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Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship Tour

Sapphire Princess Cruise Ship Tour

Ahoy cruisers and welcome aboard the Caribbean Princess…. Wrong ship! That’s the life of a true cruiser that you don’t know what ship you’re on. Ahoy there cruisers… what was that! Ahoy there cruisers. Welcome aboard the Sapphire Princess. Come on let’s take a look around. Let’s start off at the very top of the ship on Deck 17. Overlooking the aft pool area. We have the sports court. Let’s take the moving walkway up to the aptly named Skywalker night club. Dance the night away at the onboard disco. So, here at the aft of the ship. We have not just one pool to choose from. We have four. So you can choose your perfect pool. Also, we love to sit out here for sail aways. As it’s really nice to get a full view across the whole aft the ship. Next up, at the front of the ship we’ve got the Sanctuary. Actually, I think you’ll find you call it thank ‘Sanctu-a-ry’ not ‘Sanctu-e-ry’. And here you can enjoy the Zen of peace and quiet. While enjoying the outdoor sunshine. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh! Hello there. Welcome to the Lotus Pool. Oh, it’s so relaxing. Did you know that this isn’t part of the Sanctuary and anybody can use it. Even the non-posh people people like me. #ComeBackNew The place to burn all those calories is at the onboard gym which is fully equipped. One slice of cake… two slices of cake… three slice of cake… four… Neptune’s Reef and Pool area is a main pool on board. Here there’s plenty of space to catch some Sun. As well as cool off in the pool or relaxing in one of the two hot tubs One thing we absolutely loved were
Movies Under the Stars. Here you can sit on a comfy Sun Lounger with pillows, blankets and free popcorn. While watching the latest blockbuster movies. There is so much room here on the open decks you’re going to have no problem finding a sunbed. Oh ahoy! I’ll have a Gin and Tonic please! So, just behind me we’ve got a giant conservatory. It”s a solarium so you can enjoy the pool whether it’s hot or cold. The Horizon Cart buffet is smaller than what were used to on other cruise ships. But, we felt had the same amount of choice. The buffet is open for breakfast lunch and dinner. On certain days offers themed menus. Oh yummy! My favourite thing. Desserts on Princess are insane There are some of the best we’ve seen at sea. Let’s go back to the aft the ship and take a look at the two pool areas on the lower decks. There are so many outdoor spaces on this ship and we particularly love this promenade. It’s great for an evening stroll after dinner. Or if you’re in port… just to have a look at some of the beautiful places that you’re going to be coming into . This deck in particular goes all the way around. Which means that you can get some views from the very very front of the ship. Romeo… Romeo… How art thou Romeo. Oh! As you can see were in the Princess Theatre. And it’s huge! Here is where you can see all of the big production shows. As well as visiting comedians and acts. Enjoy a drink at the Wheelhouse Bar. Located just behind the theatre. And if you fancy some retail therapy while you’re on board . Deck 7 is the place for you. Here you can find big name brands and luxury brands. Right down to Princess branded merchandise. You’re sure to find find something that you can take home with you. I’ll have mine shaken not stirred. Grab you favorite cocktail or martini here in Crooners bar on deck 7. So the thing we love about the ship is all of the room. There is literally so much of it. Just look there are so many bars and lounges. For a small ship just holding 2,700 people. This ship has got more bars and lounges than we’ve seen on ships that hold 5,000 people. It is spacious and so roomy. And the so many little nooks and crannies which you can just hide in in relax. It’s really nice. In the Explorers Lounge you’ll find entertainment featuring comedian… live music, game shows and seminars. Say cheese! Here on deck 7 visit the photo gallery where you can buy your photos. Here we have the onboard internet cafe And in Sabatini’s the Italian speciality restaurant. Order your favorite Italian dishes. The fusion lounge is another lounge hosting live music… and also features a secret room downstairs. – And here’s the ship’s lift or elevator.
– Wow. Everybody’s favourite a place. Use the stairs honestly if you’re able to. You will burn so many calories from all that extra food you’re going to be eating. Moving down to deck 6 we have the first of the main dining rooms on board. The International Dining Room. Next we have the Santa Fe Dining Room,
which is the Club Class dining room. This was refurbished in the recent dry-dock. Just next door we have Pacific Moon Dining Room. Another one of the main dining rooms. So here we are in the Piazza. This is the main heart of the ship. It’s three levels of decks full with shopping, eating, relaxing and just chilling out. There’s so much to do here and it’s always alive with a great atmosphere. Coming up to the left we have the friendly
guest services desk. Here you can discuss any problems or any questions you have whilst on board. Moving towards the front of the ship on deck 6 we have a large casino. Next we have the shore excursions desk. As well as the onboard library. At the front of the ship, next to the lower deck of the theatre, … … we have the Churchill Lounge which is a cigar lounge. Going down to deck five now we have the last of the two main dining rooms. The Savoy Dining Room and the Vivaldi Dining Room. So here on Deck five just next to the Piazza we have the International Cafe. Which is open 24 hours a day for complimentary food. Serving things such as; cakes, sandwiches, treats and soup. Oh no! More yummy desserts. Stop tempting me! On Deck 5 we have the Vines Bar which is the wine bar on board. You get free canapés when you order a drink. So next up we have Alfredo’s pizza. Which is the pizzeria on board. It is a sit-down restaurant but it’s complimentary. It’s amazing! We had a delicious meal here and they serve full 11 inch pizzas. It’s so delicious. I can smell the salami from here. So what did we think of the Sapphire Princess? Well we loved it it! It was our first Princess Cruise. First of all we have to say we were so impressed with the food on board. Both in the main dining rooms and speciality restaurants. It really was some of the best quality food we had had at sea. And those desserts. Oh my gosh! They were amazing. The crew on board were incredibly friendly and attentive. Nothing was ever too much. She is an old ship but the drydock refurbishment has really brought the ship up to date. We especially loved the Movies Under the Stars. And also having the solarium. Especially as she is going to be based out the UK for the summer. It’s great for the unpredictable British weather. So that’s it for our tour around the Sapphire Princess. We hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe for more ship tours just like this one. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Should we go to the pool? It’s time to don our sunglasses and head to the pool. Let’s go!
That’s it untill next time. Happy cruising.

