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Princess Cruise Line Increases Daily Gratuity Fee By 7.4% Effective May 2019

Princess Cruise Line Increases Daily Gratuity Fee By 7.4% Effective May 2019

everybody is Bruce here was traveling
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here with traveling with Bruce today’s video is about Princess Cruise Line’s
announcement just came out from Princess telling us that they are increasing
their daily gratuity fee by a dollar a day this is a another increase in a
never-ending list of increases that cruise lines are coming up with ways to
extract more money from passengers if you’re going to be in an interior room
like an interior or an ocean room ocean view room or balcony room your new
charge is gonna be 1450 a day per person in u.s. funds if you’ve got a mini suite
its 1550 a day per person and if you’re in a full suite it’s gonna run you
sixteen fifty a day the cruise line basically is saying that quote the
reason they’re doing this is quote so that princess can ensure the guests
experience on board remains remains among the best in the cruise industry
what does that really mean well if you’re a publicly traded company like
Carnival Cruise Line and you own princess which you do you’re constantly
asking these subsidiaries to make more money and one way to make more money is
to keep your expenses under control and one way to do that is rather than give
employees raises increase the gratuity rates the gratuity rates are paid by
passengers as an add-on fee and that doesn’t show as an added expense to the
Cruise Lines bottom line it’s just an enhanced revenue stream and just makes
the financials look good anyway that’s just me the old stock broker talking
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Reader Comments

  1. Like anything else, it will hit a ceiling. What it is and how much will be decided by the consumer. Stay tuned.

  2. I wonder how that 7.4% will be divided between employee tiers. Will executives be receiving any of that? I hope not. Especially if they are promoting that this is necessary to keep customer service satisfaction. Thanks for sharing Bruce.

  3. Will this affect my upcoming cruise on May 1st – Alaskan Cruise (roundtrip Vancouver)? I paid for it many months ago – and the $94.50 gratuities for my balcony cabin (my friend who was supposed to cruise with me had to cancel a few weeks ago – and Princess refunded her $94.50)! I had planned on paying the double gratuity anyway because I know the cabin attendants work so hard (as well as the crew behind the scenes)! And I generally give my cabin attendant an extra tip at the end of the cruise – because they’re so good at cleaning up after me!! Hmmmm 🤔‼️

  4. When we run out of the nickels and dimes, there will have to be a change. Maybe Virgin does have a better idea.

  5. just off NCL it was up to $13.50 from $12.50 this is old news they warned us last year – all ships are upping their gratuity – you can go to the desk and have it adjusted (over 70+) cruises very few get my full $$$$ Holland is one of the few that gives suburb service.

  6. Bruce hate to bother you but what is the charge for Carnival per day on the gratuities…it's only a 4 day trip.. thanks for your help in advance.

  7. Remember the good old days when gratuity was optional and you gave your money in envelopes to employees that did a good job. Everything changed

  8. When we cruise we pay the gratuities up front. At the end of the cruise we do give our waiters a tip. Is there any difference in paying up front and paying daily? I enjoy your updates so much. It's nice to be in the know!!

  9. I do not believe in in a guaranteed tip regardless of how great the service is. If I get great service then that person will get a good tip. I know what would happen if I pulled into a customer,s yard and said sign here and I added a 18 percent tip . Can't print what I would be told. I'll say it again IT'S UP TO THE CRUISE LINES TO PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES A DECENT WAGE. They do a great job of making travaler,s feel sorry for the poor under payed cruise line workers

  10. It's only a matter of time and people will start to opt out of tips being added to their bills at the end of the cruise

  11. I’ll never pay auto tip. Never. It’s against everything in my core and burns inside me when I hear auto gratuity. 14 cruises in 12 years and I plan to keep going once a year at and I never have and never will pay the auto tip. I will continue to tip as I cruise which the workers seem to love and I will tip cash upon departure to the workers I got good service from. It will always be the amount I chose. The moment it becomes absolutely mandatory is the moment I stop cruising.

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