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Royal Caribbean Alaska Cruise | Last Days At Sea | Ovation Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean Alaska Cruise | Last Days At Sea | Ovation Of The Seas

[Music] emotions I can’t believe the cruise comes to an end I had so much fun in Alaska visiting Sitka going to Janu and seeing some glaciers going a Skagway and meeting my best friend but now we only have three days left at sea and with three days at sea all we plan to do is relax and what better way to realize that having breakfast on the balcony brought to us by room service [Music] [Music] and the breakfast was delicious the views were amazing and I made some jokes about our friend five minutes Nica TV about his shotgun bear challenge but this was bright and early in the morning and we’re still fat asses so we made our way to the buffet afterwards can join a buffet breakfast and you have one too can together ramen enjoy all this [Music] and after we were done eating there was still tons of activities going on throughout the days at sea like the North Star and you can also do the rock climbing again if you like seeing kids fly up the wall and pass you in bears go right ahead and you can also go get your photos taken [Music] and going shopping because the crews always have deals on stays at tea but of course we just wanted to relax so you will always find us on about enjoying some mimosas [Music] but one of the greatest things about heading back was that summer Maria friends decided to come say goodbye to believe they were so close to share yeah they were really close to the ship I went up to the balcony and I look down by the side of ship and it was a huge whale right but I miss that one anyway I was so happy to see them [Music] [Music] [Music] and right before we got too far away to see them one of them waved at us [Music]

Reader Comments

  1. Breakfast on the balcony and breakfast Buffett! Thatโ€™s my jam. So awesome you both got to see whales! What an incredible experience. ALASKA will definitely miss you both.

  2. That doggie is too cute. Room service breakfast, heck yes! Shotgun milk challenge.. that's more like it.

  3. I see some corned beef hash!.. stop right there! Don't know about rock climbing. Mimosas at the balcony is more like it.

  4. Hey Mamuchos! It was awesome that you guys had 3 days to cruise at sea.. and how romantic to have breakfast on your balcony overlooking the Ocean! Those donuts look bomb, and awesome you can get free room service all day! <3

  5. We totally would have done the same… Gone to the breakfast buffet anyways LOL!! Awesome that you guys showed different adventures they had on board such as the climbing wall. <3

  6. Love that you guys got to see a whale next do your cruise ship, and he even waved goodbye to you with his tail!! What a perfect ending!! Great video and we hope you guys are doing well! Lots of love to you both! <3

  7. Loved your cruise series and the tips were great! I'm always up for a buffet too!! โ™กโ™กโ™ก
    What a great way to end it sitting on the balcony waving to the whales!!

  8. That's what I'm talking about.. breakfast by the ocean.. great views!! To die for… I would absolutely go eat some buffet too after breakfast.. free food galore, can't say no!! Nice video guys.. makes me want to go cruising again for sure.. nice whale shots!!

  9. Awww that pup lieles was holding was the cutest. This has been an awesome series guys. Favorite part has to be that helicopter with the dog sledding and also the glacier ๐Ÿ˜ I would be relaxing on that balcony for the last few days too and seeing the whales saying goodbye is icing on the cake ๐Ÿ˜โœŒ looking forward to your next adventure.

  10. The best breakfast experience with that view
    Also nice and delicious choices
    What a great way to end the journey watching the whales
    This cruise trip really has given you guys lots of memories
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a beautiful day

  11. good adventure with the Royal Caribbean Alaska Cruise! It really felt like we took the ship with you and enjoyed the stops and all the activities on board!
    So, what's the next adventure?? Can't wait!!

  12. the breakfast view…whale watching…enjoyed your cruise series guys..^^ by the way guys…a bit random but just curious, how's the wifi signals in the cruise?? haha