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Ronnie Needs Help + A Meatball is Born | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Ronnie Needs Help + A Meatball is Born | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

(lighthearted music) – [Deena] Are you excited
to meet your little brother? ♪ Today’s the day ♪ ♪ I’ve been waiting for ♪ – My water broke and I’m excited. I’m a little nervous ’cause clearly, I’ve never given birth before. This is actually happening right now. I’ve been waiting for
this moment for so long. I’m pregnant (laughs). – Are you really? You’re pregnant! – [Technician] There he is. – Oh, my God, look at his little nose. He has Chris’s nose. Just got settled in, (sighs)
having contractions, so. – Next time you’ll see us,
we’ll have a little baby. – Can’t wait to meet you CJ. (lighthearted music) ♪ The sun ♪ ♪ Sun shines through the windowpane ♪ ♪ And I feel ♪ (baby crying) ♪ Feel warmth as you whisper my name ♪ – Hi, baby. I pushed the (bleeps) out of this kid. And he came out naturally
and very healthy. We are parents to the cutest little boy. I’m just exhausted, and I don’t even care. I’m just so happy. How does it feel to be a dad, Chris? – So crazy. – And he’s perfect. Oh, that face. I like look at him and I’m like, I cannot believe you
were just in my belly. Like, and we made you. This perfect little specimen, we made. He is so cute I can’t take it. It’s just such an emotional
moment, he’s perfect. ♪ Touch my heart ♪ (energetic music) – The last altercation
that I got into with Jen, I got hit the face with an ashtray. You know, things are just getting so bad that it’s like I don’t know what to do. (gentle music) So I decided to go home and see my dad, take a break from the
toxic situation I’m in. You know, because when
you argue with somebody and you mix it with the alcohol and you mix it with my dad reactions, it’s just not good for
my daughter to be around. (dog barking) I was waiting for the door. – [Dad] What’s up, man? – [Ronnie] Crazy. – Are you all right?
– Yeah, I’m good. – What’s going on, what’s going on? Good to see you. Jesus.
– Yeah, I know. – The hell? – What’s new, right? I’m just tired of the chaos in my life. I’m turning to my dad
because he’s somebody that has been through what I’ve through. And been through worse situations
than I’ve been through. He’s turned himself around. – So what happened this time? – You know, things got really, really bad. And things got really crazy. And then, I ended up
with an eye, you know. It’s stuff I’d rather not
even speak on anymore. You know what I mean? I figured I would just come here, see you, see the family,
and just like reset. (gentle music) – I feel like, you know, we’ve been here a few
times before and stuff. It’s like the boy who cried wolf, right? Like, yeah, I’m gonna do
something, I’m gonna change. I’m gonna make it better, and like what? It’s the same old thing. How’s it gonna be any different this time? (gentle music) – Make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’m tired of being in the
tabloids for negative stuff. – Yeah.
– But we fight. And I get triggered, and I
spiral, if you wanna say. It just becomes too much. – You know the way this
escalates and escalates and escalates and it’s been escalating. I’m worried you’re gonna
end up fricking in jail, or fricking dead or something. I mean, Jesus, let’s be real. (intense music) (gentle music) All right, get off the hamster wheel. Insanity is doing the same
thing over and over again, expecting different results, right? We’ve all been there,
listen, I’ve been there. You know what I’ve been
through and stuff, too. So, I want you to get it. – We’re almost the same person in a way. He had, you know, a
rough 20s and rough 30s, and he wasn’t in the
best place in his life. So I saw a lot more things that I didn’t wanna see growing up, and that’s my biggest fear for Ariana, is that she’s gonna be two
years old, three years old, and I’m picking her up
and I have a black eye. You know, or she’s two or three years old, and I’m doing something stupid, you know, to go tit for tat for Jen, and she’s just sitting there watching this and she’s absorbing this. I’m embarrassed of things
that I’ve done, you know? Who I’ve become, it’s not someone that I ever thought I would be. You know, and then I think
that I can catch myself. And I think that I have
control over myself. And that, you know, I’m not gonna react, or I’m not gonna do something stupid, or say something stupid that I regret. And it just doesn’t work. I don’t have the answers anymore. – It’s okay to ask for
help though, you know? I mean, we can’t do things on our own. If everybody could do things
on their own, we would do it. You know you gotta take care of yourself before you can be a father or
anything, even a good friend. What good are you to her if you ain’t got your stuff together? Right, nothing. (gentle music) So work on you. And you can a great power of
example for your daughter. You know, that’s the most
important thing is that, you know, she can see you and say, wow, look at that, that’s
a great power of example. ‘Cause right now, it’s not looking good. ♪ I got these demons ♪ ♪ All in my head ♪ – Now listen, I’m here, I’m gonna listen. I’m gonna do whatever I can, but you know, at the end of the day, you’re the one that’s gotta do the work. ♪ Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

Reader Comments

  1. It was nice of Ronnie to buy his parents a home. At least he invested in something considering his awful spending habits.

