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PRAGUE GUIDE : The Beginning of Europe Trip From India

PRAGUE GUIDE : The Beginning of Europe Trip From India

After several trips in India I started my foreign trips with Nepal I did a road trip on a motorcycle in January 2009 from Delhi to Nepal After that I visited Nepal 3 more times and then to other neighbours like Bhutan, Bangladesh & Myanmar But I got to see a different world in September 2016 when I went on a trip to Europe You must have seen the first video of ‘Europe’ series. This is the next one I took Air India Express flight to Dubai from Delhi’s IGI Airport The flight was not fully packed, thats why I could relax like this during the flight Unlike Thailand video series, you may not be able see me in the initial videos of Europe series I hope you like these videos The layover time at Dubai Airport was around 3.5 hours Like most of the airports, Prague’s Aiport is also faraway from the main city Buses from airport to city starts in the morning at 6 AM (approx.) Washrooms at Prague Airport are very neat and clean I used one of the ATMs at the airport to withdraw Czech Currency – Kourna You can get something to eat from BILLA supermarket at the airport Such Yellow machines can be used to buy ticket for Prague’s public transport Tickets are valid in all city buses, trams and metros I came out to this place to catch the bus in the morning Bus 119 connects Airport to the city Now I am sitting inside the bus 119 bus terminates at “Nádraží Veleslavín” From there, you can take the metro using the same ticket to continue to your destination. Name of the Metro station is also ‘Nádraží Veleslavín’ After a while I reached my hostel I got a bed booked in HOSTEL ANANAS though This is how the hostel looks from inside This is one of the Common Rooms This is my room Learning a few words in Czech like these can be useful if you are backpacking in Czech Republic Later on, I started to explore the city on foot This is the famous ‘WENCESLAS SQUARE’ This picture shows how environmental friendly are the people of Prague! These gaps are very important for proper water percolation to the roots Sealing the roots with concrete doesn’t allow water to seep inside, which may result to death of a tree The Ticket which I purchased for 110 Czech Koruna is valid for 24 hours on all trams, buses and metros These tickets are also available in other denominations as per the duration of their validity Ranging from few hours to 3 days In the evening I visited a less touristy place called ‘Vyšehrad’ I got this place recommended through a Youtube channel (its link is in the description) I will recommend this Youtube channel to every tourist visiting Prague You can get a Panoramic view of Prague from Vyšehrad From Vyšehrad, I came down to visit the bank of river ‘Voltava’ River VOLTAVA pass through the middle of the Prague city I kept strolling near the river for some time Afterwards, I visited this place called “Church of Saint Ludmila” Then I again took a Tram to visit the famous Prague castle To get free entry to the castle, visit in the evening Thats why I visited this place after 5 pm I came back to my hostel and slept Next morning, I again started to explore the streets of Prague I had Rice with Hummus at a vegetarian restaurant in the afternoon You can get Tourism related information from such Visitor Centres You can even get foreign exchange at a better rate from this place This is OLD TOWN SQUARE I would recommend taking FREE WALK TOURS to every budget traveller These are the guided tours Google to know more on this topic This is the famous ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK at the Old Town Square But I think this is an overrated activity I again started to take a stroll in the streets This is another speciality of Prague. There are separate lanes for cyclists. No one is allowed to enter in these lanes This is the famous Charles Bridge Many tourists take a boat ride on River Voltava I just kept strolling on the bridge. Spoke with some random tourists In the evening, I went to visit PALLADIUM MALL which was near to my hostel So this is how I spent my initial 2 days of my first Europe trip

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  1. GUTS chahiye yaar aap jaisa banne ke liye…i mean salute…..
    the way you travel everything low budget low cost. this feels like we are traveling. this makes you deferent from others…like kar diya ha subscribed bhi. or share to banta hi hai…


  3. यात्रा में दुनियां अलग नज़रिये से दिखती है, बजाय मिडिया के।

  4. Bhai please please aab toh AAP India aah gay h please bhai AAP ki sab video dektah hu bhai please AAP se milna tha bhai please reply bhai my number 9050895588 bhai AAP hi boltah ho ma travel karta hu takhi kise ki help ho sakhaa main wait Karu gha bhai please reply

  5. Dear I watched ur trip ….actually i m also planning to go Europe. And also lil bit confused about the place .which place will be the best option Prague or Budapest??If u can suggest me….

