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Pay Day Prep; Vehicle Edition. And a Few Other Good Deals. June 13, 2019

Pay Day Prep; Vehicle Edition. And a Few Other Good Deals.  June 13, 2019

hello youtubers Alaska prepper here well it's time for another pity prep and this is gonna be a twofold pity prep we're gonna have a grocery addiction Edition and we're gonna have an automotive Edition all right so stand by and we'll be right back it's time for another payday prep and this is gonna be a two full payday prep so first let me show you guys what scores I made and actually my wife made some – all right because we got some halls here from the commissary and some halls from Costco's but let me just show you the deal I found today I actually found this today I went to the commissary to get lunch today and I went to their clearance aisles and I found these and I know we like these especially my wife she really likes the Apple Cinnamon kind these nutrigrain and you got sixteen bars to one box these are about two weeks away from their best by date and let me hope I don't make a mess over here there we go and I paid a dollar for each box so there's 16 bars in here and I paid a dollar for each box they had more but this is not something that I'm gonna put away for long-term storage all right there's something that we will that we will eat all right put in a pantry and eat these are great for if you're running late and you want to grab one or two of these and take it for breakfast and you're good to go all right take some of these when you're going on a long trip you know in your vehicle which I don't go on long trips but you want want to take a couple extra of these if you're going on a long trip that way you can have something to snack on great deal you know a great price and it's a pretty decent product I think it is and I just got this because I like cheez-its and these were on sale and and the only reason they were on clearance is because this box is dented it actually still has like over a year left on the expiration so let's see yeah it's got like a year left on ex expiration is so but as you can see the box is dented so they put it on clearance for 95 cents and what I'm excited about this payday prep is these baby wipes were on sale at Costco and I think they were $19 or $19 and change apiece and she can see they come with 1052 wipes so we went ahead and got four of those and ladies and gentlemen I feel that the best way to prep for number two is with baby wipes because you get a lot of wipes if you're disciplined enough to you know use one baby wipe for more than one wipe you can really get a lot out of these all right and they take up a lot less storage than toilet paper does now we use toilet paper but we really like having these on hand all right I think these are great to have right and we also got some detergent at Costco that was on sale and what I mean by sale is is you know I don't cost pools every once in a while they they give you like three or four or five dollars off an item or something like that and that's what these were I believe that these baby wipes up here they're like normally 24 something 24 in change and they were $19 and change so I think they came with like a $5 discount with a limit of four so we got the limit and like I said when you guys are getting paid a preps let me go ahead and uh give you a little bit of how I feel about getting items like this that I know I'm gonna eat right away now this is a payday prep am i storing this for long term no I'm not all right we're intending on eating this right away right or you know not right away when I'm gonna need five containers within a week you know it'll take us a while to eat through these however these are normally $4 $5 per pack all right now instead of buying these at regular price I just got five packs for about the price of one pack at normal price right well that money that I would have spent on buying full price I can use that money to spend on something else that I can prep alright so if there's something that you normally buy and you see sale stock up on it all right if it's something that you normally use because the money that you're saving on that item you'll be able to use towards other preps at least that's the way I see it all right like for example I remember someone telling me that they were selling where they lived they were selling pasta for like 39 cents a pound and they ended up buying like 25 pounds or something like that that's a heck of a value you know you don't have to worry about buying pasta property for the rest of the year if you're gonna use that pasta for your regular pantry well the money that you would have spent on pasta later on you can spend on buying something that you can put away for long-term storage all right but there's nothing wrong in buying more than what you actually need for your regular pantry all right if it's going to allow you to use those funds that you saved to use for preps all right same thing with these guys we know for a fact that we're gonna use these all right it's gonna take us a while to use them but that's good all right so why not buy them now that they're on sale instead of waiting until we're almost running out or until we have to rotate another one and get another one and they're at regular price all right so this is my payday prep on the grocery side for this pan a ladies and gentlemen however there is another portion to this pan a prep and I'm gonna take you guys outside for that okay so ladies and gentlemen we're back and this is the second part of my payday prep all right and you may be wondering ap why are you getting all this stuff if you don't need it because I know I'm gonna need this eventually all right and prices of these items have just been going up and up and up all right I'm gonna give you a couple examples first of all let me show you what I have here okay now I'm sure that there are other things that we could prep that are Auto related all right and if you guys could please help out the community by leaving comments as to what other things should we prep for our vehicles okay now some people may say why would you need a vehicle for during a life-changing event all right we never know you never know only because there's a life-changing event even one that's a systemic life-changing event meaning that it's encompassing the country and/or the world all right you never know if they're still gonna be gasoline available there might be all right and storing gasoline is a different subject and I do believe that I did a short video on storing gasoline not too long ago okay so you never know if it's gonna be available and some people may ask well why would I store this I don't even know how to work on my vehicles that's that could be true but you may know someone that can and for a jar of peaches or a jar of ground beef they may work on your vehicle for that okay or for a silver coin they may work on your vehicle for that we don't know all right but it is a good idea to get these things especially if you know that you're gonna need them in the future now these parts right here are mainly for my wife's vehicle because I know that her vehicle is probably gonna need new brakes within the next couple of years three years or so okay but the thing is is that these brakes here four or five years ago we're half the