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Royal Caribbean Cruise: 56 Things to Know BEFORE You Go + Symphony of the Seas & Perfect Day CoCoCay

Royal Caribbean Cruise: 56 Things to Know BEFORE You Go + Symphony of the Seas & Perfect Day CoCoCay

– Hey everybody, okay, right now we are on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony
of the Seas cruise ship. It is actually the largest cruise ship in the entire world right now. So since we are here, I thought I would show you guys
everything you need to know before you go on a Royal Caribbean cruise, things you should do,
things you shouldn’t do, things you should pay for, things that are worth the upgrade, and things you should
definitely stay away from, so hopefully it’ll save you guys time, and I’ll show you guys how
to get the cheapest price on your cruise, so let’s get started. (upbeat music) All right guys, in full disclosure, this video is sponsored by Get Away Today, which is actually a really good thing because they have better
prices than Royal Caribbean. When we went to book our cruise, we checked the Royal Caribbean website and then we went over to Get Away Today because we’ve used them for a
lot of our trips in the past. They were cheaper and
they had a ton of freebies that Royal Caribbean’s
website didn’t even have, so I’m a huge fan of them and they’ve always hooked
you guys up with deals, so we have an exclusive cruise deals page below in the YouTube description. You guys wanna check that out to get the best price on your cruise, and I will also share a ton
of other money-saving tips for your cruise throughout the video, but I wanted to make
sure you guys knew that. All right, one of the most
important things you can do is head online to the Royal
Caribbean website and sign in with your confirmation
number for your cruise. Depending on your cruise, 60 days or 90 days
before your sailing date, you can hop online and you can pre-book activities,
showtimes and everything, and I would highly
recommend that you do that because you’ll have
reserved seating for shows, so you won’t have to stand in long lines. You’ll get free cruise
discounts on everything, and there’ll be discounts on excursions. Once you get to the cruise terminal, you’re going to leave your bag so they can deliver them to your room. I would recommend that
you keep a little carry-on or a backpack full of any essentials that you might wanna have on you, since you won’t get your
luggage for a few hours. And if you forget to print out your
luggage tags like we did, there will be someone
there to do that for you, and to give you an idea, we got our luggage around
3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. on this particular cruise. All right, remember when I
talked about getting online, Royal Caribbean, and doing
all that pre-booking stuff? That’s also when you’re
gonna want to pre-check in, which means you won’t
have to stand in line and do all the paperwork and everything there at the terminal. You’ll be able to just go
in with your Set Sail Pass and you’ll be able to
walk through the line, and just so you guys know, our check-in time said we
should arrive around noon, but Royal Caribbean’s
process was very seamless and we literally just kinda kept walking. There was never a wait. So you should be able to show up earlier than your assigned time if you do wanna board the ship early. For those of you traveling with kids, you will also need to
get a special wristband for your children to
wear the entire cruise. This is an emergency wristband
which is color-coded, so if there is an emergency when your kids are not
with you at a kids club, they will know where to take your kids to get them to you in
case of an emergency, so make sure you get that
before you board on the ship. Since one of the biggest questions when you go on a cruise
is how big are the rooms, what do they look like, what’s
included, what’s in the room, I thought I’d show you guys
what our room looks like. This room is an ocean
view large balcony room. So the balcony’s just a little bit bigger than a typical balcony room. And since I know you’re dying to know what the bed configuration is, this is what it looked like in our room in order to fit our two kids in the same room with us as well. One feature I thought that was cool is that the room did have a fridge, so you could put your drinks
in there, cool them down, but there also is a lock on the fridge, so if there’s anything you
wanna put in the fridge you don’t want your kids to get a hold of, I thought that was a really cool feature that the rooms did have. If you used the cruise planner
before you got on the ship, anything you pre-booked
or any of the discounts or deals that you got ahead of time, those tickets and all that information will be in your room upon arrival. So for example, our internet
is there, all the details, how to log on, all of our
tickets for our excursions that we pre-booked were
there and ready to go, even our waterpark tickets
for Perfect Day Cococay that we happened to get at 50% off. And if you happen to book a drink package, this is where you’re gonna find your mugs. These are very important. So let’s talk about drinks so you guys know what’s
