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Paris Side Trips

Paris Side Trips

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  1. The upholstery in Napoleon's apartment is beautiful, thank you for showing it in great detail! I also want to thank you for the new uploads, I've been a fan since childhood and I love that the Rick Steve's team made the videos available on YouTube.The sites in "Paris Side-Trips" and the Château's in "France’s Loire: Château Country" have been added to my visitor's list!

  2. Definitely one of my favorite videos thus far! Beautiful, opulent and absolutely over-the-top. I can't help but think of all the amazingly talented artisans and craftsmen that spent years creating such intricate and gorgeous architecture and decor! Such fabulous historical treasures!!!

  3. Also I have a degree in Divinity.  So actually the floors are crosses as are the windows and the mirrors are cross in designs.  And the ceiling it was not someone who decided just to paint people.  Now if you are clairvoyant you can ask God to separate the clouds to see the people and to show heaven which is drawn on your show 6:43 parts of the Hall of Records is shown on the ceiling there.  Yes you can see that all the time if you look up after praying a lot with angels around you.  In France they just painted what they saw.  All the churches had similar paintings…… the ceilings are not someone's imaginations they are real just seen by painters who work for Kings and Queens.  All of the white and the Gold it to make the Building more Divine for its purpose on earth as in Heaven to rule with a lot better advisers…. was the plan people don't know that it was only told to the inside groups.  As you see the mirrors are also doors…….

  4. Europe is so rich in terms of culture, customs, music, and,…. so much more to discove (A man from Vietnam). Thank so much for sharing the clips.

  5. Mr Rick steves i like europe the most i am very happy of your europe collection videos. Thank you sir and your term.for giving us this good videos..

  6. Foie gras really? Foie gras is the liver of a duck or goose fattened by force-feeding corn with a feeding tube. Just so you know. If you don't, then you should read about it. If you do…

  7. The opulence is breathtakingly arrogant! Great video, but not even a mention of the labyrinth at Chartres, surely one of its most interesting features.

  8. now that you mentioned quietness, you are correct, Asian restaurants are way too loud. I agree with the English, keep your voices down in public.

  9. The production of foie gras (the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened) involves force-feeding birds with more food than they would eat in the wild, and more than they would voluntarily eat domestically. Their necks and heads are squeezed as large metal rods shove food down their throats in an extremely painful process for the birds. I LOVE your show and all the positivity you bring to viewers around the world with your travels.. but it's unacceptable you are endorsing the torture of innocent animals by encouraging people to eat foie gras. If anyone wants to see the torture these birds endure just google image foie gras. In a world full of tons of protein options why endorse the horrible useless suffering of another sentient being. Would you want someone doing this to your dog or cat? Would you want your neck and head squeezed with a metal rod shoved down your throats pushing tons and tons of food in there after your full? Ducks and geese have all the same emotions as humans, dogs and cats. It's been scientifically proven all animals experience a wide range of emotions including pain.  Please have your editors review your content more thoroughly in the future, thanks.

  10. You're going to seriously try to force bankers and financiers into being responsible for the French Revolution? You can't be that dense. The financial markets, such as they were, were unrecognizable from today. The average person never dealt with a bank of any kind. Only merchants, nobles, and royals dealt with banks, and they had a much, much smaller impact on the economy. The French Revolution wasn't caused by bankers and financiers, it was caused by overspending by the Bourbons, and their unwillingness to extend taxes to the nobility. End of story.

  11. Great video. Europe's best palaces and castles are in France. I travelled a lot all over Europe so I say this. Thanks Steves.

  12. I love Rick Steves' videos of his travels; regardless where he goes, makes me want to go there. Wish I could bring him along my future trip to Europe so his guidance would maximize the enjoyment of my travels!

  13. My wife and I with our two children (14 months, ~4yr) were fortunate to visit Versailles mid-may 1999. We rode theTGV fast train from Paris.
    The weather was perfect, no really long lines. We looked agape at unbelievable interiors; hall of mirrors, library, gallery of great battles, royal public bedrooms and on and on.
    We took a shuttle bus to the more private areas behind the main Palace to the Queen's Hamlet and walked the Grand Canal (made to look longer and grander through the use of forced perspective).
    We were shocked to find our double stroller was not where we were told to park it. And also shocked to realize we were literally the last one's there. Everything was locked up!
    So now we're panicking! We finally found a security guard and eventually the stroller!
    So now on the train and back to Paris – WRONG! We missed the last TGV train back so now what….? We were several hours from Paris with two little children and it was going to be dark soon!
    It helps to speak French to find out our options. As luck would have it my wife minored in college French.
    We hustled to find a bus back to Paris. No luck with an express bus. It's now very late afternoon and a long to get back to Paris.
    We finally found a local bus that was heading to Paris street by street, stop by stop all the way back.
    It actually turned out to be wonderful!
    We slowly made it back through these quaint little towns and were able to see the non-tourist "real" everyday people getting on and off with their packages. And real everyday towns. The children fell asleep and somehow we made our way to our rented apartment in the 11th Arrondissement late at night. Whoo…exhausted!
    One short note of interest, later that summer they had the worst rain/wind storm at least 100yrs. Hundreds of trees, uncountable foliage, bushes, flowers etc were blown and/or destroyed. This
    included Versailles, Paris, Chataux, gardens.
    Look it up! Late summer 1999.
    Part of our trip of a lifetime!

  14. I Have seen the Versailles twice, compared it to the Forbidden City in Beijing, it's mostly huge structure serounded with red walls with smaller garden.

  15. Amigo!!!! If you put patte fugara o ches to your bread, that’s badddd maners!!!
    You first cut and put in your plate , then you eat it and then take the bread , just saying !!!! Few Americans know this !!!!

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