price that they are now all right and these are not even the high-end type brakes I personally like using the less expensive brakes the ones that wear down a little faster because they're a lot easier on the rotors all right then the really expensive brakes that are really super hard all right so I would rather keep my rotors smooth and change my brake pads more often than to have to change my rotors out every time I do a brake job because I'm using brake pads that are really really super hard okay if you understand where I'm coming from all right so what I got here is is I got a set of brakes for the rear alright and for the front of the truck alright I got eight there's only four right there but there's another box right here that's full of them I got eight spark plugs which is enough to change every spark plug on the vehicle okay and I also got a serpentine belt for that vehicle now that vehicle actually takes another two serpentine belts I mean not to serpentine belts this is the serpentine belt for the drivetrain all right you know it powers the water pump the alternator all those things but there's actually another two smaller belts that control or power the water pump now the water pump the power steering pump and the AC alright and they were out of those alright so I'm gonna go back and grab one of those when they when they have them in stock all right and the oil I have enough oil here each of these boxes come with six quarts of motor oil and the reason that I like using this specific motor oil is because it has a long oil change interval right if I remember reading it correctly I remember reading somewhere on the box that this oil is good for ten thousand miles now do I change my oil on my vehicle's every ten thousand miles just because I use this oil unfortunately no all right I I do it probably about every 5,000 miles however if there were some kind of life-changing event where oil was not readily available or too expensive I would be more than happy to go ten thousand miles without an oil change using this oil what I would do is is I would just change my oil filter like every 3,000 miles all right instead of changing the oil and the oil filter every three to five thousand miles that's what I would do I would just change my own oil filter more often and still use the same oil that's in the engine right and then maybe add a half a quart of oil after I change the oil the oil filter to compensate for the oil that was inside of the oil filter okay and this oil was actually on sale for $10 off per case which is a very good deal all right so that's what I got for the paint prep for my vehicle now I wanted to show you this this is a a quart container of oil the same kind and when I do with a look at that right there it says 15,000 miles guarantee protection so it's more than ten thousand miles okay so what I do with this jug here is I keep this in my truck just in case just in case my oil light comes on or something like that happens and I go and check the oil level and my vehicle needs oil all right so I keep that and it's about 3/4 3/4 full another reason I keep it is is because when I take my vehicle to go get an oil change what am I saying ok yes yes when I take my vehicle to go get an oil change they charge you a premium for an additional quarter of oil anything over five quarts well my vehicle takes six quarts of oil and so those my wives alright so I keep this in there and I tell them a instead of charging me the extra eight bucks on top of what you're normally charging for the extra quart of oil just go ahead and use that oil that I have in there and then just put it back on my seat when you're done using it all right and buying this in bulk like this and this container is a lot less expensive per quart than what they charge you per quart when they add it on to your vehicle's oil oil change now I know how to do my own oil changes however where I live is not very level and it's a lot easier for me to just go have it done and it doesn't cost that much more all right for me to do my own oil change it would probably cost me about $40 to do my own oil change using this oil and using a good oil filter which is one of the things I don't have here I didn't have I didn't get an oil filter for this because I do have like 12 oil filters for our vehicles put away all right it's in my storage room under the house I know where it is but I didn't feel like going to go get it but I got about 12 oil filters put away that will be good for as long as I need them alright so like I said this is not everything that you would need all right to maintain a vehicle but think outside the box for example do you guys have a safety kit inside your vehicle do you have a a set of jumper cables at the very minimum inside your vehicles and believe it or not I do have a set of jumper cables in my vehicle and the only time that I've ever used those jumper cables for to help somebody else out I've never actually needed a jump but I've been able to use those to actually help someone out that needed help now I wanted to show you this as well because this is gonna be our next part of this video after we're done here I want to show I want to show you this little pump this little pump is a great pump to have I use it to pump fuel now I do believe that this pump when I bought it was advertised to be used with kerosene and or with like heating oil alright or heating fuel alright and you can also use it for water if you want but of course you can't interchange it so you're gonna use if one thing or the other and that's that right and I wanted to show you how awesome this little pump works to use with pumping gasoline into my truck now before I show you guys that I want to go ahead and do a disclaimer I'm not telling you guys to use a pump like this or anything similar like that to pump gasoline into anything okay this was not advertised as a gasoline pump alright it was advertised as like a kerosene and a heating oil pump or a heating fuel pump alright it was not advertised as a gasoline pump so if you guys decide to do something like that on your own I'm assuming it's because you did your own research and you decided for yourself that it was the right thing to do ok but I'm gonna show you how I do it ok let me go ahead and set up our next station alright and I'll show you how this little thing works because I think it's a great deal I think I paid $9.99 for this a few years back alright so we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen alright ladies and gentlemen so I've got a few gas cans here and it's for a reason alright so what you see there is a five gallon actually that's a six gallon gas can alright that is a five gallon gas can and this is a two gallon gas cap now this gas can actually serves as my gasoline can for my chainsaw and for my lawn trimmer or my grass trimmer I don't really have grasses a little more like weeds but for my trimmer okay but I put it here to make a point these cans right here may be too heavy for some people to lift okay I know that when my shoulder was was you know hurting that I could not lift one of these cans like that okay so the reason I have this two gallon gas can here is if you have problems with lifting heavy things instead of carrying around a five-gallon can or six gallon can maybe you ought to think about getting a couple of two gallon cans