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Reforming the Pitch: The Journey, Episode 11

Reforming the Pitch: The Journey, Episode 11

– The reason why we’re not selling
as many tickets to our conference is…me. (MUSIC PLAYS) – One of the challenges that we face
is how to make the home page of Social Media Marketing World
the most compelling. We have this video
on the current sales page which… as you guys notice, kind of a
high impact walk-through… of the entire experience
of Social Media Marketing World.
– Right. – So, we have this option…
which is to actually run this video right here.
It’s non-stop endorsements.
– Yes. – My feeling is, this is gonna do a
better job of selling people that want to click around. Even if they stop at 18 seconds,
they’ve gotten at least four or five testimonials
from very high profile people.
– Right. – Saying this is the conference
to be at. – Look at the purpose
of the Sizzle Reel. That’s put together at the end of
the conference, on the fly…
– Right. – show to all the attendees.
And, they’re all excited
and they’re psyched. But, it was never intended to be
a selling video. – Yeah. Let’s look at the actual
analytics on it. They’re getting all the way to
two minutes on this video. And, that’s a lot of testimonials. -Yeah. Maybe that’s all they need
to be convinced. – Yeah. Let’s give it a try.
– Yep. I agree. – Here it is. I think that’s gonna convert a lot
better. I can’t believe it’s taken me this
many years to figure this out. Now, I could be wrong. And if I am, it’s your fault. (LAUGHS) But…yeah. It’s gonna work. – Thank you everyone first of all,
for being here. We are literally, 3 months from
Social Media Marketing World. Can you believe that? (MUSIC PLAYS) – Here’s the deal. I did analysis
on 482 people that chose
not to attend Social Media Marketing World.
– Right. – They’re not complaining about our
content. Even though, content is the number
one reason why people come to conferences. They’re really talking about the
price. “I just haven’t had the money or
convinced my boss to have my company pay for it.” “The travel, plus ticket,
was too pricey.” “Waiting on approval from my boss.”
“My company will not pay for it.” So…any thoughts on this from your
perspective? – We need to find a way to empower
these people to convince their boss. – That’s a good first thing. And a matter of fact, listen to
this. Somebody came up with this
idea. They said, “I think having an
article entitled, ‘Five Tips for Asking Your Boss to
Send You to a Conference’ could be a really useful resource.”
– Yeah. So…we’re gonna need to write that
article. – Okay.
– We know that this is just hundreds
of people representing tens of thousands of
people who have chosen not to make decisions based on the
exact same factors. So, that’s it for now. I’ve been working on some copy to
shift from a future focus to a benefits focus
on our sales page. So, I’m gonna go over some of that
copy with Jen, and see what she thinks. Over here is the current copy.
– Right. – And, over here
is the revised copy. Okay? “Network…unlike anything you’ve
ever experienced. I changed to, “Meet future partners,
customers, and influences.” – That’s better. (SIRENS BLARING)
– There’s so many of those in D.C. – So what do you think about this? “Meet future partners, customers,
and influencers.” – Very direct. So, it’s good. It’s telling them what they want to
hear. – And, this one just says,
“Network…unlike any you’ve
experienced.” – Right.
– See the difference? “Discover world class content from
top industry pros.” That was the old one…okay?
The new one is, “Discover marketing ideas to
accelerate your growth.”
– Yeah. – Number 3 was, “Used to be fun,
San Diego style.”
– Yeah. – Here’s how I changed it. “Develop lasting relationships with
your peers.” – This is speaking more to the
– It’s a sales pitch. – They want what they want to
achieve. – Cool.
– Yeah. I like it. Good job. – It’s taken me months to
get…here. And where I am right now, is the
realization that…the reason why… we’re not selling as many tickets to
our conference as we could, is…me. I am the copywriter…
and I believe I’m a good copywriter. There are things that you take for
granted when you are crafting copy that… have been overlooked by me. I just didn’t bother to really study
the copy and over the last few days I’ve been working on
benefits-related copy and then… a guy named Kenneth, who watches
“The Journey”, sent me a message
with some really good feedback. And I was like, “Wow!” “Why did I not see that?” And, I think part of the struggle
that we face, whenever we’re creating content, is
if all these different, you know, messages that we want to convey,
and in the end, we end up trying to do too
much, rather than focusing on the things that matter most. – “Hey Mark…Kenneth here. I just thought I’d put together
this quick video for you… by the way, this is me. This is my funny-face that you’re
looking at here. I was just on your website today… I mean, I’m on your website a lot
and I’ve always wanted to come to one of your events.
So anyway, I was like, reading one of your articles today and I was
thinking, ‘Hey…let me just go see
The Journey…actually.’ And so, I clicked on that and
I started watching some of your Journey videos and then I saw you
speaking about, you know… you struggling to fill some seats. So, I thought I’d just give you
some input. Your speakers, and that, are phenomenal.
I didn’t even know who was speaking this year,
and so I had to dig down. “These are the experts…right?” I want to hang out with a lot of
these people that… I read their books or you know, I
follow them online. And, I didn’t even know that they
were speaking.” – I got up at 4:30 this morning. I was the first one in the office.
I’m the last one to leave. This is not normal. But…there are times when you must
work late… and push forward. Despite my voice being shot,
this has been an incredibly fruitful
day. I’ve had amazing conversations
and… I’m gonna sleep well this weekend,
for sure. – So, I got texts from Mike
over the weekend. I went into a little bit of a
“panic mode.” (MUSIC PLAYS) – What do you think this is?
(KNOCKS) – Do you still think it’s a journal? Special thank you to J-Bear for
sending this thing. I guess if the lights go off and I
can’t see, I can always like… put one of these things in my house. As the sun sets on this video, I
just want to say, “Thank you so much for watching it.” If you like this video,
would you share it? Comment down below.
Let us know what you think about it. And, we will catch you next week. Please join me on The Journey. Subscribe now on YouTube
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Reader Comments

