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Quebec City Guide

Quebec City Guide

Considered the crown jewel of the Province
of Quebec, Quebec City is one of the most historic cities in all of North America. Its
Unesco Heritage cobblestone streets, the Château Frontenac and trendy bistros and cafes offer
Old World European charm that simply doesn’t exist in any other city in Canada. To really
appreciate Québec City you must visit in both the summer and winter. Musicians, actors
and acrobats entertain during the summer months. When the temperature drops, Québec’s Winter
Carnival offers up a world-class event for people of all ages. You can even stay in the
magnificent Ice Hotel. The following is a complete travel guide featuring the top attractions
and things to do in Quebec City. If you want to experience a Canadian city
with a bit of French flair, then you need to visit Quebec City. Situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence
River, this is a town with good looks and a big heart. We only had a day and a half there, but that
was enough time to wander the cobbled streets, catch some street performances, and visit
many of the top attractions. The following is a little video of our time
in historic Quebec City. We are no standing on the Plains of Abraham
and this is the location where the battle between the English and the French was fought.
This was the battle that ultimately determined the fate of North America. This battle was part of the Seven Years’ War
and it would be the deciding factor over the fate of New France, influencing the later
creation of Canada. We just finished visiting the Citadelle and
if you get the chance I would suggest you try to be here by ten in the morning. That
is when they have the changing of the guard ceremony and it is a lot of fun to watch.
They even have a pet goat that takes part so it really is a lot of fun. The Citadelle is the largest British fortress
in North America. Now we’re visiting Chateau Frontenac, one
of the most famous hotels in all of Canada. It is a stunner. It is just absolutely beautiful.
We’re trying to capture it from different vantage points. The hotel was designed by American architect
Bruce Price. It was one of many “château” style hotels built for the Canadian Pacific
Railway company with the goal of promoting luxury tourism. Today, a night at the Frontenac
starts at $379 dollars. This boardwalk that we are currently standing
on is called Terrasse Dufferin and it is a great place for a stroll. You can catch some
street performers, eat some ice cream and you also get some great views of the river
below. The promenade sits right outside the Chateau
Frontenac and it is 425 meters in length. You can also catch a funicular nearby which
takes you to the Old Lower Town. Petit Champlain is a neighbourhood located
in the Old Lower Town. It is quite picturesque, especially when viewed from the Breakneck
Stairs. The narrow cobbled streets are lined with small shops and cafes. It’s a really
fun neighborhood to explore with a camera in hand. It is a human car wash. The Basilica Notre Dame de Quebec is the oldest
church in the Americas north of Mexico. If you want to get a sneak peek at the crypt,
you’ll have to sign up for a guided tour. We’re now walking along Rue St. Paul and this
is a great place to browse for antiques and you can buy some souvenirs. Just don’t leave your visit to the end of
the day because you may find that a lot of the shops have closed. The Museum of Civilization is a great place
to learn about the Aboriginal peoples of Quebec. We’re here now in the Port Area. This is a
great place to take a ferry. A lot of people come here to exercise, to fish and just to
enjoy the views of the St. Lawrence river. It is a really relaxing place. The Port of Quebec is the oldest in all of
Canada and it played an important role in developing the region. Today you’ll find that
cruises have replaced much of the former freight traffic. And lastly, you can’t come to Quebec City
and not catch a street performance! The city celebrates its performers and you’ll often
find acts taking place in the town square and parks. Grab a seat for some live entertainment
and don’t forget to leave a tip at the end! And that concludes our brief but very enjoyable
trip to Quebec City! We hope that you enjoyed this video and that it will help inspire your
Canadian travels. Welcome to Quebec City! We are here in the
winter capital of the world. And it is carnival which means everyone is out embracing the
cold and embracing the winter fun. Alright, so what are we doing next? We’re
going to be doing something I’ve wanted to do for years. We’re going to dog sledding!
Woo! Go, puppies go! Steer it. Go, puppies! Good puppies. Come on, puppies. We’re going ice fishing. We’re going to be
catching our lunch today. Ready to fish? I’m ready. I’ve got my bait.