that you can easily handle alright and then the other thing I want to show you is is that there's different types of nozzles these nozzles here these new style nozzles that they changed over to which are in my opinion the worst nozzles that you can possibly get I think they spilled more fuel than they save which is what they were marketed as a saving fuel and then somebody had the bright idea to legislate that these were the only nozzles that could be used anyways I digress alright you can actually get a kit that has one of these nozzles in it alright and that also comes with a tent that way you can pop that open when you're filling up your vehicle and the can will actually vent and allow your gasoline to flow freely into your vehicle using that nozzle okay however like I said before if you have problems lifting up heavy containers and you need to do something like this something you can do is like what I've done right here I just took a bucket alright I put it on the ground and I put the gasoline can on top of it alright and as you can see here I went ahead and placed my this is what what this really is is called an electric siphon alright and even though you see that there's a little bit of a lift in order for a siphon to work you really want your container to be higher than where the fluid is going to but since this one is assisted by electric motor you can still use it like this and let me see I'm not sure if you'll be able to see the gasoline going into it but really all you have to do is go ahead and put your tube in there and go ahead and turn this on I'm not sure if you'll hear it running but I'm not sure if you saw that gas going in there but it's going in there nice and freely all right let's see if you got do you guys can see it I'm not sure that you saw it but it's going in there right now I'm not sure if you can hear it but if you go ahead and use something like this you won't have to stand there holding the can and you know sweating and and you know being afraid of spilling gasoline on the ground and things like that and it's a lot easier all you have to do is what I'm doing here is just standing back letting it do all of the work and waiting until it runs out of gasoline and the in the can and you'll be able to hear it cause it'll guzzle a little bit pretty much telling you a there's no more gasoline in here go ahead and change me over alright ladies and gentlemen so that's pretty much all I've got for today's payday preps alright I'll call it payday preps and like I said I know that I didn't even come close to covering all of the things that you can do to prep for your vehicle but another thing if I may add which would help a lot is if you already have a vehicle just maintain it alright like for example make sure that you have nice you know thick treads on your tire okay and if your tires are too low and go ahead and change them over but don't throw away your old tires okay because you can always use your old tires I've got some old tires for this vehicle where the tread still has enough to be Road legal but it didn't have enough to satisfy me for it being safe however in some kind of life-changing event where you may need those tires you'll have them and you can also probably barter them as well alright and if you can't do any of that with it guess what you can plant some potatoes in them or something like that right so there's a lot of things you can do there's also things that you can get for your vehicles like if your vehicle takes a filter okay I know that most vehicles nowaday that are new have a fuel filter that's inserted in the fuel pump which is inside the gas tank so there's really no way of changing it this vehicle right here actually has a fuel filter that's an inline fuel filter that needs to be changed out about every thirty thousand miles or so okay so that's another thing that I that I probably should get for this vehicle all right since most of my preps that I got this time was for my wife's vehicle it's probably to get one or two inline fuel filters all right maybe only one because I just had it changed and with the amount of miles that I Drive two fuel filters will probably last me ten years I'm lucky if I Drive five thousand miles a year okay so depending on your situation is gonna depend on what you get and how much of it you get okay so I'm sure there's a lot of other things that you can get to prep for your vehicles so leave your ideas out there ladies and gentlemen I'm very curious to hear what you guys have in mind as far as prepping for vehicles all right having said that ladies and gentlemen let me go ahead and cut this video off all right I'm sure it's probably going on long enough so thank you very much for joining in today I truly appreciate it appreciate you guys stopping by if you're new to the channel go ahead and subscribe I'll tell you right now this is not a high tech channel and it never will be okay this is probably as low tech or this is probably as high tech as I'm gonna get like I said on a different video low tech is high tech for me all right so this is a low tech channel but this is the this is the kicker it's a great community all right and you don't need to have high tech to have a great community all right and this community is an awesome community I'm sure that you would love to be part of it and I just check out the comments and see how appreciative and how respectful of each other our community members are to each other and that's what it's all about ladies and gentlemen so if you're new to the channel go ahead and hit subscribe and I'll become one of my VIPs and to my VIPs thank you very much for always stopping by when I put up a new video all right you're it you're truly appreciated thank you very much to the new patreon I will give you guys a shout out the next time that I do a video and I actually have you guys his name on the screen I don't have your name handy right now but thank you very much for that as well ladies and gentlemen if you want to support the channel all you have to do is take a look at the links and click on one of my links if you're going to go shopping at Amazon if you guys are going to do shopping elsewhere like emergency essentials auction farms the ready store or even daily foods I have links for those as well and that does help the channel out and it doesn't cost you any extra money to buy those things using my links all right having said that as well let me finish it off by saying this not this coming Sunday but the following Sunday we are gonna have a very nice giveaway so if you guys are going to be available during our live chat on the sunday of the 23rd stop by and you may have a chance of winning a Stanley crock-pot all right thermos crock-pot I'm giving away 10 of those things all right there's something else that I'm also working on on giving away so I may give away only eight Stanley crock pots and give away something else that I'm working on but that's only if it comes through alright ladies and gentlemen so I hope to see you guys there on the 23rd having said that remember to be good to each other when good people do good things good things happen remember to reach one teach one and repeat if we all did this the world would be a better place and you know that it will be a better place many blessings to all of you and your families this Alaska prepper and I'm out

