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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – TP on the Seat

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – TP on the Seat

Ryan: You know there was those two bathrooms backstage all of us kind of tried to pile into just because of the isolated In the hallway yeah, so I’m coming in right after Chris and he goes out And I go in and there’s just fucking like half this toilet seat is covered in toilet paper And it’s just kinda like, dipping into the water I called him back like “what the hell man? If you’re gonna do it at least put it in the fucking toilet when you’re done?” (Chris) I thought it was, alright?- (Michael Laughs) (Chris) I built it like… it’s a public stall
(Michael) You built yourself a seat (Chris) And you like, layer it with toilet paper.. (Jack) That’s a nest, that’s what that is.
(Chris) Yeah Yeah (Chris) I thought that like, I had pulled it into the thing, I guess it didnt- (Ryan) That! No No No No On the day, walking out you’re like “Oh I just thought i’d left it for somebody else” (Group Laughter) (Ryan) NOBODY want’s to sit on your second hand toilet paper!
(Jack) JESUS
(Jeremy) I at RTX.. (Jack) You didnt just look at it and be like- “Ok flush, I’ll put the rest of it in and flush again” (Ryan) That undermines the point! Now it’s like somebody’s ass has definitely been on that (Jeremy) I’m gonna out you here Chris, cause at RTX I had my wife with me at RTX and Kat was hanging around and Kat at one point she was like “I need to go to the bathroom” So she went and after she came out she was like, “So… Chris was in the bathroom before me and there was like- toilet paper all over the seat” EXACT same thing. (Ryan/Jack) Are you kidding me!?
(Jeremy) She said the same thing (Ryan) Also, I would like to point out to you Chris that on the wall next to the toilet are handily pre-made toilet shaped. – I like to make my own. (Group Laughter) (Michael) Listen, you cant be trustin those sheets (Ryan) They make it perfectly shaped for it. (Jack) So, okay, so you sit, you put the toilet paper down, you sit on it, do your business, get up, and you just LEAVE the toilet paper there? (Chris) *stuttering*
(Ryan) We now have multiple instances. To his credit he did deal with the situation. (Ryan and Jack) After he was called on it. (Chris) When I was a kid, when I was in Drivers Ed school when I was like 16 I went to go pee, peed, and then as class was starting, The drivers ed teacher like, in front of the entire class, called me out and was like “YOU.” “You pissed all over the seat. And LEFT it there.” And I was like “Nope it wasnt me” And so he called- just called me out and made me go clean it up in front of the entire drivers ed class (Jeremy) Thats brutal to do that to someone
(Jack) Wow
(Ryan) And THAT is why you spread it first (Chris) But now it wouldnt matter if someone peed on it because ive already built up a protective layer- (Ryan) Well then you LEAVE it there, now its just soggy toilet paper! (Jack) Do you not lift the toilet seat up when you’re pissing? (Chris) No I normally do now, because I learned from- (Ryan) Then you di- So what you’re saying is that you did piss all over the toilet seat (Chris) Maybe I did. (Ryan) There we go. (Jack) Went from “blame me for nothing” to “theres a good chance it was me”
(Ryan) I was innocent and he called it on me too! (Ryan) “Ehh it may have been my urine.”

Reader Comments

  1. people who put toilet paper on the seat of a public toilet, or even use those stupid seat covers are spoiled germaphobic morons! I have never gotten sick from sitting on a public toilet, not even a rash! And in most cases they are kept cleaner than my own bathroom! Germaphobes need to wake up and realize that skin protects them from getting sick, and that by sterolizing everything they make them selves weaker by not building up immunities to what are usually harmeless germs.

  2. So the material most toilet seats (in public places) are made of is actually usually cleaner than the toilet paper, because it doesn't hold bacteria as well as the fiberous paper does…

  3. I appreciate the detail at the end of the video when there is piss covered toilet paper on the toilet seat and that after the seat is raised and lowered the toilet paper is all at the back of the toilet.

  4. I know this video is a week old buuuuuuut
    Today my family and I went to Texas, we decided to go shopping, in one of the store's I went to the bathroom and my surprise when i found the toiled seat covered by papers, they were wet and the toilet wasn't flush.
    The only thing that was missing was the "Chris was here" sign

  5. Lol Chris has got to have the most embarrassing stories of them all and has no shame and tells them all. God love him! (I'm just as socially awkward)

  6. Maybe he builds his own out of toilet paper because the "Ass Gaskets ™" hanging on the wall are never a correct fit for the toilet seat. Are there different "form factors" available to order the correct size and shape?

  7. 0:40 But there's a paper toilet seat dispenser right there. Was it actually there in the real bathroom?
    1:35 THANK YOU!
    1:36….. chris, you can suck the biggest toilet seat in the world.
    1:59 Ya know what jack, I agree with you. I live in a small apartment with my family. And something worse than that happens here with a certain inattentive family member that I have to call back all the time. It gets grating.
    2:23 That's actually what is happening with said family member. Well bleep I gotta try that now, see if it changes their attitude.

  8. As someone who used to clean public toilets for a living, I would've killed Chris for that. I would never disrespect a public bathroom.

  9. Today I went into the walmart family restroom and as I opened the door I saw the toilet paper nest and I'm like, OMG!! CHRIS WAS HERE!!

  10. Chris is very, on camera at least, socially awkward, as well as a perpetual liar. Don't know what kind of mindset he has, but evidently he feels the need to either alter the truth or deny it.

  11. Funny thing is, toilet seats themselves are generally cleaner than TP or even those premade covers because bacteria can't survive on it. Where as it can on TP and those covers.

  12. I'm literally like genuinely a little upset because the "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???" After heaaring the second incident with the toilet paper was JACK and they drew it as Ryan saying it. Like that made me upset.

  13. At 1:26 when “Ryan” says “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” it’s actually Jack whose saying it 😂 Team Same Voice strikes again 😂😁😁

  14. I thought it was just us women who did the tp thing on the seat lol

  15. The more you here about Chris's bathroom business, the more I accept he is patient zero for the Adulting virus.

  16. To his credit, those pre-made covers are super thin and always seem to leave a sliver of ice-cold seat to prod your buttcheek

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