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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Shattered Dreams

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Shattered Dreams

Max: On that same note did they ever do the crashed car outside of your school? Mariel: Oh yes… what was it, uh…
Max: Yeeeees. Mariel: Shattered dreams! (You guys ever do that?)
Max: Shattered dreams! Yeah, yeah. Mariel: That– yeah, that’s fuckin’… the U.S. school system. They pretend your friends are dead. Barbara: Oh my God!
Mariel: And then they put them in a casket!
Max: Yeah. Barbara: (I’ve never had that.)
Mariel: You’ve never heard of Shattered Dreams? Let me– let me walk you through it–
(Max laughs) Mariel: And you know what the fucked up part was? It’s that you wanted to be the kid who died because you got out of school for the day!
Max: Yes! Yes! Yeah! You’d… Max: You got to go chill and then wake up in a casket! Barbara: Fuck is wrong with you guys, what…?
Mariel: So then, it was like… the… Mariel: The police department, like the fir– it was like this whole day of like staging a death. (Barbara laughs)
Max: Yes… yes. Yes!
Mariel: I’m ser– yeah! Mariel: And so… Mariel: There would be like one lucky kid, who like was the deceased.
Barbara: (One lucky kid…) Mariel: And… so they would pick… they would pick a couple of kids, and they would… I think it was like a scholarship program too. Mariel: So if you were like, one of the kids, like… you got to participate all day… and they would stage like an actual cra- Mariel: They would pull cars out of a junkyard, flip ’em over, and then you’d have to like… watch your friend be dragged out of a car… and like, have fake blood– and it’s like a whole production! Barbara: Why are both of you in total acknowledgement of this being an okay thing? Mariel: It’s not an okay thing!
Barbara: Okay.
Max: It just happened. Maggie: You’re the only two people in this room apparently that have experienced this thing. Mariel: No, other people let me know! Shattered Dreams. It was a thing!
Max: They know, they know. Mariel: There was another thing too where it was all about against drunk driving So they would ring a bell like throughout the day, and then like one person like whoever was the designated kid would like leave out of class and we’d put like crosses in the front yard of the school. Barbara: I thought’ you were gonna say like they’d put a dummy in the seat and like – MaxL That would be so cool!
Barbara: – He’s still here. Maggie: Do they do that in religious schools? Mariel: No! I grew up in like –
Max: No, that was like a public highschool. Mariel: a fucking small ass like conservative town Barbara: That’s really weird. Max: *laughing* This was in North Austin for me!
Mariel: It is. Mariel: And then at the end of the day they would have a huge assembly and like, the worst part – oh my god I forgot about this – they would have a casket and it wasn’t your friend. But they would be like: “Go check out the casket before you leave.” And so you would have to walk by the casket and then those motherfuckers put a MIRROR in there so you could see yourself in the casket! Barbara: Ewww! Mariel: It’s fucked up!
Maggie: I mean, that sounds kinda fun.
Barbara: It’s so fucked up! Mariel: It’s fucked up. Barbara:Listen it’s good to have kids be aware –
Mariel: Yes! Don’t drink and drive! Mariel: Be smart about it. Max: And we are gonna put on the biggest show of the century! Mariel: *laughing* Yeah! Like a whole production, like they’d put it in the paper. Barbara: My school had like silly hair day. Maggie: Yeah, we had that too.

Reader Comments

  1. At my high school we had Every 15 Minutes, and it was super similar! Ours was a huge HS though, (like 4000 students).

  2. I got excited at ours because the fire department came and took off the door with the beautiful JAWS OF LIFE.

  3. We would have earthquake awareness drills that were basically kind of the same thing maybe go on all day there'd be people pretending to be dead people pretending to be injured

  4. My school is doing shattered dreams tomorrow I’m so excited to hear the heartbeats over the intercom every 15 minutes it’s about to feel like a horror movie up in here

  5. I wanted to be a dead kid but they had to many dead kids already. We also got the choice to be the driver at my school.

