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Real Monk Answers Questions From Tourists

Real Monk Answers Questions From Tourists

Today we have a good opportunity to talk with a Thai monk. At Wat Thong Thammachat. So, we’re gonna start talking with the monk today. What is your name? My name is Somsak, but my Buddhist name is Siri Saro, I am 32 years old. And long have you been a monk? Since I was 12 Years old. How long are you planning to be a monk? In Buddhism, we believe in something, -that every day is unsure. Maybe tomorrow also. Also in the future. Maybe for my whole life. Yes. I have a question from our customer. They like to know more about buddhism. And Buddhist monk as well. Can you help me to give the answer? Yeah, of course. so, I got this video: Haha, a really good question. We’re not allowed to drink any alcohol. Because, when a monks drink alcohol -Not only monks, I think for you also. lose your mind and you cannot control yourself. And, when we want to do meditation, we can not meditate. Monks cannot wear glasses if it’s for fashion, yes. But if the doctor says that he has to wear sunglasses, he has to wear it. But, if he needs to wear it for fashion, it’s not allowed. In Thailand, nowadays we have around 300 thousand monks. In Thailand. By the ways (of Busshist monks).. It’s not allowed 2500 Years ago, in that time we did not have a phone or television. That’s why the Buddha did not make a rule for monks But, Today it is important for monks, but not necessary I think We use it to communicate, or if we want to contact with some work for the temple We have to use a phone But not for amusement or entertainment Yes. It’s a very good question, haha. to not worry too much about if I’m handsome, like this and that. This is not a kind of a monk (his way of life). For monks, have to follow 227 rules from the Buddha. For me, I used to stay outside Bangkok. Around eight years. I came to stay in Bangkok around thirteen years. Can you become a monk? Yes, you can. If you believe in Buddha, you can become a monk. Not all monks get paid or salary. But, for Thai monks, we have organizations. Same like the the Administrative Monk Organization But the Thai government offers some salary for a monk. It is really low, not too much. Per month, around 2000 ฿ Baht Like that for monks who have a position. Not all monks. No, not allowed, -yes, if inside the tempel, it is allowed. Monks, they have to wear a cover over his body. Not the same like this When we are inside a temple, we wear the same like this. When we stay in the temple. But outside, we have to wear this cover the same like this. If a monk does not wear it to cover its shoulder, Both of Shoulders Also, that is not allowed The colors don’t mean anything The buddha allows around six colors For Civara. We call it civara In the past, maybe we thought Why we wear the same color It is not allowed, like a bright color Because, before this, we did not have a temple. A monk stayed in a cave, or a forest or jungle. It was dangerous for monks to wear colors that some animals don’t like Because, outside Bangkok, there are buffalo’s If they see such like a yellow color, They will go and run and attack Also, that (Speaking Thai) “Bull”
-“Bull” If red color, also they will attack In Budhism, we have two sets of monks The first, we call Mahayan, it’s the same like monks who stay in China. In Tibet, Mongolia or some countries that are close to China, The first set, we called Mahayan. For Hinayan, we follow the rule, same as Buddha. What he said, and what he did when he was alive. We follow everything, like him before. In the past, from 2500 years ago, what he did, we still follow these rules. We call Hinayan, are monks who stay in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Also, maybe some parts of Nepal In the morning, monks go out to receive alms in the early morning After he finished his lunch at 11.30 or 12.00 All that food belongs to dogs. Also for someone that will travel to another city, Also for poor people, or homeless people. About me, when I was a child, I went to the temple with my family every day. I wondered why everybody respected monks Also, when I was child, I was afraid of ghosts. Yes. And, I heard the news that any ghost is afraid of monks. Also, I think he is a very good person. I thought like that in that time. When I was grown up, around 12 years Also, my family wanted me to become a novice. Not just not forever, maybe just one or two weeks Then, I decided to become novice.. ..Novice means, during the years from 10 to 20 After twenty, he is a monk. Yes. For novices, we have ten rules. For monks, 227. I’m still monk. But, for other monks, they have many reasons. If they can’t follow those 227 rules, they have to resign as monk. We have four important rules. First, if a monk has sex with a boy, girl, animal or dead body, everything They have to leave as monk Second one is, if they kill an animal, or a human – everything that has a life, they have to leave. The third one is, If they steal some money, anything with a value more than one baht, the monk has to leave. The last one is saying something that is not true. Maybe over action, same like They can fly or they have some acknowledgement or if he said I have achievement same like Buddha. They have to leave as monk. If you want to become a monk, you have to manage something. It’s necessary for a monk. Maybe we can buy something for, You have to manage something. I mean, we have to pay something for that thing, it’s not too much In Thai tradition, we think that who wants to become a monk in their life, we think it’s very important -But all families in our culture will support everything. For that person who wants to become a monk Yes. I would like to say big thank you as well for answering our questions for today. Is there anything that you would like to say to the foreigners or the tourists? This temple is not only for the monks. It’s for everyone. Not just the ones who believe in Buddhism Also, for everyone. not only this temple, every temple it’s the same. Then, don’t afraid of monk, monk also is a human But monk, they have so many rules to follow Then, they have to avoid some things, and they have to follow some rules from the Buddha. Also, if you want to practice, or you want to study about Buddhism You can come to temple, But you have to, same like everyday, monks have to also work. They have duty to do. If you want to come, you have to make appointment, let him know when you will come. Khob Khun Krap (Thank you in Thai) Thank you so much for watching our video. If you are interested in learning more about Buddhism, and want to see the Real Thai way of life, Consider doing the Bicycle tour with us. We take you off the beaten path,
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  1. Many thai celebrities (men) ordained for a period in their life. Do every men have to ordain once in their life or it's by choice? Why did they ordain? What does this act (ordained) means/or what importance to ordain in thai culture?

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