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Packing Carry On Only For A 7 Day Cruise

Packing Carry On Only For A 7 Day Cruise

Hey Cruisers, today we’re going to take
a subscriber’s challenge to pack for a 7 day cruise with a carry on only. But first a little love for our sponsor. This episode is sponsored by,
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or a review from a recent cruise, you should head on over there and post ‘em. Share them with the world. It’s super easy, and super fun. Okay, back to our packing challenge. Here are the details: we’re packing women’s
clothing for a warm weather cruise, but we’ll be creating an episode for men soon too. In addition to the carry on suitcase, I’ll
be using a backpack as well, since the airlines allow 1 personal item. To start, let’s be honest, you really don’t
need that much stuff when you travel. Yes, I’m an over-packer. Normally, I pack a lot of things I might need,
and a lot of extra comfort type things that I could probably do without. You really don’t need that much. Keep that in mind when preparing your list,
and try not to focus on all the “what if” scenarios. So, the first step is to get into this minimalist
mindset. A good strategy is to set everything aside
that you want to pack, and then remove things you really don’t need. If you’re flying, the next step is to check
your airlines size and weight requirements for carry- on bags. Make sure your suitcase meets their requirements. In addition to your carry on, you’ll be
allowed a personal item like a backpack or purse. It’s a good idea to find out the restrictions
on those items as well. Usually, they just need to fit under the seat
in front of you. One last general tip when flying is to wear
some of your bulkier items on the plane, or dress in layers. I usually wear my jacket and sneakers on the
plane, as well as a warm scarf or wrap that I’ll wear over my dinner dresses if it’s
chilly on the ship. This will save space in your carry on, but
be careful. If you get warm easily, this strategy can
backfire. Now, on to the clothing part. We’ll come back to this idea later, but
as a general strategy try to think in outfits not pieces. The first step in the planning process it
to create a packing list. If you need inspiration, there are dozens
of free lists on the Internet. Just Google “cruise packing list”. Don’t over think it though. I just write my packing list on my smartphone,
so I can easily make changes as I learn from my mistakes. If you write your own list, a good strategy
is to start from the bottom of your body and work your way up – i.e. start with shoes,
socks, pants etc.’ and finish with hats and sunglasses. Then think about the specific activities you’ll
be dressing for. What’s going to work best for embarkation,
formal nights, excursions, sea days, and finally debarkation? If you plan well, some items can do double
duty. I find that a lot of times I wear things only
for a short while because I’m constantly changing into a swimsuit, excursion type clothes
and evening wear. So a lot of these items don’t really get
that dirty. Instead of tossing them into the hamper, I
can hang them up, and match them with a different top or bottom for another outing. I mostly do this double duty type packing
with dresses. I’ll wear the same dress to dinner than
I wear the next day around the ship, layered with a swimsuit and more casual shoes. When traveling “carry on only” you’ll
find this strategy of re-wearing and mixing and matching items invaluable. You may also want to wash some things by hand,
so your list could include items that dry quickly. A lot of synthetic fabrics are quick drying
and you can just wash them in the sink so consider packing some travel size laundry
detergent. In keeping with the mixing and matching concept,
you’ll want to keep a sharp eye on your color pallet, and think about including at
least one or two neutrals and perhaps, a color choice that will go with both. This is especially true with shoes. Neutral or black shoes are a lot easier to
match, so stick with those. Whenever possible choose wrinkle free items. It might be better to call these things wrinkle
resistant rather than wrinkle free, but I’ve found that items labeled and wrinkle free
are typically more resilient. So it’s a good thing to look for. Hit ‘em with a little steam from a hot shower
and their good to go. I usually start with my backpack where I’ll
put critical items like our passports, travel documents, IDs, camera, medication, laptop,
chargers). I typically keep my travel documents, and
ID in my purse, and my husband handles the camera gear in a separate backpack. I like to re-use Ziploc bags for my 3-1-1
liquids – these are just a no brainer. They take up almost no space and can be used
again later for wet clothes, toiletries or simple organization. When we’re going carry on only, we’ll
Roll, not fold. Rolling bulky items (like pants) separately
and thin items (such as t-shirts) together works best. This is a good general rule but there are
some exceptions. A good example is my husbands dress shirts. They just seem to stay neater when folded
properly. We’ll cover that in the men’s packing
episode. Use all free space (Even when you think your
suitcase is full, chances are you can squeeze a few more things in. Stuff socks into your shoes … that’s valuable
space in there! Also, be sure to take advantage of the space
the handle creates. Minimize makeup toiletries (the 3-1-1 rule. repackage, and go for multipurpose items when
possible.) No need to pack too much shampoo and conditioner
as your hotel and cruise ship will have some extras if you run out. Pack no more than three pair of shoes. Shoes are usually the heaviest and most awkwardly
shaped items you’ll be packing, making them difficult to accommodate. Decide what three pairs you want to take with
you. I recommend one pair of dress shoes, one pair
of sandals/walking shoes and one pair of sneakers. Wear one pair to travel in and you only have
to pack two pairs. Don’t forget to wrap your shoes in plastic
bags so you don’t spread dirt and germs to your clothes.) Dresses are a good choice when cruising to
warm destinations. They are easier to pack than a top, bottom
and belt ensemble. I love fun summer dresses. They look great and keep me cool. Alright, ready to see what I’m packing. Let’s do this! I’ve chosen (I don’t know yet, so this
will change, I’ll just list off whatever I’ve chosen). 3 tops
2 shorts 1 pair of jeans
5 lightweight dresses 1 warm layer
In this bag, I have 2 swimsuits, 2 coverups which I’ll wash and hang to dry and undergarments. 2 pair of shoes, I’m actually skipping the
sneakers on this trip
1 pair of sunglasses
1 hat And that’s it! Okay, let’s see how it fits! Okay, that was fun. Keep in mind there are lots of different strategies,
and many, many more tips for packing. If you’ve got a cool packing tip, strategy,
hack – whatever you want to call it, be sure to share it with us, and our awesome
community. Just pop it in the comment section below. Let’s make this video an unstoppable juggernaut
of packing tip goodness. That’s it for this episode, thank you for
watching, and until next time, we’ll see you on the high seas.

