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Secrets Cruise Ships Don’t Want You To Know

Secrets Cruise Ships Don’t Want You To Know

– [Narrator] Going on a
cruise is an ideal vacation where you can travel, at the
same time as meeting new people and enjoying exotic destinations. While you may think it’s
all fun and sunshine, there are some facts about cruising that you should know about. We’ve done some digging, and
found out some top secrets that cruise liners don’t want you to know. – Amazing!
(light music) – [Narrator] Number 10, Deaths A voyage is supposed to
be relaxing and enjoyable. It gives you a fresh perspective and a chance to escape
your daily troubles. However, death is
inevitable and of course, can occur anywhere,
including on a cruise ship. This necessitates every cruise
ship to contain a morgue on board for proper preservation of a body before getting to the next port of call. Death often occurs at
sea due to natural causes like an unexpected heart attack, drowning, murder or accidental causes. Nonetheless, death on a cruise
ship is a rare occurrence and is rarely the liners fault. Still, it’s a little disturbing
to think that dead bodies have been on, or are currently aboard any ship you’re sailing on. Any ghost you see, may be the real thing. Number nine, crews are often exploited Cruise ship crews often
go above and beyond to ensure that you’re comfortable
and enjoy your voyage. Despite being your fairy
godmothers on board, they aren’t treated very well themselves. Most cruise liners employ
their crew from low income countries where labor laws
are not well established and may not provide them
with proper work permits. Some go a step further and confiscate their identification documents,
make them work below deck all day and pay abysmally low wages in developed country standards. Employment contracts can be harsh, and many seafarers will have
to pay crewing agent fees, sometimes as much as $1,500 US dollars just to join the ship. For the lowest paid, this will mean half of a typical eight month contract will be spent just to cover this expense. Passengers only get to see front end staff while most of the crew are out of sight, which means that despite
their terrible pay, they also don’t get tips. To be fair, cruise liners
do offer delicious food to their crew, which is
prepared by other crew members. They also get relatively high wages compared to opportunities
available in their home countries. Not only that, liners offer long contacts that promise growth
opportunities to crew members, with promotion opportunities,
and once the crew is on land, they help them acquire houses. Number eight, environmental
and health hazards The cruise industry is
the fastest growing sector of the travel industry
and this growing demand has led to bigger and better ships. Yes, this is healthy for economic growth and creation of jobs, but
this creates a great amount of problems for the
environment and your health. First off, your carbon
footprint from cruising is extremely high, even more
so per person than flying. One study by George Marshall of the Climate Outreach
Information Network showed that traveling to
new York from Southampton via the Queen Elizabeth Two
ship emits 7.6 times as much carbon per person as making
the same journey by plane. Even more worrying is
the fact that passengers on cruise ships are exposing themselves to dangerous levels of pollution. One undercover investigation
by a C4 dispatchers team revealed that from air on
the deck next to the funnels on P&O Cruises’ ship Oceana,
there were more than double the amount of ultra fine
particulates suspended in the air than found at London’s Piccadilly Circus. Being exposed to these
high levels of pollution can have adverse health
effects even in the short term. Aside from the carbon emissions, the cruise industry has
an even poorer record in terms of waste water treatment. Cruise ships are a small portion of international marine activity but constitute 77% of
marine pollution worldwide. A vessel with a capacity
of 3000 passengers produces one million gallons of greywater, 210,000 gallons of sewage stream, 150 gallons of hazardous waste, eight to 10 tons of solid waste, and 250,000 gallons of oily bilge water during a one week voyage. This garbage is enough to
fill over 50 swimming pools. For an industry that claims to
be environmentally friendly, this is cause for concern. This level of unregulated waste disposal poses a severe threat to human health, particularly in port cities. Number seven, healthcare Sometimes we fall ill at
most inopportune moments. Even if you’re insured, medical
services on cruise ships can cost a lot, and
doctors are only equipped to handle smaller issues. In the event of a serious
illness like a heart attack, the ship doctor can only stabilize you till the next port of call where you will be rushed
to the nearest hospital. Most liners charge medical expenses to your on board account and
then you’ll have to claim reimbursement from insurance
companies afterwards. In international waters,
standard insurance cover may be inadequate, meaning the money will come out of your pocket. Not only that, disease breakouts can spread incredibly quickly, if they’re not contained straight away. For example, just last
year, over 250 passengers on the Balmoral, fell ill with norovirus, equating to 27% of all passengers. To be fair though, cruise liners have disease prevention measures in place, like constant hand sanitizing and maintenance of high
cleanliness standards. When required, they can
also quarantine sick guests till the next port of call where they can get
necessary medical attention. It will suck if you’re the
ill person on a cruise, but this procedure is essential
to minimize breakouts. Number six, they don’t play by the rules Cruise ship casinos aren’t
subject to the same regulations as mainland casinos, given that they sail in international and
different territorial waters. While in international
waters, gambling laws are set by the nation under whose
flag the ship sails. However, once they reach
territorial waters, the rules change to those of the country whose waters the ship is in. Pretty straightforward, eh? Well, not quite, seeing
as international waters become territorial if
vessels sail within 12 miles of the coastline, so ships
will usually take advantage of this to give you worse odds. You’ll often find casinos tweaking casino rules in their favor. Yes, the house always wins, but cruise ship casino rules give an added advantage to the house. The most common rule change is blackjack paying six to five instead of