included and what’s not included and how it all works. This list from the Royal
Caribbean blog will tell you what drinks are included and when, but if you want soda, bottled
water, alcoholic drinks, or even non-alcoholic mixed drinks, you’re gonna wanna purchase
a beverage package. There’s lots to choose from, and you’re gonna wanna do it before you get on the cruise
to get a better price on it. For soda specifically, you can head to any of the huge
Freestyle Coca-Cola machines where there’s tons of
drinks to choose from. The drinks, or the machine
only works if you have the cup, which is why it’s
important you don’t lose it and you have it. You can’t just put a
regular glass underneath to make it work. We tried that just to
film it for you guys. It did not work, so you have to make sure
you put the cup down in order to get your drinks. If you wanna purchase a beverage package, you have to purchase it for
every day of the cruise, and that’s where it gets expensive. You can’t pick and choose. So it’s definitely not
something you have to add on, but if you want to do
it, booking it online before the cruise is the
cheapest way to do it. In case you have never
been on a cruise before, the cruise does have a cruise planner. You’ll get a Cruise Compass
in your room every single day to tell you what’s going
on for the next day, all of the activities, what
time they’re happening, what things are included,
what things are extra. And this was really helpful to
see in like a physical form, however, the Royal Caribbean
app is where it’s at, and is so much easier to use when you’re out and about and on the ship, and it’s free to use
without an internet package, so make sure you download the app and use that to know what
things are happening, what time they’re open,
and all of that information so you have it at your fingertips. If you have kids with you that are going to be using the kids club, another thing I would do as soon as you’ve gotten
onto the ship is head over to the kids club and
get your kids registered. You’ll need to fill out
information and safety information. (gasps) We waited for
him, we waited for him! – Who dares? Oh, you four. All right, I’ll let you off.
– We waited, we waited. – We waited.
– Didn’t I see you like five minutes ago? – Yes, we’ve been waiting.
– Yes. – Oh, you waited for me? – Yes.
– Well, I’m finished, so you get no piano.
– Are you excited? – No piano.
– No piano? – [Piano Man] Do you know this one? (piano music) – Yes!
– What is it? – [Girl] Let it Go. – Let it Go!
– Another fun thing to do on your cruise around nighttime
is to go find the Piano Man. You guys, this was so fun. He changes locations throughout the entire
ship the entire cruise. We only saw him one time our
entire seven-night cruise, and it was fun that he was
in the elevator one night because we had a personal serenade– – It’s Aladdin. – Yes it is.
– With tons of different songs that he interacted with my kids. They loved it and it was so fun, probably one of the
highlights of our trip, so go on an adventure
if you guys get bored or want something to
do or have extra time, and go find the Piano Man. Speaking of music, if you guys happen to be
on the same ship as us, which is the Symphony of the Seas, you guys can head over to the Windjammer and find the piano stairs. They were fun for my kids to
play on and walk on as well. So we made friends with
some of the workers here, which I think is so great
to have some rapport and talk with them about
some conversations, because sometimes they give
you inside information. On sea days, all the chairs are taken and they get taken very quickly, so I guess we’re getting
up really early to come out and get a seat so we have
chairs tomorrow at the pool since we’re gonna be on
the ship all day long. The water slides are one
of the most fun things on Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships, so if you don’t wanna
wait in really long lines, I’d recommend you getting there early. The slides on our ship actually
opened up at 9:00 a.m., so of course, we were
there, awake, ready to go. Lines start getting
pretty long around noon, so keep that in mind if you do want to have a
lot of fun on those slides. Also, the pools and hot tubs were practically empty after 5:00 p.m., and if it’s a sea day,
the pools stay open later, so you can get in a ton
of fun, quality swim time with your family and have
the entire thing to yourself. When it does start to get busier, Royal Caribbean does not
like you saving chairs, so if you leave your chairs unattended for longer than 30 minutes, they will come and move your stuff to clear off chairs for
people, so keep that in mind. So a lot of people don’t know that you can eat at the
Solarium even if you have kids. Normally, the Solarium is like a place for adults to hang out, but they have a restaurant back here that’s open to anybody and everybody, so you can come here for
breakfast or lunch or whatever. It’s included in your fare, so it’s not like an extra charge, and it’s a buffet and it’s less crowded. The food’s really good. So heads up, you can bring
your kids back here too and eat in this area for
really good food every morning without crowding into the Windjammer or trying to find breakfast elsewhere. How’s your food, buddy? – Good. – [Melea] As of spring 2019,
