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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chicken Tender Travesty

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chicken Tender Travesty

Michael: Way under the radar, they reintroduced chicken tenders at McDonald’s, right?
Jack: Oh yeah, that’s right. Michael: Because they had Chicken Selects for years, but they like, they stopped serving them like three years ago.
Alfredo: It was like- Alfredo: -buttermilk chicken?
Michael: Yeah. I was talking to Lindsay about, about- having a very serious, uh, conversation about McDonald’s, and uh, I was like “Yeah, they had fucking Chicken Selects.” And she was like, “Oh, I don’t know. I don’t- I don’t care. I’m not a loser.” And I was like, you don’t know about Chicken Selects?! And then I like informed her of the history of Chicken Selects, And I’m like, “Yeah, they don’t have anymore, blah blah blah blah blah.” That conversation ended, and I’m like, “Wait, wait, when did they get rid of them?” “Whatever happened to him?” And I literally Google like, McDonald’s Chicken Tenders-
Alfredo: It was like, “it’s back!” Michael: It was like one day ago.
*Alfredo laughs* McDonald’s has chicken tenders back. And I remember going- “OHHhhhHHHhhhHHH!!!!”
*laughter* And I was holding my phone, I’m like-
Alfredo: GET IN THE CAR! Michael: I was like, “I wasn’t even looking for it,” “But it’s here!” Alfredo: Drop the baby! Gavin: Can you explain to me the difference between a lovely nug, a Select and a tender? Michael: Well, the Select and the tender are pretty similar. A lovely nug is like, *small Michael noise*
Alfredo: It’s just a little- Alfredo: -tiny chicken.
Michael: Just a little nug. Like you know,
Jack: It’s- there’s the four shapes! Michael: You got the four shapes-
Jack: You have the boot and the-
Gavin: But you need like the- Gavin: -shit a chicken-?
Ryan: You know, there’s nothing lovely about the berm. Jack: They’re delicious.
Michael: It’s like their shit, Garbo chicken, that’s delicious. Jack: Yes. Yes.
Michael: I’m agreeing with everyone here. Michael: It’s like, “ugh- mmmm.”
*Jack laughs* Jack: Yeah, absolutely right.
Alfredo: You’re right, you’re right! Michael: The tenders are like real chicken meat. You can like, rip it open and there’s like chicken meat on the inside. They are legit delicious.
Alfredo: It’s good. Jack: Yeah.
Michael: So I started getting the- the buttermilk chickies. And I was like “Yeah! Yeah!” I was like, “I’m back! Chicken’s back!”
Alfredo: Yeah! I go to McDonald’s er- like last month, Like second week in December? Fuckin’ strolling through, I’m like, “Yeah, I’ll take the, uh, fucking chicken.” Like, “oh, we don’t have that anymore.” Michael: What, WHAT?!
Jack: Wait- Michael: You just put this out! And then like, not even like we’re sold out, But just like, we don’t have that.
Jack: Off the menu. Michael: Off the menu. Ryan: So you’re telling me this amazing chicken that you’ve just described to me, has reentered lives is now gone forever? Michael: No! It was gone then! Right so-
Jack: Bam-bam-bam! Michael: This is how ridiculous this is. So, so-
Ryan: This is a real rollercoaster ride. Michael: It’s a- it’s true! So I drove home thinking like, “Oh my god, what’s going on with the chicken? I don’t know.” *laughter*
Michael: “I… I have to find out-” Alfredo: He’s frazzled!
Michael: -once I get home.” Michael: So I get home, I take my phone out, I’m like, “What the fuck is going on with the fucking chicken?” The chicken has blown up.
*Jack laughing* I’m drooling. I’m dr- I’m salivating over this chicken!
Jack: He’s drooling! Michael: So, I looked it up, they came out and said like, McDonald’s whoever- they just stopped all chicken for like, three weeks. They’re like, “No more chicken! We’re gonna build up our chicken supplies,” “Then chicken comes back.” It’s now back.
Jack: All right! Michael: I was freaking out. I was like, “Tell me you didn’t just get rid of this chicken-” Alfredo: Oh, it’s the worst time to be a chicken right now.
Gavin: Yeah like,- Gavin: -a chicken hatches from an egg-
*laughter* Gavin: -a chicken hatches from an egg into a world where there’s a chicken shortage at McDonald’s?
Alfredo: Yeah. Gavin: That’s the worst time to be a chicken.
Michael: Yeah, and- and-
Alfredo: That’s the worst time to be a chicken! Michael: And even worse too, it’s not even like, I’m alive you’re dead. It’s like, I’m alive, and it’s like, “I’m gonna watch you grow before I kill you.”
*Ryan chuckles* Jack: It’s like “I’m gonna fatten you up, and then I’m gonna kill you.”
Michael: “EAT!”

Reader Comments

  1. This was probably the best RTAA in a long while. Other ones the stories felt lacking or the animation felt lazy. But this, this was perfect. Michael's little eye twitch, him letting go of the wheel in his animated rage only for the next guy to talk to grab the wheel and steady the car. Even his drooling, normally that would have been cut. This was just amazing, props to the team for this one.

  2. Did nobody see/hear the fact that Micheal said "December 2nd" & the fact that Shaun drew the calendar as December??!?? 😂 At like 1:20

  3. Oh Micheal, have you heard about the Glazed tenders? I bet you'll lose you're mind, they're coated in like this BBG sauce. 😀

  4. I stopped eating mcdonalds over 2 years ago, but watching this rtaa made me really crave mcnuggets. Long story short, I started eating mcdonalds again. Thanks Michael and the guys at AH.

  5. I have a vegan friend who always manages to segue our conversations to animal cruelty and the sins of eating meat. It's always satisfying to eat a burger in front of her.

  6. So I worked at McDs during this time, and we ran out and couldn’t order anymore due to the chicken shortage, we had to wait 4 months to get more. Let’s just say customers were a lot more mad than Micheal was that they went a way

  7. Seeing this a few days after watching the Food Inc. documentary for a class, I’m not sure whether to laugh or feel bad.

  8. Nuggets are honestly mostly the meal I'll get there, 10 piece along with an m&m mcflurry, small fry and sometimes drink. I also get the snack wraps too.

  9. I know that McDonald's doesn't have a monopoly on Chicken, but since there's like three chicken per human on Earth, how would ANYONE run out of chicken

  10. Franchise owners can decide to not carry new products.

    My Mcdonalds did not do the wings, the chicken tenders, milkshakes (boo), salads, or biscuits and gravy. We sometimes did cheese sticks, but it wasn't often.

    We did do pretzels though, which most people don't associate with McDonald's.

    There is also a McDonald's cake you can preorder, we had a space in our fridge set aside for it.

  11. I never had them.. but I'm at the air port and they have them in. And I thought of this video. Going to try them

  12. Do you think…… Max in Camp Camp gets this obsessed with chicken strips? Cause that would be hilarious!

  13. When I was younger I would ask for selects every single time we went out
    Then they stopped them and I started getting tenders from Burger King
    Those stopped too
    Then like 2-3 years ago the TENDERS CAME BACK AT MCDONALDS
    And immediately after Burger King brought theirs back too

  14. McDonald's dropped the "We're not doing tenders anymore." line on me and I came back to this video like I was expecting an update.

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