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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Jooley

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Jooley

Jeremy: Still on the topic of all inclusives, There’s like- one of my favorite things to do with those is to go up to the bar and just be like… “Make whatever.” Michael: Sure.
You know what I mean, right? Like I’ll just be like- Michael: Gimme your specialty, or something. Yeah.
Jeremy: Yeah, just do WHATEVER ya want. Like here’s the kinda shit I like, Go for it. So I walked up to the bar and when I did that, and uh… They gave me a drink, and there were these two guys next standing next to me. And one looks at me and he’s like: He’s like, “I like that!” “I like your style, kid!” And I was like… thanks? Like I was probably 19 at this point? But like, you could drink at 18 there. So I’m like, cool. And uhhh… They’re like- “Wanna do a tequila shot with us?” “Like we’re doin’ one right now.” I was like “Alright, sure?” And he was like- “WAIT-” “How’s it goin’?” “Friends call me J-Money!” *Michael snickers*
So he introduces- Michael: How old was this guy? Jeremy: Uhhh… like, maybe 30 at most? Michael: Okay, cause I was- I was pegging him at 55.
Geoff: So not old at all! Old man. Jeremy: No, no, no-
Geoff: (talked over)- you’re a cool guy, you would, yeah. Michael, pretending to be J-Money: License says here, sonny, I’m 30!
Jeremy: No, no, no, cuz’ he’s like, no- He’s like… you know, “Friends call me J-Money!” “YOU can call me J-MONEY.”
Michael, snickering: Okay? Michael: Okay?
Jeremy: Like “okay?” And he’s like- “This is my friend,” “Down Town Vic Brown.” *Michael losing his mind while Jeremy snorts* Michael: Good start! Jeremy: I was like- “Alright!” Jeremy, laughing: And then they- they poured a shot! *still struggling* Tequila for all of us. And uh, Like, you know, so at 18, I haven’t been drinking THAT much. Michael: Uh-huh.
Like you know I’m 19, but, *snickers* oh- Had like a shot of Tequila and then they were like, “ALRIGHT, one more!” “This one’s fer-” Like… “What are you?” And I was like- Michael: J… Jerem-?
I was like- “Jeremy?” And he’s like, “no, no, no,” “WHO ARE YOU?” And I was like… “Jooley?” “ALRIGHT, JOOLEY!” Michael: If only we knew at the time, it would’ve been like… “MONSTER TRUCK!” Yeah!
Jeremy, in aggressive agreement: MONSTER TRUCK! They’re like, “alright, Jooley! J-Money!” “Down Town Vic Brown!” “‘Nother shot!” So we had another shot! And so I walked back to my PARENTS, *laughter* That’s who I was there with!
*Geoff laughing his ass off* I was there with my family! Michael: I got GOT!
Like I was- Michael: I got- *stutters* J-Money got me!
Jeremy: And I like- sat down with them, and like, I was just SWEATING and I didn’t even realize it, Cuz’ like all the alcohol was coursing through me and it was really like humid out? My parents’re like- “What the fuck happened to you?” And I was like- “Fuckin’ Down Town Vic Brown, man.” “And J-Money.” *laughs* “They were all over-”
Michael, imitating Jeremy’s parents: “Wait, did you do-” “-heroin, what are you talking about?!”
Jeremy: “THEY WERE ALL OVER ME!” *Jeremy laughs*
Lindsay: Did I walk into a story? Goodness. Michael: Yeah, it was a good one.
Jeremy: Yeah!

Reader Comments

  1. First 2 mins were great, then after that, when Lindsay started talking, was completely unwatchable. At least the majority of it was.

  2. I really appreciate the attention to detail in these bits. They went so far as to look up the correct color of jeremy's hair whene he was telling this story lol

  3. i find it funny they got him to come up with a nickname for himself. i i was asked that i'd say "Knuckles"(my friend actually calls me that)

  4. I love that he essentially told J-Money and Downtown Vic Brown (clearly very cool guys with wild parents to have names like that) that his name was Julie.

  5. well if you had a drink and not 21, and met some….interesting people. Your welcome, from Canada….or Mexico. But I'd like to think we ruined you.

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