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  1. What's wrong with you people. Preppers have been fearing a national disaster for fifty years now and most preppers from the 60's have all died without seeing a National disaster. Look at every disaster that has ever happend on the planet and the city or country is back up and running in days or weeks. Have a fews days of food and water and call it a day.

  2. storing gas is always a plus but I also store diesel there are a lot of farmers around me with tractors it lasts a lot longer and good to barter. plus I have an old spare truck with an extra distributor with points that I can put back in. emp proof guess you can say great topic thanks from tennessee

  3. Tire plugs and an air pump. Not the recommended tire fix anymore but will work until you get back to civilization and can get it fixed.

  4. Hello 👋 there, how do you account for possible mold or the baby wipes drying out over a long period of time?

    And ChrisFix on here have amazing diy car repair videos. For those interested.

  5. I have done alot of car prepper things too. I live 30 miles from town n half of it is dirt road and steep long "driveway". So if breaks car down its expensive tow truck to town. did that first year in my house!!!!

  6. Great idea and also people might want to think about a older car or truck that has a points and condenser ignition as if we get an emp or your vehicles computers crap out they will not work and finding one in a junk car will not help as the unit you find has to be exact and has to be programmed to your cars vin number and most cars with these chip keys will have to be programmed to the new computer
    #### that's not going to happen ####
    Love your channel and content just wanted to say this as most people have newer bug out trucks and cars and over look this threat

  7. After a fuel shortage due to a hurricane i keep three 5 gallon jerry cans and a 2 gallon junk plastic can.

    I don't keep more because i worry about theft.