  6. They didn't have that when I was in high school, but my older sister did, and she played the dead kid.

  7. It still happens today lmao. For prom week our school had to watch a video on another school doing this.

  8. Can’t remember what ours was called but the grim reaper would come get the students out of class and those students would have like grey makeup on a fake blood and do the car thing

  9. Never did this in my school. No one in my family ever had this at their school either. Being told about it, I'm glad. It sounds like a waste of school money and resources that could have been better used for education. I do remember watching the Red Asphalt films though, but that was in drivers ed.

  10. At my schools they took a car from a texting and driving accident and put it in the parking lot for like a week for everyone to see when they left school

  11. We just had a Police Officer come in and tell us gruesome stories of the crash sites he'd seen. He said that one, the guy wasn't wearing a seat belt. He didn't go through the window shield, but he smashed his face into it and got like, meat minced on the broken glass. Apparently the EMT arrived on scene, took one look at the guy, turned around and threw up all over himself.

  12. We did shattered dreams but it was only for seniors. The best part most of the seniors we like “No drunk driving? BET” Not to mention they invited parents to this event.

  13. I went to school in Arlington, and we called it Red Asphalt, they would even play us that Red Asphalt video.

  14. Still don't know if that was a South thing or not but I went to school in New York and that never happened.

  15. I was out of state when my school did this and boy did i actually think that kid was dead for a week

  16. I REMEMBER, my school had the exact same thing with drunk driving, except a guy dressed as the grim reaper would randomly go around picking out people to be "dead" and the dead people would have their faces painted and they wern't aloud to speak for the rest of the day

  17. I was the dead kid! And my day sucked we were taken to campground to listen to drunk driver stories.

  18. Yup, this year they did that we went to the collage and they took us to the huge football feild and sat us on the bleachers. After awhile the firetruck was moved and behind it was a car reck with kids covered in blood pretending to be dead, a woman told everyone how her kids died from drunk driving. Two actors pretending to be parents came on the scene and the woman started screaming for her son (the one who didn't survive the crash) helicopters took a couple of the kids away and a herse drove in and everything. It experience.

  19. Not sure what mine was called, but we did have something very similar only everyone knew before hand and a freakin helicopter would come in and transport one of the kids inside the car!

  20. Our school had a Great Shake Out day, where a bunch of public services would come and talk about what to do when the "great one" happened.

  21. Seniors go to similar thing like that
    That watch a dont drunk while driving thing, with kids from the class act it out. Someone just wrecks the car while drinking, and get wrested or something sksksk I don’t really know I’m not a senior

  22. We got to sit in a car and then they would flip the car upside down and you had to try and get out, while being strapped in.

  23. Awww I wish my school would do that but I'm in the generation where they don't do shattered dreams anymore

  24. My primary school still does assembly on bike safety after I feel off mine and cracked my chin open 40 stitches to the bone xD I was a dumb kid

  25. Can you imagin some one getting in a real car crash whil thos os going on but everyone just thinking it was fake

  26. They did it at my High School and even went as far a life flighting one of the kids off the football field.

  27. In my school when the bell rang to signal another student death, someone dressed in a legit grim reaper outfit came to the class and did the whole silent "come with me…" at the person and took them out of the classroom.

  28. Our school did this once and literally no body took it seriously. Like, people were joking about it during the thing. The kid who “died” was at school the next day and we acted like he was a zombie.

  29. I went through an even bigger production where two teachers remote controlled cars and front collided them at 30 mph. Everyone watched it from a worryingly close distance, and "lucky" students acted as both victims and people helping as soon as the vehicles stopped.

    It was a school with a big car program, so I guess it makes sense to put effort into it, but it fueled a lot of nightmares.

  30. Our "Shattered Dreams" was called Every 15 Minutes and it was eventually cancelled because the weeklong event always ended with a huge blowout party with lots of drinking. -_-

  31. It wasn’t shattered dreams but we had a day where the emergency response agencies collaborated with the school and the drama club to stage a full on accident scene as a 1:1 replication. We even had a helicopter come in to airlift someone

  32. It was definitely a thing and they always did it before prom. I still remember we were all outside watching the scene and the police pulled up to the car wreck and someone whispered “hide the weed” lol

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