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Princess Cruises Future Cruise Deposit – Is It Worth It

Princess Cruises Future Cruise Deposit – Is It Worth It

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hey cruisers we’re onboard diamond princess and would love to talk with you
today about the future cruise deposit program most princess ships are equipped
with what’s called a future cruise desk but we have a tip for you today you
don’t necessarily have to visit the future cruise desk to take advantage of
booking a future cruise and perks that come along with that there are actually
two ways that you can book and we’re going to talk a little bit first about
the program and then some tips on how to get the most out of your future cruise
buckin so let’s talk about first what is the future cruise desk and why on earth
would you want to take advantage of it well on princess we think it is a very
very good idea if you plan to sail again with princess to put down a reduced
deposit on a future cruise because you just for putting down a reduced deposit
get some onboard credits on your next cruise not only that but you can
transfer your booking to your travel agent when you get home
not only that but you really don’t even have to make a booking you don’t have to
put down a deposit on a particular date you’re just putting down a deposit on
any future cruise date so if you plan to cruise with princess again there’s
really no reason why you wouldn’t do this so what you do is put down a
deposit of $100 per person in your stateroom
you can take two years to select the cruise that you’d like to go on again
you don’t have to book that cruise on board and you can transfer your booking
as I mentioned to your travel agent back home it’s a very very simple process so
let’s talk a little bit about how much onboard credit we’re talking about I’m
gonna start with the most popular onboard credit amount because most
people take cruises in this time range if you book a cruise from 7 to 10 days
you get $100 in onboard credit for a balcony mini suite or suite booking now
that is per person if you book into an inside or outside cabin you get $50 per
person so the amount that you just put down on the deposit has been fully given
back to you in the form of an onboard credit we think that’s pretty sweet and
this is one future cruise program that I take advantage of every single time I
say princess you really just don’t have
anything to lose now the length of the voyage definitely determines the amount
of your onboard credit so you can get up to $300 per stateroom depending on how
long your voyages I won’t go into detail on all of these different voyage lengths
and the deposit amount but we will link to it in the description below so that
you can check it out on princess’s website but what’s important to know is
that the per person deposit never changes it’s always $100 per person so
let’s talk about how to go about booking this one thing that we really loved on
our cruise is that we were actually given a form that looked just like this
populated with our name in our stateroom number and all we have to do is sign it
and drop it off at the future cruise desk if we wanted to book a future
cruise you don’t have to talk to anybody you don’t have to visit anyone you don’t
even have to ask questions if you know how it works you just drop it off you
can also use the princess Etsy website or app to finish your booking and
they’ll just charge the $100 deposit to your stateroom account it’s so simple
but we think you might just want to visit the future cruise desk to get a
little bit more information and here’s why I stopped by the future cruise desk
today on our princess cruise and I found some really great information for
example there were some special offers where they were doubling your money your
onboard credits if you booked certain cruises so for example if you picked
cruise from this particular list they were gonna go ahead and sweeten the deal
and give you double the onboard credit that is a good reason to visit the
future cruise desk and look at the little kiosk with all of the papers kind
of just stacked up on it again you don’t have to talk to anybody but you
definitely want to check this out because we’re talking about up to two
six hundred dollars in free onboard spending money just for booking with
this particular program so lots to choose from as you can see here this is
a four page bit of options another thing that I really like because I’m kind of
an old-fashioned girl about visiting the future cruise desk is that you can pick
up good old fashioned brochures on the regions that you might want to visit so
I grabbed a couple from places that interests me Panama Canal and South
America and I think it just makes it so fun it’s just like the old days when we
used to go our travel agents office sit down in the
chair thumbs are the brochures and pick a
cruise it just makes it so fun so I think that’s another good compelling
reason for you to stop by the desk maybe you want to pick up a deposit form maybe
you want to talk to somebody but if nothing else just go thumb through the
brochures and start fantasizing about your next cruise so we hope that this
was helpful for you if you’re going to be traveling with Princess Cruises we
definitely recommend that if you plan on booking again with Princess that you
take advantage of this wonderful program there’s no strings attached and we think
it’s absolutely one of the best in the industry if you have any tips that we
have missed on the future cruise program if you’re an experienced princess
cruiser please leave the information in the comments below
thanks so much for watching and until next time we’ll see you on the high seas

Reader Comments

  1. I did this on my Alaska cruise but unfortunately I was unable to use it within the 2 year time frame. Im commenting because I want everyone to know you do NOT lose that money. It was returned to me in check form within a week or so after my 2nd year ended. I was very impressed. I am now booked on them again for 2020 and plan to use this program again.

  2. I loved this! What a great deal this is, and I’m wondering if Carnival has a similar program? Does anyone know??

  3. We always do this with princess. Great info to share! The first time we did it I of course thought, there has to be a catch. But nope, it's legit!