  8. Just putting up 45 lbs jalapeno's.and doing the finished tuches to my sazuki samori new motor did it in my living room in my RV Over the winter.and it all in my cargo cantaner now . yes EMP Prof got my 1989 sazuky.qwad runner 500 1998 4+4 puting front brake pads on it .my Chevy 1973 4+4 3/4 ton long flat bed has about 1hr of tunup work left.all run on gas , propane,naterel gas, with kick of hho.i make in mason jars.allnjust got new 5 year free exchange..

  9. Antifreeze and transmission fluid is very Important too great video AP a siffering line is a great idea for all the abandoned vehicles just saying (gas) and tools to change all those parts never know!!

  10. Your information is high tech and that what we need…. the great down to earth info that you provide. All of the high tech bells and whistles won’t help us learn on once more. On the vehicle preps…. the first thing I’d did and have always done…. is I keep a Bible in my truck. I prepped a starter because my truck had 113,000 miles. 4 thousand miles later and 10 years into owning the truck, I had to have the new starter installed 2 weeks ago. I am also going to have a alternator added to my preps. I do have jumper cables and also an adapter and freon for the air conditioner. Also I suggest a thermostat. My truck may be 10
    Years old but it’s a Ford 4 door. The body style just changed, so everyone thinks it’s only a couple of years old. Just maintaining your vehicle helps the longevity of the vehicle. I hate a payment! I’ll keep this truck running the rest of my life. Lol. Thanks for all that you do!

  11. AP Just replaced tires on one vehicle recently. Thanks for encouraging us to do what we can NOW. Definitely have peace of mind if we need to travel.

  12. Lesson learned on car prep. I went to Walmart and my car would not open. It stayed locked. My keys were locked in my car. I have a car that opens/unlocks when your keys are close to your car . I had to call my daughter to bring me my spare key. So please make sure to check your key fob battery at least every 6 months. Having extra batteries is VERY important.

  13. Something very near to me as a senior female. When you mentioned about using baby-wipes, one of the things I do every day is to take a bottle – usually one from dish washing liquid, thoroughly rinsed. I use a 22 oz bottle. I fill it with warm water just when the warning urges start, and use it as a "poor man's bidet" to thoroughly rinse sensitive body parts after elimination or urination. Then follow up with a fragrance free baby wipe like you show. I learned this in 2012 when I was at my lowest economically and I have had no problems with irritation or other complications using this procedure over these past 7 years. In a time of severe shortages, baby wipes can be replaced with cotton towelettes, and I make these from 100% cotton cloth and then use my sewing machine to hem them. I have a supply of them already. The cotton towelettes come clean easily in their own hot-water wash cycle and dried on a line in full sun, and were very very valuable to me when I was so sick and unemployed that even toilette paper was out of reach as an expense.

    I consider 2012 as my most valuable year of education in spite of 4 yrs undergrad, and an advanced degree. I learned just how valuable simple things like sugar, salt, fat and flour are because these things are not usually included in food bank allotments. Coffee and tea are unbelievably precious commodities and I learned this lesson well.

    In 2012, when I got my first SNAP allotment, it was less than $200.00 and it seemed like a fortune! Among the first things I bought were baking soda, white vinegar and plain salt. These three chemicals can clean your house, your body and your laundry and are approved by SNAP. Another basic thing that is largely overlooked but will be very valuable in times of shortage is basic fat. Most of our cells are composed of long-chain fatty acids and replenishing this fundamental cell structure through food is essential.

    I will remember forever my conversation with the SNAP counselor. I told him that I can't wait to go across the street and get some olive oil. He said that other oils were cheaper and I told him that I had been craving olive oil for weeks and I intend to have a salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar this afternoon. He smiled at me and said, "Good idea."

    Thank you again for all that you do. I will contribute such limited wisdom as I have to your followers. Boundless blessings to you and your family.