  1. This is the conference. So many great people attend and everyone is so friendly. See ya there! Best tip network, network, network. Make friends and learn all year long.

  2. Nice job figuring out what was holding people back guys. I have been bombarded with Social Media Examiner ads on all of my devices so that part was working very well. It seemed like it would be a "fun" event to be at but what would I be going there to do? Just changing some of the wording from "networking like you've never experienced" doesn't move my boss' needle. You need to be direct with the higher ups and , dare I say, older generation before they will shell out the finances for someone like me to travel across the country, "miss work" and attend a conference. Although I may understand the value of the conference, adding the bullet points and being direct definitely helps my superiors see the value of a conference like this.

  3. Ya know, it's always amazing when we discover the 'why' of what holds ppl back; I had the feeling that's what it was all along. But that's ok when we discover the why; that's what makes us grow & get better with the help of our peers. #AhaMoments #Feedback #Focus #FruitfulDays #LastingRelationships #JournalLight

  4. Hi! Great Job Michael! You inspire a lot of people… but, you are missing something… How do I contact you Michael?

  5. Great video Mike, In fact, this is a very interesting episode about conversions. Great points there about adding testimonials from influencers (Gary V never fails to attract the crowd) to the page. I think it's also about minimizing the clutter and adding the call to action at the right place (jab jab jab hook)!

    I wasn't convinced though about the actions that were discussed for approaching the people that didn't sign up. I would be thinking of the following (I am a kid here, that's the disclaimer).

    1. Put them in a separate segmented email list
    2. Send a follow-up email mentioning the number of people already joined and add an element of scarcity of what they are going to miss (Something like – for the next conference you need to wait 365 days or why this conference is so special compared to the earlier ones
    3. Don't talk about price, talk about value and ROI. Conferences are not measured by their price tag – They are more of long-term values, networking, and personal motivation. Highlight networking though more

    Nevertheless, I totally love the 'Journey' series and I being a digital marketer myself, feel so connected to watch you guys in action and taking those vital decisions on camera. Not easy stuff there! Kudos!

  6. Great realization. Another idea for next year is when you tape the testimonials maybe also have people saying something they learned or plan to implement, that way the value is emphasized over the networking aspect. Those who have never attended or who are (or bosses are) concerned about the price need to know it will be "worth it" more than who they will meet. I'm looking forward to attending this year!

  7. Michael & colleagues, I love this. It's so rare for companies to show vulnerability – let alone sharing answers to challenges we all have. Thanks so much for sharing that journey!

