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Prodigal Son 1×05 Promo “The Trip” (HD)

Prodigal Son 1×05 Promo “The Trip” (HD)

– [Jessica] These nightmares.
Are they getting worse? – [Malcom] They are becoming more vivid. [screaming] Dad? Not exactly. I’m your subconscious. This isn’t real. I’m only trying to show you
the truth about yourself. Let me out of here! What you need is
something that help you stitch all this crazy together. What can’t you remember? What did Dad do? – [Narrator] All-new “Prodigal Son,”
Monday on FOX.

Reader Comments

  1. For anyone wondering the show was originally only supposed to have 10 they ordered a full season after episode 2 came out so now we have 22

  2. It reminds me of Hannibal season 1 and 2 when will becomes obsessed about his black outs and visions, before Hannibal frames him for his murders

  3. Based on how last episode ended I'm thinking the sister theory is off but I still think the bad has been creating killers

  4. Ainsley is going to get a story out of her dad but probably will suffer and effect her in some way after hearing these stories

  5. It's just me or this new show is really the best series right now ?
    I love it and I'm so excited to know the truth about Malcolm's past.

  6. For some reason i dont like the lady cop. I feel like theyre gonna put malcom and her together. But i think they dont have any chemistry.

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