  14. Thanks for the video.
    Best before date?
    I took the "iffiest" product I could think of for a "best after the best before date", … "yogurt", and just brought a four pack up from the deep dark with a BBD of 2019 MR 13 to sit down and enjoy as I watch your video, .. synchronicity? Besides, yogurt is basically a pre-rotted milk product, so how bad can it really get?
    I opened a 500ml container of "Low Fat" yogurt last week and it looked fine, smelled fine, tasted fine, BUT! It had developed a "grainy" texture and it got a thumbs down for that texture. I ate it anyway. I knew I would. It was only two months past its BBD.
    So I take the hot spoon from my coffee and cool it down in my mouth before opening the first small room temperature serving of blueberry yogurt, … Yum, yum, … The yogurt at the top of the serving at the tear off Mylar top is dried up to a fruit leather consistency, .. chewy blueberry yogurt! But not enough of it. There's just a dab of the stuff. Same with the strawberry, … nothing wrong with it at all.
    I've seen a lady dehydrate yogurt on this youboob thing for her grandkids. Now I know why. She claims it lasts a long time vacuumed in a mason jar and stored in the fridge.
    Nothing wrong with the blackberry either, … but I'm getting full and there's still a peach to go! NOOOO!!!! … oh well, OK.
    OK, If I'm not here to harass you all tomorrow you will all know what happened, … Some freak broke into my home and killed me in my sleep, .. right? Because there's nothing wrong with that yogurt. Can't wait to try it at six months!
    I'm prepping to be carless. Currently looking at a fat ass bike for my fat ass. It's just down the road too. The old fellow had bought it for exercise and now he's gone and the place is up for sale while the bike holds up the outbuilding while slowly rusting away. I've asked for it through the proper channels but haven't heard back yet. That was stupid eh? Now they'll know who stole it. AGGHHH!!!! …
    Have a great one!

  15. When you 1st started the siphon pump I could see the fluid move through the tube. It does have a very soft sounding motor which is a plus when trying to be stealth.

  16. Get wiper blades ,fuses, bulbs, a spare alternator ,starter , a repair kit for tires,brake cable or gas cable,spare clamps and C clamps,spare hoses

  17. How much thrive life should i get and what is the easiest way to store water for long term emergency prep. Blessings 🙋💕

  18. Your vehicle sure looks low to the ground. How do you haul 500 gallons of water in it without dragging?

  19. Something I do as a Road prep, is when I change belts, I keep the old belts in the vehicle in case I break one on the road. Obviously if you change them I may not last you a long time, but they should get you to where you can purchase and change belts again, or in an shtf situation by you a few more weeks or months a vehicle use. The same can be done with quite a few of your old parts. Your old spark plugs may not be the best anymore, but if you had one become unusable do you have some backups.

  20. I use 2 gallon containers because I'm not that strong. I also use a big funnel with a screen in it to fill tanks. I just take off the spout and pour to my heart's delight. Works very well.

  21. Concerning 'high mileage oil'. I wouldn't trust it on my engines. Would rather spend the money on frequent oil changes than have an abused engine.

  22. Old mechanic here. I cannot over emphasize the importance of vehicle maintenance! This is a prep just like any other. As the old TV commercial said…'You can pay me now, or you can pay me later'. Also have extra air and cabin filters. Basic car/truck maintenance isn't out or the realm of possibility for most, a little knowledge and the proper tools are all that is needed. As your brake rotors get worn they get thinner and can't dissipate heat very well. They will warp and require machining. If anyone has a 'computer car' and an EMP event occurs, your vehicle may not work…. Thanks for the great video to make people aware. God bless

  23. Thanks you AP. I started doing the payday prep as well. Today I’m supposed to get a dehydrator today. Do you have one? It is much more cost effective than buying some Augason Farms products

  24. I don't know why but I can't get on your lives, I have to wait until it's over before I can watch it…

  25. * If you put the Nutri-Grain in the freezer they would probably last longer?
    * I don't think those baby wipes are flushable, especially with a septic tank. 🤔
    * I'd add spare Windshield Wipers to your auto stock. Can you stock batteries? Getting new one today,
    $187. Big increase from last one. Buy everything you can, today. Prices are going up, up, up.
    * Very cool pump for the gas! Where did you find it? Having parts replaced on fuel tank system today, $378.
    Great Payday Preps. Great information!! Thanks. Have a blessed day. 🧡

  26. My old tires became a full spare instead of those silly 10mph doughnuts. ( they suck.) Nice preps. Enjoy your weekend.

  27. Antifreeze for each season. Windshield cleaner for different seasons/conditions ( such as bug splat season.)

  28. Having what's needed may save $ in the future. Bartering for someone else's skills are always easier than bartering for skills & parts. And with tariffs blocking lower cost parts regular auto parts repair places may end up happy to put in parts you supply.

  29. Windshield wipers, always need new ones every few years. I didn't know that about the brake pads being soft or hard, thanks for the info.

  30. I would get Bars stop leak for radiator and Antifreeze , plugs for flats,plug wire's and cap , fuel pump because they just go out. Good job on the car prep stuff👍

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