  8. Hey there beautiful squad ..I ve learned so much seeing things from your prespective..Your content is awesome , you want a prouve ? I 've been watching all the episodes and i just finished (1.00 AM here) and i am litterally from the other side of the world (Tunisia North Africa) and i sincerely think that your event concept should be cloned in Africa on a big scale ..So youre on the right way so keep up pushing through
    Warm hugs from a techie dentist

  9. Maybe you split test the two landing pages for sales, that way you know if you are really wrong. great video again

  10. Having experience running small college events with an idea of trying to do bigger things in the future it was interesting watching the process of marketing such a large event. Event organizers never admit they are struggling with sales so your honesty was welcomed. It would be great to see more detail about the marketing strategy ie How many ads do you have running at present on what platforms ? How much roughly are you spending on different platforms ? What's your opinion on free ticket giveaways /competitions with popular blogs/influencers? Really enjoying the series Michael!

  11. One of the things I notice is whenever I see your ads they do not ever want me to buy. There are no benefits to me. For example, I buy my own ticket every year. I go because I get a huge return on my investment. I make actual money with what I learn. That is great for an entrepreneur like me. But for that issue with bosses paying. They need to know the bottom line. Not just that you will get to network and make connections…But what do those connections do for you and the company? You get to learn new skills, but what does that mean to the company, to the bottom line. It appears you are on the right path but its less about how to aks your boss and more about what does the company get out of you going. The boss wants the ROI. They want to know the bottom line. Does the company get more clients, make more money, have a stronger brand?

    You guys are moving your copy to the right direction but I think you could take it a step further. "Meet future partners, customers, and influencers" — and grow your bottom line. And make more money, and grow your business…Etc.

  12. Wow! Such an excellent job Mike and the team! It's definitely the best opportunity for any marketer to see how a good marketing job is done in real time… I can't add an objective input because I'm in love with this conference, and this is the first conference I'll put my Dime on… (and I'm coming out of the US so it's a lot of dimes…). I'll share it, of course, all-over right away. But if there is any other way I can help you to convince more people to come to the conference (although you sure make an excellent job with that…), Please let me know. See you in Fabruary. Hayut.

  13. Just my two cents… I've chosen to not attend this year… but I understand your value and really really want to be there next year… The main thing, as you know, is cost. Last year, I was able to attend VidSummit remotely with a virtual ticket, which saved me a TON on hotel and travel expenses. It included LIVE feeds to the session as they happened. They had some technical issues but did a really great job with the live sessions. They also included access to the recordings. Have you considered offering this for SMMW? I know a huge part of it is networking, but even with the "recordings"/virtual ticket you have, I would be more likely to purchase a remote LIVE ticket than the recordings. I want the info as soon as possible, but I can't afford to be there. Also, what if there was a payment plan you could offer over the next year for SMMW 2019? Something like hey, pay $60/mo to get a Creator ticket for 2019. Possibly include each month, one (or a few) of the sessions from 2018 or even just keynote access as soon as you start the payment plan. Just thoughts. Wishing you the best for SMMW 2018 🙂

  14. I love your videos guys <3
    actually i have some stuff but i don't know if they'll work
    -u can be on both instagram not snapchat only
    -u can have someone to translate your website into multiple languages in order to connect with more people
    -u can go to different countries to have more audience and more in developing countries they might need some marketing advice so u can offer it to them by reasonable price
    -oh and have you ever can also try live video of your conference but still people can pay for it
    -u can call or email startup businesses and tell them about the conference
    sorry for the language though…

  15. It’s a very common thing for big companies to send their employees to conferences. Why should SMMW be any different? Great path!

  16. Explain to the boss how it will end up impacting the bottom line. The skills and insights you learn will help you do this, this and this for the company, resulting in this (estimate of your results).

  17. Hey guys long time listener of the show and love it! I lived in San Diego for 15 years and would love to come to the conference one year…looks amazing! Great to see you guys jumping into video. Here's a website you're going to want to bookmark That's my art site, and one thing I notice in your video is the walls behind you are BLANK!!! There's like one piece of art on it. Check out my stuff and let me know if there's something we can work out–maybe an art trade for a few passes to the show etc. I'd love to come on the show as well and talk about my time as an artist who tours with all the major rock shows selling my art and how I work social media into it. Cheers!!!

  18. Just how catching up on The Journey and appreciate you putting this series together. This episode is especially impactful as it has sparked me to reexamine the copy on my website and landing pages to make sure they reflect the benefits of our product not just the features.

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