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Review Traveler Guitar Ultra Light

Review Traveler Guitar Ultra Light

hello I'm in France enjoying my holidays and I also enjoy playing my guitar so I thought let's bring a guitar with me while on holiday but I didn't want to bring any of my normal guitars so I looked around for a traveller guitar and I found this one and I enjoyed quite a bit so I thought now let's make a video about it a review on YouTube because when I looked around for relief you on YouTube I didn't find that much everything you need isn't it very small sweet they're just like the guitar very small in size no headstock the tuning pegs are actually in MIDI class and this is brilliant you should click on like like this and that makes sure that you can play comfortably what I also brought with me is a clip on Tina tuning this guitar is actually a little bit of a bitch so you know if you clip it on like this it's doable and also what I brought with me is this box ac30 headphone and you can use it as an ordinary headphone but also to amplify your guitar the travel of this car because it's actually an electric guitar and with this headphone you can make it sound like an AC 30 M one more thing I would like to show you is that you can also quite easily play along with your iPod or any other mp3 player really this is what I like to do because I put some playlists on my iPod with backing tracks and jam tracks so for that you need a cable like this but too many plugs one you put into Europe I plot and the other one goes into your headphone amp and then the headphone amp also has a small plug like this and in order to plug it into your travel guitar you will need to buy a bigger plug an adapter put it in like this and then click it in and you're ready to play along with your iPod so what good is an entire review without actually hearing the guitar so I will make some sounds on it I will play a little bit first on a clean amp secondly I will play with a low gain affect on and then finally I will play with some more overdrive so you can compare the various sounds which you can get out of this guitar which has one element one humbucker you conclusion about this guitar it is a very positive one because I like playing this guitar a lot it's very well built it's certainly not a toy the neck is very smooth it stays in tune very well so that's all very positive but not at I'm home I don't think I will play it anymore because actually my Fender guitar a normal style guitar does play more comfortably it does play easier for me anyway because you know of this part that is missing on a travel guitar and and I can also get a more variety of sounds out of my Fender guitar because you know it has more elements this is just one humbucker having said that I know it's not a fair comparison at all because one the Fender guitar was much more expensive than this one and also you know this is a treadle guitar it's meant to take with you and your travels and that is why they made it like this with this part lacking and with this strange support thing and that has its negatives but the very positive is that you can take this with you as the hand luggage on your plane it's so easy to carry with you when you're traveling so you know and that's exactly the purpose of this guitar so if you are considering to buy this guitar then I hope you found my review useful and thanks for watching

Reader Comments

  1. What about the bag the guitar comes with?

    Is it durable enough so that if it were put with other bags the guitar would be protected?

    I have to purchase a new guitar because my last traveler guitar was smashed in the overhead bins of a plane.

  2. Hi,hello thanks for the review on the travel,its usefull,i didnt see any volume control,hmmm i do travel allot,and im afraid I dammage my telecaster,and again thanks for the info,ooooh are you european dutch??if so bedank hoor,doei

  3. I purchased the same brand as yours but mine had the pick-up was under the saddle. Plug it in to a "pocket" battery powered amp, and it ok for travailing light.

  4. By the way you need to cut off the zip tie and hang loop at what would be the head stock, that's just for display purposes in the store. If you leave it on your going to get bad string ring.

  5. Just picked one of these up and I really like it. It feels like an electric, it basically is, not an acoustic at all, but it's very compact. I have an inductive speaker to go along with it, so any table or flat surface becomes a big speaker. I got it after a long road trip trying to play guitar in the passenger seat of a small car, and thought I had a great idea of making a smaller guitar for travel. Obviously it's been done pretty well already, having the head stock and pickup in the body of the guitar and using pulleys to create the breaking point is pretty brilliant engineering in my eyes.

  6. Nice review… thanks! Lots of travel coming up for me… I'm considering one of these thru my Roland Cube Street and am most interested in its playability: Can you comment on action height, intonation / fret accuracy, staying in tune after bending, etc.

  7. mam you are an amazing player , i am from India and I have watched so many players play travel guitar but this is the best

  8. Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for for travel. Also I had never heard of the headphone amp so that also helps.

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