  4. That does sound really nice Sheri! Someday we hope to cruise with Princess cruise lines, especially because we have Carnival corporation stock and they also give perks to stockholders in the form of onboard credit, for all of their cruise lines. We have not found the same program through Carnival…are you aware if they have that same program? I think you have to actually book a cruise to get the future cruise credit through Carnival cruise lines. I will ask this question on on your facebook community…thanks again for the nice presentation!

  5. 100th like. In hospital at 0346 in the morning. No issue tooth implant. Am going to do this if SWMBO likes cruising. Next trip possibly New Zealand.

  6. If I transfer this to my travel agent and OBC is offered as a perk on a specific cruise would I get both? The OBC for making a deposit and the OBC perk associated with the cruise?

  7. Do we have to make the deposit for everyone in our state room? For example, if I’m on a family cruise when I put down the deposit but the next cruise doesn’t include our children. Or if we do put the deposit down for everyone do we get the full amount in onboard credit regardless of who travels on our next cruise?

  8. Thanks so much Sheri! Your tips are amazing! One of the reasons I have begun my adventures. I really think Princess would be a wonderful cruise line and hope to visit one of their ships soon.

  9. We always do this on Princess. It helps for those last-minute decisions on some cruise. We usually have more than one credit saved. That extra spending credit is nice. We prefer Princess as a line, so it works for us.

  10. On the Princess web site, I’m only seeing per cabin On Board Credits. Can you only get the per person On Board Credits when you book on board one of their ships?

  11. Thanks great tips! We've booked about 6 of our cruises through So I'm wondering which method is less total money? Anyone compare same cruise onboard future cruises with any cruiseline VS purchasing via a 3rd party cruise booking site? 😎

  12. Norwegian does this….we took part it in..we doubled it ..but they give you 4 years to use it up… and you can transfer it to someone else to use ..that is sailing with you…or another cruise you are not even on. If you are frequent cruisers with specfic lines..which NCL is who we sail with most of the time. I think its a good deal.

  13. Sheri, good tips, but these days most cruise lines seem to have similar benefits of on-board credits, when booking future cruises. I know Norwegian does, as we've just experienced this. I believe Celebrity does the same thing as well. But as you say, it's certainly a smart way of having some on board spending money. I know you would not lose your deposit if you don't eventually re-book. And if you don't re-book a future cruise, you would, of course, lose any on- board credit option.

  14. hi – am cruising a transatlantic in April 2019 on Princess, my travel companion is my sister since my husband cannot go but he would be going with me next time – could I take advantage of this program but indicate he would be the second person or is it only for those on that actual cruise? hope that makes sense

  15. We will be sailing Golden Princess in Alaska the end of May. Will be sure to check this out. Thanks for the information 😊

  16. We did the deposit on our last cruise in 2016. We weren't able to cruise in the 2 years. I called Princess last Fall and the lady was so sweet and extended the deposit date. We are cruising in 2 mos and are so excited. We are cruising on the Caribbean Princess. I had forgotten that is the ship y'all sailed on for your Panama Canal trip. I've been rewatching those vlogs. This deposit program is a great one and we plan on doing it on this next over due cruise. Happy Friday!

  17. The only benefit I see to this is if they're giving you onboard credit that's valued at more than your deposit. If you're going to deposit $100 and you get $100 in onboard credit, why not just keep that $100 for the two years (saving it to earn interest) and then apply it as onboard credit to your cabin.

  18. We have done it. Works perfect. Will do it again while on our Alaska cruise in September for a cruise we will take in 2020.

  19. Thanks for the info. The future cruise deposit always seems like a good idea and if you stick with the same cruise line your points increase

  20. We haven't cruised Princess yet but this looks like a great deal. Thanks for the infor Sheri

  21. Just booked a 56 night cruise and got $1100 OBC!!!!! Very excited. Is my 1st princess cruise!!! 🙂🙂🙂

  22. Similar to HAL, too bad you can't cross the lines onboard with this. I should have booked 2 onboard last time, since we have 2 HAL cruises in the pipeline! Next month onboard Celebrity, we're going to book our 2nd RCCL cruise (got to get the dining package though), and a deposit on Azamara. Azamara is way too expensive for us, but they have occasional unique cruises that are discounted, and their transpacific is at mass market pricing.

  23. If you are booking 4 in a balcony room for a 7 day , do they only offer $100 for the first 3 persons? $300 per stateroom

  24. I wish the programs were more like the NCL in that you can choose any cruise later. RCL makes you choose – sounds like Princess is more like NCL.

  25. Thanks for this great tip. I'm glad to hear it's not a "hard sell" like some other companies. We are sailing with Princess this summer and I'll definitely look out for this.

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