  6. Bhai vfs me appointment he mera chandigarh me czech republic k visa k lyi apply kr rha hu.. Mere kuch doughts he kya aap mujhe call kr akte he mere number pe 08168426212. Kya czech republic Schengen visa k lyi koi organised tourist certificate chahea hoga agar ha to kaha se milega kese.

  7. हेलो वरुण भाई आपका वीडियो बहुत बढ़िया रहता है मगर एक बात समझ में नहीं आता आप को टूर करने के लिए इतना पैसा कहां से आता है अरुण भाई बुरा मत मानिए गा

  8. I wanted to know whether the one day public transport pass for 110 CZK is valid from 00.00 am to 23.59 pm or they follow 24 hours time limit from the time of your first journey.

  9. Pehli baat to yeh aap ki video dekhkar dil khush ho jata hai and yeh bahut kam logo me salahiyat hoti hai. Dusri baat, aap ki p[resentation and detail me inform karne uspe chaar chand lagata hai. Keep up the good work bro and keep inspiring us , i am a software engineer by profession and travel twice a year and whenever i see your video i just love it. Love and Respect from Kolkata, India.

  10. I would nt say you were a very big asset. To any country. For their tourism. We westerners are stupid all the. Money we spend. Need to learn from you Asians. And Africans.

  11. निर्मल वर्मा को आज ही पढ़ाया था क्लास में और अभी ये वीडियो देख रहा हूँ……काफी यादें ताजा हो गयी।

  12. Varun bhai meri income 20000- 25000 per month income hai. kya mai Czech republic ghumne ke liye ja sakta hu. Aur eske indian ld liye visa ke bare me bataeye ki kaise es country ka visa ke sakte hai I hope jaldi jankari ko jaldi batayenge . Thanks

  13. could you please share your email?this is from Mizoram aizawl city,where you had experience few years back about our state. 🙂

    I need some guidelines to travel in Nigeria

  14. Hi sir I am from your country and your videos are just too adorable… I think I am a wanderer like u and I also want to travel Europe. So, sir plz help me to get sufficient informations about the trip. How can I contact with you ?

  15. I am planning to travel Budapest, Prague, Vienna and few cities on the way. Can you tell me, for Schengen visa is it required to have a certain amount in bank account and if that is so, how much amount it should be?

  16. You understand the view ers mind so please make visible of your photo in every vedio like I seen you all vedios like Russia trip,us trip,Thailand trip in that vedio you visible but here no visible.

  17. Varun bhai, which mobile operator sim card you bought when you were in Prague. I am going to Vienna to attend a conference. Your advice will be highly appreciated!

  18. Sir what is the name of the sound track u used in the background of this video? Sir I love watching your videos. I would love travel like u

  19. Sir i want to say aap ekk bhut acche inshan sayad iss duniya me app jaise log bhut kamm log milte hai aaapme alag si positivity najar aati hai bhagban aapko bhut aage badaye and one thing you best vloger in this world for me you are everything i love you agar kbhi milna hua toh saat me ekk trip plan krna chauga apke saat. I love you bhai💝

  20. I want to talk to you sir can you please share me your contact please.
    Or you can message me on 7018868539.
    Thank you

  21. Hi can anyone tell me is application form of Schengen visa of Italy is different from application form of Netherlands??

  22. Did you purchase 2 separate tickets? DEL to DXB (Air India Express) and DXB to PRG (Smart Wings). If yes then do you required DXB Transit visa … Please explain Varun ….

  23. Hi Varun, nuce and informative videos you shared, can you send the link for Paris tour please? Thanks in advance

  24. Hello sir,i have got the schenegen visa for Switzerland for 7 days…if i want to go to portugal for one or two days do i have to apply in Portugal aswell…

  25. You can get your Europe tour customized as per your liking, but most people usually pick a Europe tour that includes some or all of the following countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Scandinavia, UK

  26. Mujhe bhai aese hi ghoomna hai bhai jaaunga tab tumse hi pooncch lunga bhai main apna n. De raha hoon 6260618231

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