the customary three to two. This rule change means a $5 bet would pay $6 instead of $7.5. You will often have to place
large wagers of $25 plus to play the three to two blackjack. Video poker is another favorite which has meager payouts as well. Number five, crime Being on a cruise ship does not mean that you’re entirely safe from crimes that occur on the mainland. You’re basically on a traveling island with just as many people
as a town would have, which means crimes are inevitable. Petty theft is one of the
most commonly reported crimes, but more serious crimes also occur, like murders, sexual
assault and bomb threats. Crimes are usually reported
to the closest port of call, but by then, crucial
evidence may be destroyed and incidents at times get forgotten. Authorities at these ports of call are at times not equipped
to deal with some cases, which means getting justice
is a difficult process. In an effort to reduce
crimes on cruise ships, passengers are educated on safety measures and there’s a zero
tolerance policy onboard. The ship also has trained
security personnel onboard to keep passengers safe so
they can handle criminals before the any port of call. In the event of a crime,
admiralty law comes into play when apprehending criminals and deciding the best ways to punish them. Number four, pirates When we hear the word pirate, our mind automatically drifts off to Captain Jack Sparrow and Black Beard. But today’s pirates are nothing like those rum drinking scallywags. Today’s pirates manifest themselves in the form of angry hooligans
who bear dangerous weapons. Piracy only occurs in international waters where no nation bears any jurisdiction and mostly cargo ships are targeted. Cruise ships are also attacked, but it’s a rare occurrence
as only six incidents have been reported in more than ten years; some of which are failed attempts. One such incident involved
the ship Azamara Journey, which was approached by
a couple of small boats. Yet, the crew and captain
managed to evade them without anyone getting harmed. Despite piracy among
cruise ships being rare, crew members are prepared for an attack and also have measures
in place to prevent them. Ships always travel at
night with lights off, save for a few mandatory lights, and crew members have
been properly trained to deal with such an
event should it occur. Ships also have night vision
devices and binoculars in order to detect crafts
approaching the ship and international anti-pirate task forces patrol areas most prone to piracy. Number three, port
calls are not guaranteed A port of call is included
in a cruises itinerary from which the ship stops so that passengers can
visit the destination. Cruise liners can change
the schedule at any time at the discretion of the
captain, so there is no guarantee that the ship will stop
at any port of call. To be fair, most cruise liner
brochures include this fact, though it is mostly in fine print. The cruise line may refund the port tax in the event of a failed port call, but if the port call was due to events beyond the captains
control like bad weather, then you don’t get a refund. Refunds are mostly in
the form of cruise credit and they don’t amount to much. Number two, people fall overboard Between 2000 and 2016, around
270 people fell overboard while cruising with an
average of 20 people falling off ships in recent years. This number had doubled
since the early 2000s, when there was an average of just 10 overboard incidents annually. Most passengers are likely to fall off on the last day of a cruise,
and it often boils down to foul play, intoxication,
climbing on railings, or jumping between balconies. However, it has happened
for more sinister reasons, like when people have got
into fights or been attacked. Such was the case with
a Disney cruise worker who was reportedly thrown overboard after being assaulted in march of 2011. Although these cases are very rare, it’s worth keeping your wits about you and screaming at the top of your lungs if you ever feel threatened like this. because unfortunately,
the chances of survival after falling from a cruise
ship are tragically low, with an estimated 85 to 90%
of cases resulting in death. Cruise ships have put measures in place to prevent this from happening though. The first is that guard rails are high and if a passenger does fall, several life ring buoys
are thrown overboard to offer the person a floating device. A request is then sent to other ships within a 30 mile radius
to aid in the search, and lifeboat rescue squads are tasked with finding the passenger. When it comes to surviving,
determining factors will include the height of the fall,
temperature of the water, weather conditions and the
response time of rescue crews. If, god forbid, you ever fall overboard, immediately scream for help, and then stay afloat without panicking or expending too much energy. Stay calm and positive. Before I reveal the most
outrageous example on this list, I’d like to remind you to
subscribe to Be Amazed. We upload amazing fact
filled videos everyday, so don’t miss out on learning
some amazing new information. Also, hit that bell icon for notifications on more amazing fact filled videos. Number one, cancellation policies Cruises are booked in advance
and at the time of booking, you may be sure you made
all necessary preparations. The future is always uncertain and something important may come up, requiring you to cancel your cruise. That’s where the problems arise, because canceling a cruise is not free. Charges are dependent on
how many days in advance you cancel your trip but some cruises have a minimum cancellation charge. If you cancel too late, you
may lose all your deposit and refunds are made in accordance to the terms of the cancellation policy, which may be a cash refund
or future cruise credit. It’s important to note
that most cruise lines give you a period of 56 to 120
days to make cancellations, which not always very accommodating. This video wasn’t meant to
scare you out of a vacation, but is merely meant to prepare you for what might happen onboard. Cruising is a great way
to enjoy new exotic places while meeting new people
and making friends. Did you learn anything new about cruising? And do will you consider these facts next time you book a cruise? Let me know in the comments
below, thanks for watching.

