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Prime-Ark® Traveler Blackberry

Prime-Ark® Traveler Blackberry

[Guitar Music Intro] How to tell you about Primark Traveler, our newest primocane fruiting blackberry from the University of Arkansas Division
of Agriculture Fruit Breeding Program. Primark Traveler, the first of it's kind that we feel is a shipping quality, thornless primocane fruiting blackberry. Primark Traveler has beautiful fruit, medium/large, good quality and as I indicated our storage trials show that it has the
potential for shipping and storage. That's valuable for the blackberry shipping market, also for local sales where you need to hold the fruit and other uses where you can't sell it immediately Blackberries are a very delicate fruit, so breeding for firmer and better postharvest quality is a real challenge. PrimeArk Traveler was released in late
2014, and is just entering the market in 2015. It has several major traits. First thornlessness as I mentioned, and Primocane fruiting. Primocane fruiting is a trait that we first came out with a few years ago here in Arkansas and it allows fruiting on current season canes. That opens a lot of options as far as
different fruiting times, and other management techniques for
blackberries. It has the potential to change the
production of blackberries in the world. [Guitar music interlude] What are some characteristics of PrimeArk Traveler? as I say medium-large berry size, has
glossy fruit. It has as a sub acid flavor I really believe that sweet berries that
are not so acidic is what consumers really desire in a blackberry. PrimeArk traveler is similar in many was to PrimeArk 45 but it's thornless and it's yields have been comparable to a little lower than PrimeArk 45, that's something needs to be noted. The thornlessness offers options as far as many people do not want thorns, food safety reasons, labor reasons, so that's a real plus. Look into primocane fruiting, it's a different type of blackberry fruiting type, one that you might want to see how it works in your area and if you consider this, consider PrimeArk Traveler. I'm pretty excited about it and I hope
you will be too. [Guitar Music Outro]

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  1. Hello. I have Primark 45 in Portugal. And I am very happy with the quality. Were I can find the primark traveler?

  2. I'm loving my Prime Ark Freedoms and look forward to try out the Traveler. Could you advise on what height to tip the new primocanes for the most fall production? I haven't found a lot of pruning videos. Thanks.

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