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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Attack of the Burnies

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Attack of the Burnies

Burnie: So I’ve been wanting to tell this story on the podcast for a while. Gus you know what I’m gonna say… Gus: Yes! I’ve been waiting to hear this! Burnie: Alright so a few weeks ago, I’m out with Gavin. I’m talking to Gavin. Burnie: And he said the stupidest thing I have ever heard him say. [THUMP] Gus: Hey! No hitting the desk! [THUMP] Burnie: What is that?! [THUMP] Drunk Burnie: What’s up bitches! Burnie: *gasp* Drunk Burnie! How did you get in here? Drunk Burnie: Found your keys and now you’re gonna die. Girl Burnie: Ohhh less than 3! You’re so funny teehee. Burnie: What the hell?!? Girl Burnie: Don’t be shy. Just click the accept invite button and we can chat all night long. LOL Gus: Burnie! Your alter egos are attacking! [shattering glass] Burnie: The horse puncher? What the fuck!? Horse puncher Burnie: Fear not citizens. I’ve defeated this strange horse that was attacking a fellow employee. Michael: Fucking asshole.
Horse puncher Burnie: He got the punch he deserved. Gus: What the fuck is going on? Burnie: I’m getting the fuck outta here. Gus: Oh God, don’t leave me here! Ginger Burnie: So I figured you know this is like a break room and everything and I don’t see you with anyone else, so you know… you maybe wanna dance with me? Lindsey: No! Get away from me! Burnie: Oh come on, he’s here too?
Lindsey: Yeah he will not stop asking me to dance with him! Ginger Burnie: I brought my inhaler. Burnie: Alright this is too fucking weird. Who is that!? Mustache Burnie: I AM THE FULCRUM! Mustache Burnie: I AM THE MISSING PIECE OF THE WOR… Michael: Hey gingee, get the fuck away from my girlfriend! Anime Burnie: Uhhh that’s my uncle. [Loud Fight noises] [Fight noises and shattering glass] Old timey Burnie: Dateline, Rooster Teeth parking lot, we find our split personality protagonist unconscious on the icy cold pavement outside his overran office Old timey Burnie: Will our hero survive? Or will he meet a cruel fate worse than death? Old timey Burnie: Stay tuned for more…
Burnie: Shut up! Ugh, alright you know what? That’s it enough of this. I’m going home. Burnie: Gonna eat a sandwich or… something. Chris: You’re a really good listener statue Burnie I’m … maybe if you’re not doing after work we can go grab a bite to eat or something I mean if you want that is… Chris: Really!?! Chris: You do? Chris: I really like you too statue Burnie! Chris: Hug? Chris: Thanks. Chris: Hmm, bird poop.

Reader Comments

  1. Imagine if all the Burnie alter egos fused into one ultra Burnie. The comedic timing of Drunk Burnie, the punching strength of the Horse Puncher, the sex appeal of G.I.R.L. Burnie, the smoothness with the ladies of Ginger Burnie, the plot-relevance of The Fulcrum, the anime laser powers of Anime Burnie, the durability of Statue Burnie, and the alter ego of Reporter Burnie.

  2. MISSING PART 2 amd then church comes in and just follows burnie around all day complaining about the reds and the other blues on his team as well as washington

  3. Is this a re-remaster of that one episode of RvB where Church tries to stop the Sidewinder bomb from exploding and clones himself?

  4. It's ironic, because Bernie is the voice of Church, who technically has a bunch of alteregos. Because all the fragments are pieces of the same being.

  5. it was the animator's doing lol what the heck were they thinking does burnie really have so many inner ego's or was the animators just like you know what we should just make he works of burnie suffer lol

  6. 1:01 "I am The Fulcrum" for some reason this popped into my head, had no idea where it was from until I googled it

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