when this video was made, Royal Caribbean started testing
something called The Key. I’m not sure if they’re
gonna keep it or not, but I’m gonna throw it into this video so you guys know what it is
in case you want to do it. It’s basically a VIP program for those who want perks of
those who are staying in a suite but don’t wanna pay the
money for an actual suite. And I wanted to test it to see if I thought it was worth it or not, so I’ll give you guys all the information. It was $19.99 per day per
person over six years old. So it’s not cheap, but
if you like the perks, and it looks like they’re
updating the perks and tweaking those still, then
it might be worth it for you. For our cruise, The Key
included an opening lunch at Chops Grille, which normally
is a specialty restaurant that you pay extra for, special reserved seating
for all of the shows, just like you would get
if you were in a suite or part of the Diamond Club, and since lines do tend to get pretty long about 30 to 45 minutes
before a show starts, it was nice to have that perk so we could just show up about five or 10 minutes before showtime. Honestly, one of the best perks of having a Key was
actually the FlowRider. The FlowRider is free for everyone. It’s included in your cruise, however, the lines do get pretty long, depending on the time of
day and if it’s a sea day. They had exclusive times
reserved just for those who had The Key. They seem to still be tweaking the program and adding and taking away perks, so I would check their website for the most updated information or check your cruise planner
and see what’s included at the time of your cruise. All right guys, let’s talk about the food. This is going to get tricky. It’s the trickiest part
of the entire thing, so hopefully I explain this well. Let’s start with the dining options that are included in your cruise fare, so you’re not paying any
extra to go to these places. Most all of the cruise
ships have these places: the main dining room,
the Windjammer buffet. There’s also grab-and-go spots for food like the Cafe Promenade, Sorrento’s, Boardwalk Dog House, the Park Cafe. And if you guys are sailing
on an Oasis-class ship, you also can go to Johnny
Rockets for breakfast, which is a sneaky little tip I
wanted to share with you guys because a lot of people don’t know that, and it’s not as crowded. Now, I knew a lot of you
guys would wanna know if the specialty dining
was worth the cost, so we decided to upgrade and pay for that ourselves to test it out and let you guys know
what we personally thought to give you guys some extra information, so you guys would know
what to do on your cruise. About a month before our cruise, Royal Caribbean starting
something brand new called the Unlimited Dining Package. It basically means that you can eat at any of their specialty restaurants as many times as you want in a day during the entire cruise. Pricing will vary depending
on the ship that you are on, however, it does start at
about $24 per person per day. Considering that these meals
typically cost anywhere from $25 to $50, it significantly
saves you a ton of money if you are wanting to do
the Ultimate Dining Package, or even their three-day dining package in order to save money on these specialty dining restaurants. And if you do decide to do
one of the dining packages, you do not need to buy
one for your children. Once you get on the ship, you’ll make your dining reservations for the Unlimited Dining Package, and you can tell them whether you’re bringing
your children or not, and then you’ll just be
charged $10 per child that you bring to each meal. Jamie’s Italian and Hooked were our two favorite specialty
restaurants on the entire ship. We ate there more than once. Our kids loved the food there as well. I also do wanna mention Wonderland because it was a very fun
experience and atmosphere. The food is a little bit more adventurous. It’s, obviously, as you
can tell from the video, it’s really fun, so if it’s in the budget, I would recommend that
you eat there as well. Out of all the specialty restaurants on Symphony of the Seas, the Izumi Hibachi & Sushi
was our least favorite. Now, we didn’t do the hibachi,
we did the sushi for dinner as part of our Ultimate Dining Package, and out of all the specialty restaurants, it was just our least favorite. We didn’t think there
was anything spectacular or amazing about it, so if there is one you’re going to skip, that was one that we would not do again. Even though we love sushi normally, it just wasn’t that amazing, so I thought I’d just
throw that out there. I would also recommend
that if you want internet while you’re out at sea, I
would buy it online beforehand because it was about $4 cheaper
than this price per day. If there are any personal
essentials that you forgot, we actually found these vending machines, which I thought were so cool. It has everything in there
from medicine to shampoo to conditioner to basically anything that you might have
forgotten on your cruise and you can grab it there. In-room dining is also
a little tricky as well. So it is included in your cruise fare, however, they do charge $7.95 to have it delivered. So as long as you’re
okay with that charge, there is going to be a gratuity