Reader Comments

  1. We were on the back of Symphony of the Seas when you were in Barcelona. I think we could see ourselves in your video 😜

  2. Excellent review. Does the Horizon buffet have an outdoor area to sit & eat? Is al fresco dining available anywhere?

  3. When are you guys going on another cruise? I loved watching your last cruise vlogs, they were addicting!

  4. Great video as usual! The thing I like most about you two is that you, despite ever increasing popularity, still keep your videos to the point rather than just adding content for the sake of it! Getting ready for my 14th cruise and still haven't sailed on Princess, that must change soon!

  5. @Ben #ComeBackNew! very well said, lol. @Dave so finally how many slices of cake on the stationary bike?? U guys didn't get off in BCN or u filmed after touring the city? U visited Park Guell during our Meraviglia cruise but I should say Tibidabo is also a must-see!

  6. We were on the Sapphire Princess earlier this month and it was awful, very tired ship and our stateroom (on Aloha deck) stunk! Horizon court was very untidy and the food there wasn't that good, only for breakfast. The theatre was old and rickety too with flickering lights and a constant noise. I honestly don't know where all of these great things you go on about were. And the kids club??? It was closed with no signs of it have ever been open in the past couple of years on the rear of the ship? Are you sure you spent time on the Sapphire Princess? or just visited for a day to film?

  7. I was on Sapphire last October and the Santa Fe dinning room looks the same. It was our fav place to dine. Even the Club Class sign was already there. Not sure about the crazy style of those chairs in Crooners Bar, but they seem to have replaced cushions in theatre. Very little cosmetic works done in this refit.

  8. Just spent 2 wks on Sapphire for med cruise. Enjoyed every single second! Missing it already. Staff were fabulous, couldn’t have been more pleasant or helpful. Entertainment was great in theatre and lounges, atomic group were outstanding. Food was outstanding. Chocolate journey desserts were a big hit with everyone too.

  9. Great video! We're getting married on P&O Ventura next year, which is very similar, so your video is really helpful! 🙂

  10. 'One slice of cake, two slices of cake' I genuinely just cried. :') (Don't worry, from laughing) haha….

  11. You guys ARE AWESOME!! Booked Sapphire for next August 2wks around the Med and it’s made me even more excited now. I’m hoping to also smell the salami while I am onboard! 😜😁🚢❤️

  12. comparing with the NCL cruises this one looks more boring, is that right?

    for a fun honeymoon which cruise do you recommend?

  13. Thanks for showing us around. Am joining Sapphire Princess next week for an Asian cruise. Have deliberately been on a diet before I sail, so I don't have a guilty conscience with all that lovely on board food. After seeing your video, I CAN'T WAIT !!
    Thanks again guys, you are both a hoot to listen to.

  14. Wow! I sailed on the Sapphire back in 2010, and I really like the changes they've made. Back then we weren't crazy about the food, and most of the public areas smelled of sewer, which was very off putting, but I'm sure they fixed that issue long ago. Due to that, I'd kind of forgotten about some of the things that I really did love about this ship. The Lotus pool in the Sanctuary was incredible. And those pools on the back of the ship – we were on an Alaskan cruise, and because that area is protected from wind, it was actually warm enough to lounge in the pool on a sunny day! Thanks again for a great video – just love you two!

  15. I loved the cruise very much. What a lovely ship, as was South East Asia. Precious memories of four new countries for me.

  16. Enjoyed your video, well done, smooth filming learned something new after years of Princess cruising thanks guys.

  17. we always cruise p and o and going on Princes sapphire in 3 weeks to the Med for 2 weeks  , so really enjoyed your vids on this ship, international café looks good for a morning coffee and cake , and its looks a great ship,  I  love all your videos..x

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