I’ve got my fishing rod. Let’s do this. They ate your bait. They ate it and didn’t come up. Let’s go get some more. That is not very good fishing. I know. That’s really bad fishing. Okay, round two. Let’s get ourselves a fish. Oh, we have a fish and I feel kind of bad. We got one. I know I eat fish but I feel a little guilty
right now. Now it is time to cook it. Lunch, right here. Just warming up. Here is our catch of the day. This is the
big reveal. You can see the steam coming off. That smells really nice. I know, I think they’ve
put seasonings on it. Oh, yeah. That looks good. Have it. Oh, I can’t see. The smoke is going
in my eyes. Alright, first bite. Mmmm. How is it? That’s amazing. Can you look at the camera? They put some onions and spices inside and
a little bit of butter. It’s really good. I think it is time for a romantic sleigh ride
for two. So right now we’re getting ready to go inside
Bonhomme’s ice palace. Let’s go visit him. I even once went to Mexico. It’s a little
bit warm. When I got there I was about eight feet as I am usually and when I came back
I was five foot four. I melted a little bit. Is that a video? Let’s do something memorable. Audrey. And you’re from? Kingston, right? Okay. Hello, my friends from Kingston. We’re with
Audrey right now. We invite you to come to the biggest winter carnival in the world in
Quebec City. I love you all and wish you a Joyeux Carnaval. I love you all and wish you a Joyeux Carnaval. Merci. Bye, bye. Bye, Bohomme. Merci. I don’t know about you but I’m getting hungry.
It’s time for a Beavertail. It looks like a few other people have the
same idea. They have a Reese’s pieces beavertail. I think
that is the one I’m getting. Oh my, what do we have here? Reese’s pieces
Beavertail with chocolate and peanut butter and a hot chocolate because I really need
to warm up. Show me that Reese’s Pieces Beavertail. Oh,
my gosh that looks amazing. I wish I could capture the smell on video. Alright, let’s take a big bite of that. And? That’s hitting the spot right now. That’s
really good. No. Yeah. Go Max. Way to go Max. Go Max. Sam wanted a horn to toot. Alright, unfortunately all things come to
an end. We’ve had an absolutely marvelous day out here at the carnaval. It’s been so
memorable. Now it’s time to go home and warm up. Faster, horses! Faster! And how is the ice princess this morning? Doing very well. This morning we are heading
in to the Old City. We’re going to do a bit of a walking tour on our own. Let’s head into
town and check it out. We are about to enter the old city. There are real benefits to waking up early
on a Sunday morning. We’ve practically got the old part of the city to ourselves. And
what a different feel. In the summer it had a totally different vibe and now in the winter
it’s like an entirely new city to explore. So I just noticed there are railings all along
the street and I think it is because it is so steep and it gets so icy in the wintertime
that if they didn’t have these babies people would just be sliding all the way down. Well,
we’ve been sliding a lot anyways. Yes. So it is kind of cool being here in the winter
because even though it is February it still feels like Christmas never left. Like we still
have Christmas trees, Christmas lights, lots of red. So it feels very festive. Absolutely. We found a little place where to warm up.
There is a little outdoor fireplace. It is our own personal fire place. And we really need it after all that walking.
Put your legs up by the fire. It’s a dragon! It’s a snow dragon! A fire
breathing dragon. Alright, it is time to warm up. Let’s go for
a hot chocolate and maybe even a cupcake. Yum yum. Lead the way. How is that hot chocolate? Mmmm. That is so
good after that really really cold walk. Alright, it’s time to lick your lips. You’ve got cream
all over your face. There you go. That’s some kind of classic Canadian food.
Here we’ve got Nanaimo bars. Audrey is digging in. Very Canadian. Let’s have that first bite.
Mmmm. Sweet enough for you? It’s such a nice breakfast. And I’ve got fudge and Bonhomme de Carnaval.
And this guy has been really nice to me but unfortunately I’m going to have to take a
bite out of his head. Sorry, Bonhomme. Does he taste good? He does. What do you have over there? And the last
indulgence of the day – we’ve got pure maple sugar fudge. I’m not surprised you would go for that. You’re
always looking for fudge wherever we go. I don’t have anything to say – it’s just pure
bliss. Now if you can believe it we were bonkers
enough to be doing ice canoeing out in the Saint Lawrence with those massive chunks of
ice. It was just one of the craziest things we’ve ever done. We can’t wait to show you
that video as well. So now we’re working our way up to the Chateau
Frontenac. That means climbing a lot of steps. I’m already out of breath. We still have a
few more to go. Lead the way. It’s a little steep and slippery over here.
I almost feel like I could go snowboarding. Do it. Do it. And the concludes our walking tour of Old
Quebec. Now we’re going to head back to our hotel, warm up a little bit and get ready
to do some more exploring in the afternoon. We are in a winter wonderland today also known
as the Ice Hotel here in Quebec City. Let me take you in. Have a seat while you wait to be checked in. The vortex of time! Welcome to the Spa. This is where you come
to warm up right before going to bed. Or when you need to pee. It looks like a sauna in there. Woah. We’re going to ride the grand slide.
If you don’t fall down first. We’re going to enter the bar and drink in
glasses made of ice. What do you got in your hands? Vodka cranberry. Mmmmm. And my lips didn’t get stuck because they
prepared the ice a very special way. I couldn’t tell you how but it is a special way. Cheers! Salut! Welcome to the Medieval chamber. I slept here two weeks ago. What happened?
