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  1. Win, lose or just suffering with the peloton, you are a true team with character, always looking to bounce back. Excellent effort all the way and truly a joy to behold.

  2. I really respect that you don’t shy away from showing the hurt and the disappointments of racing. Yes, I would much prefer to see a,procession of fantastic victories day after day, because you are such an open, positive team, but shit, some days I can barely bike up the hill to work. To do the stuff you guys do is absolutely ridiculous l completing it is a victory, actually winning is the golden cherry Harry Potter-flying around-thing on top. You’re still by far the best team to watch, because you’re clearly a team of humans.

  3. Not convinced it's all over. That climb showed how easy it is to lose a few minutes, even for a gun like Adam. Even G got left behind! And there are more stages just like that one coming up.

  4. Gutted for Adam…Sometimes your body just says No…
    There were a number of GC contenders struggling today…Almost seems like you need to come to these Grand Tours with 2 for GC these days!
    Probably still too high in GC to go for stages, so would be great to see Jack or Simon take a mountain stage victory…
    Still lots more to play for!

  5. Sad to see Adam lose some time, but not the end of the World, always many more races to come, keep it up MTS lot of support here in OZ, and to be honest, I would still be at the bottom of the first hill climb huffing and puffing

  6. Adam had a tough day. That's okay. I'm hoping for a stage win now from you climbers! Jack or Adam, get in a breakaway and crush it! Help carry Julian to Paris for an epic win.

  7. Love the honesty, love that you feel the pain but dont throw the toys out of the cot but just reset and get on with the new job. I've followed this team since its inception and its videos like this that are the reason.

  8. I wouldn’t say you guys are great Mountain climbers. But you have the sprinters
    And the bike to do the job

  9. On successful days everybody is happy, everything is easy. The true face of characters and of the team shows on days like today.
    You guys have the guts to still show something. Awesome! But dont be afraid to also be critical in a constructive way!

  10. Tough day Adam…..Every experience is an opportunity to learn …..Still a lot to race for……Go team MS!

  11. Tough day, but shows grit to share the bad days as well as the good days… Much appreciated. Chin up.

  12. I've watched every one of these videos that you've put out for years. There was a lot of emotion in today's video because Adam had a bad day, and that's understandable. But if I were to look back a few years, you'd all be over ecstatic to have won 2 stages in the tour. I have truly enjoyed watching this team progress and I look forward to many more years of high level racing. Thanks for letting us onto the bus and allowing us to see the true emotion of the sport. It has been an honor to be able to follow you.

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