Reader Comments

  1. Over packer here! We are flying to our cruise on the Seaside in January 2018, so this is a very useful video to us. We are practicing our reduced packing on a cruise coming up that is local to be sure we can live without the extras…haha… I'm sure we will be fine. I could not take my eyes off the dress you are wearing, it is beautiful and long sleeved but looks light and comfortable; care to share where you purchased it? And bonus, it's not too long, I too am not tall.. thank you!

  2. Wow! Ur amazing! 🙌🏼 I Just started searching for cruise tips since my husband and I are going on our very first cruise ever! For our 15th wedding anniversary on February 2018! It's quite a while ahead still but time flies and We are super nervous but excited at the same time! 🙈 I want it to be perfect and ur videos are just what I needed to see! Thank u so much for sharing them with us! 😊
    Ahh Quick question.. I loveeeee ur dresses! All of them! 😍 The one u have on and the ones ur taking for regular dinner! Would u be kind enough to tell me where u got them at!?? 😊

  3. One thing I like to do is pack my hair elastics and headbands around bulky rolled up items so that they don't unroll in transit and it makes double duty for my  hair pretties.

  4. i've often rolled up my clothes, sometimes using tissue between the more likely to wrinkle items. also, i roll up two or three shirts together as well

  5. I love your videos, they are very helpful. Going on my first cruise in April for my in laws 50th Anniversary. We will be going on RC Oasis, so if you have any tips specific to traveling on a mega ship that would be awesome!

  6. Another great job! I got some good tips on folding from your hubby so be sure to thank him for me! I do roll stuff, but he has some better styles! lol I kept laughing because your clothes are so cute and petite. My whole family is over 5'10 – 6'5 nothing petite about our clothes so they don't pack as compactly. lol I will use your tips come November! ;0) Happy Cruising!!!

  7. You should do a challenge of can you pack a carry on suit case with your family in 10 mins for a 7 day cruise

  8. What brand of luggage did you use and where did you get it? I would like to go and check it out & buy it if possible 😀 ! Please! Or maybe you know anything that's similar to what you have. Me and my mom have never seen a luggage with an extra packing compartment like that before 🙂 .

  9. This video was super specific but it fit our criteria soo perfectly it was very helpful as well thank you keep up the cruise tips!

  10. I buy 2 gallon ziploc bags to pack clothing in because it minimizes wrinkles and damage from liquids. Also, it provides more room in the suitcase when the air is squeezed out. Dirty clothes can then be placed back in the bags for the trip home.

  11. Thank you for all your informative videos. I have been binge watching because we are going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Oasis of the Seas in June. I have a question about DSLR camera. Should I take it? If so, how safe is it? Should I take a tripod? I'm excited about all the photographic possibilities but I just don't know. Thank you again for all you do. I've learned so much. By the way we are going to be first time cruisers. Hope to hear from you soon.

  12. This is a great video.  One thing that we do for our shoes is to place shower caps on them.  You can get them at the dollar stores pretty cheap.

  13. Another great video. You keep it light / fun but very useful and informative. Your advice will be traveling with me and my family in June. Thanks!

  14. I usually put my outfits in bags and label them I do the same thing with the bathing suit and for my outfits I squeezed out the air so that it doesn't take as much space as it usually would without them

  15. i really want to follow your tip about wearing dresses but I will be in Europe for my upcoming cruise. I am not sure if you have ever had to account for this but at religious sites your shoulders and knees can't be showing. I am going to bring a pashmina for my shoulders but any tips for what to do so that my knees don't show? my only thought is to wear leggings but in July/August for Europe leggings might be too warm. HELP! 🙂

  16. great tips…we are planning our first cruise soon…:) we pack each of our outfit inside shower cap or ziploc bag with a dryer sheet smells great…also, we sprinkle some baking soda on the inside of the shoes/slip on before putting inside shower cap and wipe it when it is time to wear…no smelly shoes:)

  17. i like to put each shoe in its own bag and then place each sole against the luggage sides where u will find empty space … 3 pairs fit easily around the luggage and shoes keep their shape and dont take up space in the middle of the luggage.