added onto that as well. I believe our charge was around like $9.88 when it came down to
final cost that we showed at the end of the trip. I was really impressed with the
gym on Symphony of the Seas. It was way bigger than
I expected it to be, plenty of machines to choose from, so I wanted to make sure that you guys saw what it looked like just in case you guys might be
heading out on the same ship. For those of you who have never gone on
a cruise ship before, it is so important to make
sure that your hands are clean. There are so many people
on the cruise ship and it’s really easy to get sick. It’s happened to me before. So you’ll see these Purell distributors basically in every single room, and you’ll see motion sensor
door openers for the restrooms. In order to do the boogie
boards, you have to be 52 inches, so my kids we’re barely too short and they were pretty sad about that. I wish we would’ve known that
before we went on the cruise, but we still had a great time. If you guys wanna do the actual surfing, you need to be 58 inches tall. Also, one of the tips I
would give about FlowRider, because the lines do get pretty long, is to go on off-times of the day. If you check your app,
your Royal Caribbean app, it will tell you when
the FlowRiders are open on port days and on sea days, so you know exactly when to go. Pick times when people are
typically doing other things like maybe a show or dinner or at night. We even had one night where
they did night FlowRider, and that was actually really,
really fun, so look for those. – [All] Wipeout. – [Melea] The zipline is also
included in your cruise cost. Laser tag is also included
in your cruise cost, and it was one of my kids’
favorite things to do. This is also something
I would highly recommend you get a reservation for, so you have just a
standing appointment time and you don’t have to wait in line. You also do need to be at least 40 inches in order to do laser tag. You’ll be split up into teams once you get out into the maze. If you happen to have
the Ultimate Abyss Slide on your cruise ship, it’s
actually the tallest slide at sea. Although it’s not a waterslide, which I didn’t know before we went, it’s actually a slide
that has lights inside with some scary sounds. Other free things included
in your cruise include some free play areas for the kids, miniature golf, all-you-can-eat
soft-serve ice cream, rock climbing, and a lot more. So like I said before, you
don’t have to pay for the extras in order to have an amazing
time on Royal Caribbean. One fun tip I wanted to share about cruising is to bring walkie-talkies. Now we brought our own, but we did notice that the store on the ship did have
walkie-talkies you could buy, but it’s a really easy way to communicate with people on the cruise ship. You wanna bring your own batteries so you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them on the cruise ship. The Symphony of the Seas
cruise ship also has something called the Bionic Bar,
which I thought was so cool that I wanted to make sure you guy saw it, just in case you guys happen to be going on the same ship as us. You use the digital tablet
to order your drinks, and then you watch the robots make them. My kids thought it was so
cool, we did it more than once. – So good. – [Melea] Cruise ships get super windy, so you’re definitely
gonna want towel clips. So if you do decide to go on a cruise, make sure you book through our
exclusive cruise deals page to get the best deal and to get free towel clips
sent to you with your purchase. Speaking of towels, Royal
Caribbean will charge you if you do not return your pool towel, so make sure that you do that. One fun tip I wanna make
sure you guys know about is that on cruise ships, there are no taxes. It’s duty-free. Now obviously that includes alcohol, but it also includes all
of the high-end makeup, so if there are makeup
brands that you love that you can never get a
deal on or a discount on, you’re gonna save a good chunk of money by not having to pay the tax. So I do wanna give you guys a heads up because the toiletries at
Royal Caribbean are pretty bad. So this hair and body wash, it’s like shampoo and conditioner
and body wash all in one, and that’s literally all
they have, no lotion. They have a bar of soap over there. That’s it. Okay, so I just thought it was crazy that they didn’t have any lotion or any conditioner in the room, so I asked our room attendant and he said you have to ask for them, which is so crazy to me. So we just asked for body
lotion and for conditioner. So just so you guys know,
you’ll have to ask for those. They are available on request. Okay, so for those of
you guys who get sick, motion sickness on cruises
or anything like that, this is what you need to get. It is the Transderm scopamine patch. You can get it from your
doctor as a prescription, and it shows up on the back
of your neck like this. Can you see my circle? It is the only thing that works for like motion sickness
without making me drowsy, ’cause you know we have Dramamines and things like that you
can buy at the store, but they make me so tired I end up sleeping the whole cruise, so get one of these from your doctor, and then you’ll actually be able to go on a cruise like easy. All right, as of 2019, Royal Caribbean has