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  1. Every video you produce is misleading. You suck. I will find you and become your neighbor then give the property to the homeless.

  2. I have a feeling these are no secret but rather knowledge that some people don’t know about.
    BTW Queen Mary 2 already fixed the exhaust polluting deck problem. Check the ship’s funnel design.
    And rowdy guests ain’t no liner’s fault.

  3. Use your credit card to purchase the cruise, they can generally get you out of cancellation fees. Same for flights, concert tickets, etc.

  4. What’s that our ship capsized on a reef and killed a few people, ahh throw em in the morgue it’s only 3 decks underwater

  5. Not quite accurate.
    10. Nothing special with this. Morgue is a necessity for a sea going vessel that might be far from any hospital / morgue on land.
    9. Not true, for most cruise lines. I worked on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise Lines. MLC2006 agreement specifies how seafarers are to be treated, including, to a degree, rules about compensation. Flights back home are paid by the company. NCL, for example, not only pays flights both way for their crew, it also covers your medical, which is done every 2 years, and your C1/D (seaman in transit) visa (usually $160). Salary is on par with other cruise lines. For a Philippino crew member, earning $1000+ a month mean a world of difference. Average salary in Philippines is between $50 and $200 for most parts of the country. That's why you will find so many of them working abroad. Similar is for people from India, Indonesia etc and Eastern European citizens also represent a significant portion of the crew. For the record, a stateroom attendant on RCI can earn $3000+ a month easily, if he/she is good at the job and similar goes for bar waiters and bar tenders (depending on length of the cruise and demographics as well as how good you are in dealing with the guests). Similar situation is with restaurant workers. IT guys usually make $2500+ (assistant systems engineer) all the way to $7000+ for system engineers on some cruise lines. Engineers, especially 1st engineer, are raking in the dough. But if you work as a galley or utility cleaner, expect to have sub-$1000 salary. On a side note, no skills needed for that job.
    8. Downright bullshit, especially since cruise lines were hit by massive fines previously (see Alaska, for example). Most cruise liners have state of the art water purification systems as well as blak water and grey water treatment plants. Water that comes OUT of these systems usually is so clean, you can drink it. One example: photo waste onboard RCI is treated through SILVER RECOVERY system. Law specifies that such treated waste should have less than 15 PARTS PER MILLION (ppm) of silver inside. Ship photo waste contains less than 5 ppm. If it has more than that, it is re-treated until it contains less, usually in range of 2-3 ppm. Only then it is offloaded for further treatment and NOT disposed in the ocean. Grey water and black water, after being treated to point og being drinkable, are usually discarded in the ocean 12 nautical miles from the coast while ship is moving above certain speed. Again, there liquids are SAFE, no oil is dumped into water unles it is accident or damage. Food is chopped into tiniest particles and fed to the fish, which is one of the reasons why you will notice dolphins and other marine animals near the fish – free lunch! 🙂 Also, COIN compared a 6 DAY TRIO from Southampton to NYC with a 9 hour flight? How stupid is that? Lets compare 6 DAY FLIGHT with a 6 DAY CRUISE TRIP and see number then. Finally, most new ships have expensive and very effective scrubbers now that remove pollution from air.
    7. Nope. Ship doctors can do even surgeries onboard, but prefer to send people to shoreside hospital because, yeah, they're better equipped (duh!). But ship medical team response time is extremely fast (about 5 mins, if not faster) so you have more chance to survive. Expensive. Oh yes, but cheaper than a funeral and you can always take travel insurance, dummy. GI (gastrointestinal illness) or Norovirus are solely due to the dirty motherf**kers who don't wash their hands. Nothing to do with cruise ships – this is on you, passengers. Wash your hands after using the toilet!
    6. Every company set their own rules. If you don't like it, play somewhere else.
    5. EXTREMELY rare. For 12 years I see, most crime happened in ports of call, with St. Thomas *US Virgin Islands) being one of the worst areas. Crime on cruise ships is mostly due to domestic disputes between husband and wife or similar. Theft is rare as there are cameras everywhere and it is easy to get caught. Crime rate on ships is far below that on land. Most crime is actually guests trying to scam cruise line.
    4. Don't go cruising in Somalia.
    3. Bad weather happens. Accept it, move on. No good captain will risk his / hers ship in bad weather only so you can go shipping for a $5 magnet in a port. Safety of passengers and crew is the No. 1 priority AT ALL TIMES. It doesn't have to be weather, tho – I was on a hisp sailing to Barcelona when we switched ports due to demonstrations happening there. Local authorities couldn't guarantee our safety, so we went to a different port. Inconvenient? Yes. I love Barcelona! But more safe? Yes! I can always visit Barcelona when it is more safe.
    2. If you're a drunk moron and you fall overboard, it is your fault. Nothing there is secret – everyone knows this happens from time to time but it is rarely a foul play, although it does happen. Again, not much different than life on the shore.
    1. Duh! Save as EVERY OTHER HOTEL / RESORT!