I survived. I’m alive. Hey, you’re here. And well! So basically like I told my husband
I looked like a beached whale. Okay. Because you’re in your sleeping bag except
first of all you go in the saunas, you go in the spas to warm up and then afterwards
you go inside and there is a whole section towards the indoor pavilion reserved completely
only for our roomed night guests. Where they have locker rooms, lockers for
their stuff, etc. So once you’re done with the spa and the sauna
you go inside and you dry off and then you put on what you’re going to need to sleep.
And it is basically a little spandex thing or it has to be artificial like fleece. It
has to be artificial, not artificial but synthetic fibers. Nothing cotton. So no white socks. Like I’m wearing right
now. Basically, you then come into your room. Access
is from nine PM to nine AM. We don’t give out rooms. We don’t do early check ins or
late checkouts. Okay, because we have visitors. All of our clients have to mingle well throughout.
So basically we arrive in your room and there are two candles or a fire place going and
it is to take the humidity out. The fireplace obviously there is no heat.
We would have a meltdown. Okay. The sleeping bags are in huge pouches and
they’re thermal sleeping bags. You are basically looking like a Mummy. Okay. Then you get on the bed. This is the fun part.
You get on the bed, you get in to your liner of your sleeping bag and then you get in the
sleeping bag and then they tell you you have to change your pair of socks. You’re like really? I’m like mummified in
this thing and you’re standing and you’re like this. So basically I went down, I then
put on a change of socks while you’re in the sleeping bag, there is absolutely no humidity
and then you mummify yourself. You’re all zipped up. This was me. This was my husband.
Okay. It’s true. My husband, I could only see his
nose. I’m like man you snore. Zip that thing back up. It didn’t work. If you’re all quiet there is no sound. It
is phenomenal to sleep here. You go to bed around midnight and then we wake up people
at eight in the morning because you’re sleeping that much. Now you’re going to say Majole,
what about the three AM pee pee? Well, it does happen. We all have to go sometimes.
And now you’re entering into my private bubble. But at five thirty in the morning I’ve got
to go pee. Whether I’m in Vancouver, whether I’m in Quebec City five thirty my alarm clock
goes. So my husband and I we said whoever wakes
up at night, whoever needs to go pee wakes the other up saying honey do you want to come
with me to the bathroom? So when I woke my husband up at five thirty he’s like I don’t
think so you’re going alone. The only iffy part is the three seconds you
put your boots back on. That’s the only thing that was cold because you’re leaving it outside.
You don’t put anything on any ice. I didn’t put my glasses on the ice because it would
go in. Literally. Okay, you put everything in your boots or in the pouch. So basically in your sleeping bag pouch. Your
coat, you open it up, you put it on your bed and then you’re sleeping on top. So it gets
your body heat. Inside your thermal sleeping bag it goes up to twenty four degrees. At
one point you’re in the night unzipped everything and I needed to breathe. I really, it’s a
good thing that there are showers here in the morning. That could also be a sign of
hypothermia you know? No, but it was really everybody you’re really hot. The minute you
unzip you see the vapor coming out. Okay. It is a sleep that you cannot have anywhere
else. The oxygen that you’re breathing in is phenomenal. And we couldn’t leave without checking out
the maple sugar shack. You lead the way. Well, I didn’t come away empty handed. Check
out this. I’ve got two different maple syrup products. All dressed and ready to go? Oh, yeah. Taping them on. So you look a little bit ridiculous. I feel
like a robot. And you look like a robot. But these are actually our outfits to go ice canoeing,
so we’ve got special socks, special boots and hockey pads. I’m so excited to try ice canoeing. This is
as Canadian as it gets. These are large, medium, small. My shoes. Can you stand up? For a second. Put your feet
like this. Like that on the toe. Yeah. So we have a super exciting morning today.
We are out here in Quebec City and we are going to be going ice canoeing. All geared
up. Practicing in the snow but we’re going to
be hitting the ice soon. So we officially survived ice canoeing on
the Saint Lawrence River. If you can have a look behind me you’ll be able to see what
exactly we were trying to canoe in. I mean it is a combination of ice, a bit of water,
chucks of icebergs. It’s crazy! One of the most exciting events of Quebec’s
Winter Carnival was the ice canoe race. This event is exactly what it sounds like.
Teams hit the frigid waters of the Saint Lawrence river with their canoes and race through a
mix of ice, slush and water. Originally, a means of winter transport, ice
canoeing has become a sport for the bold and brave. Having had the chance to try this ourselves
we had some serious respect for the teams competing. Here is a look at this legendary event. Alright, the big moment we’ve been waiting
for – the Carnival parade. Everyone is out and we’re all bundled up. Let’s get this party
started. Chicken noodle soup. Trying to stay warm.
Is that chicken soup? It’s time to toot my horn. Good job.

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