  2. I ain’t gunna front even though ronnnie has problems since the beginning… he still had a dope personality… so this sucks to see him going this route

  3. That's why Ronnie is trapped in a toxic relationship at he hinted his dad has been through the same situation so it's something he grew up around he definitely needs to realise his creating the same astomphere for his daughter

  4. Awwwww I have been waiting for thiss
    He's perfect!!!!!

  5. Ron needs help and I mean help as getting the heck away from Jen . She’s the problem! Yeah Ron was an idiot with Sammy but Jen is a mad woman . He need to stop going in circles with this girl and figure it out . Love is not abuse .

  6. Ronnie is a hot mess!! Clearly you’re the problem in your relationships.
    You really need help and need to get yourself together.
    The saddest part of this all is he has a daughter. You’d think he would start treating women with respect now. They need to be apart, there relationship is toxic. Think about that baby girl.

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy Deena♥️

  7. Ronnie is the old mike. Drama. Hopefully he can get his life together. Sometimes you need to be by yourself and single to get to a healthy place and love yourself.

  8. Either gender ,, when an argument involves physical violence towards one another.. respect will no longer exist in the relationship. Jen needs therapy so as Ron. Not just for the sake of their daughter… but for themselves. They need to work on their own happiness then share it between both. But for Jen to expect Ron to make her happy or the other way around is SELFISH !

  9. I can see the pain in rons eyes its so sad. domestic violence doesn't just happen to woman it happens to men too it could happen to anyone I hope he finds happiness in the dark time he's going threw & leave Jen where she belongs in the dust that girl is trash & he deserves better.

  10. Congratulations deena, out of all the girls your my favourite and your probably the most mature and better role model out of the group.

    Keep up the awesome work girl much love from Australia! 🇦🇺

  11. a woman hitting a man is just as bad as a man hitting a woman. she should be in jail or have some type of consequence because i know if it was the opposite way around and ron was beating on her, he would be DONE

  12. Awww Deeana congrats💟
    Ronnie you being in this toxic relationship has truly aged you .. sad 😢 SMDH
    God created beauty in each n everyone us.. Nobody should be puttn their hands on you violently!!


  14. The worst mother ever Jen….we see right through you…evil witch…and Ron be a man and get custody of your lil girl…but you won’t listen until she gets you locked up.This is one relationship from hell…I feel bad for that innocent baby.

  15. Wow welp I think Jen is psycho but it’s obvious he has a temper also. Ron can’t get along with anyone he dates it’s constant fighting and she seems to be very very violent yes..

  16. No one talks about what triggered his gf though. Being pregnant while your man is being a fuckboy isn’t necessarily a good situation and any woman would go mad if she loved the man. I don’t like how they make her look like the crazy one. He probaly hits her and she defends herself by habit. It’s toxic because of him and her reaction isn’t right but understandable.

  17. I’m so happy for Deena and Chris!!!

    All this Ronnie drama is getting ridiculous! Ronni needs to get out of that toxic relationship!

  18. Ronnie is a little boy in a grown man's body. He does something wrong then he argues or outright denies what he does wrong and then cries about it to get sympathy and takes no responsibility for his actions whatsoever and he never changes his ways but when someone does something to him he basically completely shuns them and tries to get everyone on his side.

  19. Nobody deserves to be mistreated at the end of the day we only know his side of the story, nobody is acting out in a relationship if a person respects them treats them right, it's something that ronnie is doing he's not telling what he does

  20. Watch all your favorite #JSFamilyVacation moments here! –>

  21. I honestly think Ron can change, he can be a positive person but when he gets dragged into these toxic relationships it stops him from growing. he needs to seriously get it together

  22. Ronnie ,the right thing to do is to leave your toxic relationship, before someone ends up hurt,in prison or dead ,if you really love your daughte or yourself it's not about yourself anymore it's about your baby girl if you really love your daughter do it for her

  23. It's not right to attack your significant other over anything but honestly Ron, if you can dish it out, you gotta be able to take it back. Hes toxic and abusive himself and now he met his match. I hope that they can at least have a healthy friendship for the babies sake.

  24. Omg Ron you never learned, you knocked up a girl on a one night stand, you failed, failed for not using protection, you are the one to blame for creating your own chaos. Your a joke, grow up.

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