  6. #8 waste is collected and stored in the bilge tank in most ships like tankers, cargo ships and its disposed of in accordance to INTERNATIONAL LAW "unregulated" my ass.
    #4 cruise ships DONT travel with lights off at night

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  8. You forgot to mention the biggest problem of all: cruiseship tourists overcrowding the city they dock. Venice or Barcelona for example are totally saturated with 1000's of old people wandering the streets and leaving the same day… They don't really contribute to the city's economy because they only stay for a few hours. There are already many protest groups of the city's inhabitants who are sick of cruiseships docking and overcrowding their cities!

  9. and the crews may well be compensated far better than they would have been in their own countries.. if they are there voluntarily it is none of your business how they are paid.

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    1 Ships don't dump anything over board
    1 The pollution fact was false because they used outdated and uncalibrated equipent.

  17. Your comments about the casino is misleading at best. Differing the payouts on blackjack or video poker isn't something regulated on land either. Most Vegas casinos have 6/5 blackjack for lower bet limits as well, and they tinker with the VP pay tables as well. Unless you are implying that the ship actually CHEATS – as in rigging the outcome of electronic games or stacking the deck in card games – to increase their odds, that whole section is utter bullshit.

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  25. Ok so the ship following the laws of the country they are in isn’t fully true. The ship has to follow the laws of where the ship is registered and where the company is registered. For example on Disney cruise line we followed laws from the Bahamas as the ship was registered there. The laws of UK as the company is registered there. And laws of USA as Disney is an American company.

  26. Wow ok so I was aboard the ship when the cast member went over board on Disney cruise line. That was horrible for us and there is no explanation for what happened. Please do not make it in to something that it isn’t. It was extremely hard for all of us on board and for her family on shore. Please insure your facts are correct before making videos like this as you can create bad press and that’s not fair to the company or all people involved. There is a lot to this story that you might not know and you’re playing it off as if you do. That’s unacceptable.

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  29. And every cruise line that I know of tack on a $12.00 per head "gratuity fee" that supposedly is pooled at the end of the cruise and is divided up among the service workers on the cruise ship. And if the cruise line is just pocketing that 12 bucks a day that I am charged instead of the service workers then that is a really douche nozzle form of fraud since the service workers are paid crap.

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