make no noise. Just tell me what your name is. We’ll see if we got an answer. (REPLAY) If you’re a spirit,
you can come over here to this device. You can supposedly talk into it. I don’t believe in it. I don’t think there’s
any spirits here. I don’t think there’s
any ghosts here. Prove me wrong. Come over here and tell me. I’m going to put this down
right here on the table, flat like that. I’m going to make no noise. Just tell me what your name is. Nothing. Wanted something,
but unfortunately, we got nothing, even though I
wanted to pick up something. That’s why I came
here for, guys. I’m trying hard here. I want to believe. At least you know, man,
if I pick something up, It’s going to be real. It ain’t going to be fake,
you know what I mean? So I don’t know. We’ve gone through this whole
building, and so far, nothing. Pretty nice place [INAUDIBLE]. Pretty cool how there’s
the old tile that’s still here from how long ago? Who knows how long ago
that would have been. So we’re going to keep
going through here, seeing if we can’t
find any kind of ghosts or any kind of spirits or
any kind of thing like that. But I don’t think
there are any in this. I don’t think there are any
ghosts in this building. I think this building
is devoid of ghosts. I wouldn’t mind
believing in that, but man, I got to have
some proof before I just start believing in it. It’s gotta be like,
hard evidence. Not this, like, you know, I got
chills, or I got goose bumps, or I’m mapping out something,
or I’m using my phone too close to the EMF detector– that kind of stuff,
you know what I mean? All right, let’s [INAUDIBLE]. Well, guys, this
is the Washoe Club, but there’s nobody
in the Washoe Club. OK, the demons are
coming to get Mom. Hey, why do you got
to make me a target? Can you move and show
Emma you can move? Dude, I just asked if I
can move, and show Emma it can move, and it’s going up. Go up higher. Show Emma. Show Emma where
you want us to go. I don’t know what happened that
turned into like, a freaking– No, it’s just– Octopus squid? No, it’s just
pointing with its arm. Mom, I turned into
an octopus squid! No, it’s– dude, it’s
just, its arms are– What are you doing? You’re going to walk
on these stairs, they’re going to
fall on your head. They’re not safe. Didn’t you read the sign? OK. We’re going to play slapboxing. Pow, pow, pow! No, it’s in front of the door. Over here now? Yeah. Now it just disappeared. We tried really hard. Of course, we got some
anomalies in the SLS, but we weren’t able to
prove whether or not it was actually anything there. Honestly, I mean,
how we tried– we tried to use the EMF detector,
we tried to use the infrared. Well, I do see a change in
the temperature right there. Now it’s time to go
home go to sleep. Yeah, we’re tired. It’s so late. Let’s go. If you guys enjoyed
this video, a playlist is going to pop up
right now with a bunch of similar content. Make sure you guys click
on it and go watch it. Thanks for watching.

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