gotten rid of DreamWorks, in their shows, the
characters, everything, so if you were expecting
that, they no longer do that. They have their own entertainment now, their own Broadway-style plays, their own performances,
their own everything, but the good news is is
that they were really good. My kids even enjoyed them, and again, from the
beginning of the video, let me just remind you,
you need to make sure that you pre-book or pre-reserve what days or times you
want to see these shows so you don’t have to wait
those huge long lines, so you can do that on your cruise planner as soon as it will let you online before your cruise sets sail. For those of you going
to Perfect Day CocoCay, which is Royal Caribbean’s private island they’ve completely revamped, I would highly, highly recommend that you go on a cruise that goes here. It was our favorite stop on our cruise, in our opinion, the best stop, and there’s actually so
much to tell you about it that we’re just gonna do a brand-new video for Perfect Day CocoCay
that I will link you guys to at the end of this one so you
know exactly what to expect, how to save money on everything. I will say that we did
get our water park tickets for 50% off through the
cruise planner ahead of time. I would keep checking every week or so because the prices and the
discounts change regularly. Royal Caribbean has
something called Royal Up. It basically is your way to upgrade to a higher-level room for cheap. So if for some reason your cruise is not completely booked out, this is such a great
way to get a better room or a bigger room or even a suite for a fraction of the price. If you wanna participate, you will basically tell Royal Caribbean what you’re willing to
pay for a particular room, or for more than one room, and if that is an option and
they’re able to upgrade you, they will charge your card and let you know within
a day before sailing. When it comes to excursions, you can book them through Royal Caribbean through that cruise planner to get exclusive deals and
discounts when they offer those. We did a zipline excursion in
Saint Thomas with our family, which the kids actually
thought was so much fun since they were finally tall enough and heavy enough to do the zipline. You will notice that
you do have to pay tips. So currently right now, the pricing for tips is
$14.50 per day per person to tip everyone who’s
helped you on the cruise, like your stateroom attendant and such. We would also highly recommend that you do self-disembarkation. If you’re gonna do that option, it means that you’re able to carry off all of your own luggage by
yourself in the morning, but you also get to get off
the ship as early as 7:00 a.m., which means that we were able
to make a 10:00 a.m. flight. If you don’t do that option, you’ll have to put your
luggage out the night before and wait for it to be
available the next morning. One thing I wish we would’ve
known before our cruise is that all of the walls in
your stateroom are magnetic, which means that you
can bring magnetic hooks or other things to help organize your room since the space is so small. One of the last money-saving tips I wanna make sure I share with you guys is to keep checking the cruise planner. After you’ve booked something on there like a discounted excursion or a drink package or
whatever it might be, if the price changes or there comes… If the price changes or if they decide to come
out with a bigger discount, you can cancel and refund
what you’ve already purchased, immediately get the money
back from Royal Caribbean, and repurchase the same exact
thing for a cheaper price. All right guys, our video is over. Hopefully you guys liked it, and it gives you all the
information you need to know before you go on a Royal Caribbean cruise. If you guys wanna save the
most money on your trip, make sure you guys use the link below in the YouTube description, because that is our
exclusive cruise deals page, which will give you the best prices, the freebies, the extras, everything, because you’ll wanna go on another cruise. You’ll wanna go on a cruise, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah, it was fun. Okay, thanks guys. Talk to you later, bye. – Bye. (upbeat music)

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  32. Hi there I really don’t think it’s crazy that they don’t put toiletries in your room, most companies are cutting back on these to stop unnecessary wastage and plastic waste, as most people just take these home, come on who really needs these to take home, people aren’t that hard up when they have just spent thousands on cruises. Just ask if you really need them

  33. She starts the video that says the video is sponsored by get away today. She states they have cheaper prices than anybody including royal Caribbean. This probably her travel agency. But I will tell you this is absolutely completely false information. 1. We cannot change prices on the booking engine. We can send you a gift to your stateroom. But no one can offer a lower price.

  34. Di Indonesia minimarket Alfamart dan Indomaret. Supermarket transmart, Lotte, Giant, Hero. Lebih dari 75 persen mabuk laut.

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