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Roatán, Honduras | Caribbean Cruise Port of Call

Roatán, Honduras | Caribbean Cruise Port of Call

Hey guys Me and Denis are here in Roatán, Honduras It’s really hot today Tis We’re really excited to see pirates, birds and monkeys of the Caribbean You should get a mask Might be an improvement Get one of these and you can make money like the Peruvian lads Try it, go on We’re here in Gumbalimba National Park To see monkeys and parrots and hopefully no snakes because I don’t like them at all It’s raining In a rainforest I presume that means we’re going to get very wet Did you bring a brolly? Should have brought my poncho Leave them in the sun for like a whole day or 2 There’s the almond inside STOP! I’m not doing anything They have very sharp claws Jesus! Denis go take a monkey You have to wait for them to jump on you Hello Kolyn they’re going to jump on you What’s he doing? He’s playing with your hair Well hi Ah no you can’t get into my clothes now sorry Not happening There’s no snakes No Denis, I can’t see your head, you need to come down I’m terrified somethings going to fall on me What’s that beside your foot? What did you do? Come on, take what you have to take Come down further Chicken nuggets nuggets, chicken Let’s go To the bus So we had a lovely time here in… Honduras I nearly forgot. SHHH! And eh, We didn’t see any snakes thank God And we didn’t get attacked by dinosaurs who escaped from a theme park, which was good I enjoyed it

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