  18. I have a bad back and it said no heating pads allowed? also can you control the a/c in your balcony room? I have hot flashes and need the temp to be 62 degrees and I assume you can leave your balcony open all night while you sleep?

  19. Awesome tips!! We are cruising next month!! (August) with the formal nights, my hubby has a suit to wear, but with that we would have to bring a garment bag right? I don't want to wrinkle his nice suits.

  20. Hello, I am Candi and I own a travel agency called Candi's 4 Season Travel @ I also have a Facebook website. If you google Candi's 4 Season Travel you can find me. I am new to the travel business, but not new to traveling. I am educated by my ventures in a course that I have to take to sell their travel. I am part of Inteletravel franchise that has been in business for 26 yrs. Please check out my website and fill out the information to become my client. There on the website you will find how to get in touch with me. I would love to be your travel agent.

  21. Why would you take so many dresses?? Last summer I went on a Carnival 5 night cruise and took one cute, plain black sun dress and different jewelry, 2 jackets, and a colorful pashmina. We ate in the dining room 4 nights and the steakhouse one night and I looked as good or better than everyone else. Plus, if you wear prints everyone remembers your outfit, but plain colors are not as memorable.

  22. Omg in 2 weeks I have a cruise and I’m over thinking everything if I bring 2 carry ons will that be too much or one carry on with on bag?

  23. Surprised that your makeup and toothpaste didn't need to go in your 3-1-1 bag. I was scolded at the airport once for not having my toothpaste in that bag. What about sunscreen…did you just purchase it on the ship?

  24. I am so so glad I found your channel before going on my first cruise in a few months! Definitely only going to pack carry-on now – so thankful for all the tips!!

  25. I put my necklaces through a drinking straw and fasten them. It keeps them straight and they don't get tangled. I love your tips and have learned so much with your videos. Thanks!

  26. Hi Sheri ! My husband is a diabetic and I purchased him a small mesh caddy that he hangs in the closet that holds his supply of needles, glucose tester and test strips, alcohol wipes and a mini sharps container. That way it is out of the way, he always knows where it is, and it doesn't take up drawer space. It has worked out very well!! 28 days until our next cruise, Carnival Miracle out of Port of Tampa. First time from that port. I saw where you think the Miracle needs refirbed. I hope it isn't too bad. I worry about the cleanliness of a ship the week after spring break. We got a deal, that is perhaps why!! Packing lots of antibacterial wipes!! Thanks for your hard work and bringing us lots of great tips and entertaining us too!!!

  27. For the first time I bought stick on dress shields for my 2 week cruise. They were inexpensive on Amazon and a pair were wrapped in a single package, making packing them very easy. The shield help make a shirt worn not just one day but 2, especially the dinner tops. I have left overs for my next cruise. Try it……

  28. I don't know of I could pack this light! I scaled down our luggage for 2 adults and a 4 year old into 2 large suitcases, 3 small for our 7nt cruise. All my sons clothes fit into one of the small ones. One large is just for clothes, the other is for our toiletries, medicines, laundry kit, and other extras (trust me I didn't pack everything I "thought" we needed). One carry on has my sons activities for the plane and spare clothes and the other has our stuff for the plane. I probably still WAY overpacked, but for me this is doing pretty good 😊

  29. Could u do a video like this for fat people? Our clothes are bigger and not as easily packed small. I too could pack tiny clothes…but how bout the big majority of americans who are fat? How do we do it?

  30. Your recommendation of three pairs of shoes is spot on. I actually took three pairs of dressy shoes, 1 pair sandals ( which I wore to board, 1 pair of athletic shoes. My daughter; who LOVES shoes; actually took an entire suitcase of just shoes! But we weren't flying. We drove to the cruise port.

  31. Lol .. i was yelling at the video “no don’t pack that she’s wearing it on the plane “ lol

  32. I do the rolling technique, however,​ I use packing cubes. My husband and I are going on our first cruise. I have been binge watching videos. We are planning to bring a carryon and am torn as to bringing a tote or backpack as my purse.

  33. This was so helpful and hubby did a great job. I'm going on a cruise for 7 nights to the Alaska glaciers

  34. When your packing to leave take your own towel (if your carry on luggage doesn’t have some sort of separator already ) and put your dirty clothes under and then you can have your clean clothes intact

  35. I love watching your videos! It has helped me a lot on what to pack. Do you have any videos on how to pack and what to bring on a 14 day Caribbean cruise? 🚢😁

  36. Rolling clothes when packing was the best packing technique invented…don't forget your underwear and pj's🤫! One other packing tool are the packing squares which aren't just for larger suitcases. Plus I love them because you can categorize what you pack. So your pj's and undies can be in a square that you only grab those items. Thanks for sharing all the tips.👏🙏🤗

  37. Where do you carry your case(s) of soda when you go carry on only? My concern when we cruise if we go carry on only, our personal item bags will be too full, as well as our suitcases, to bring on the pop we are allowed to bring and the bottle of wine per person.

  38. Picking a color palate and a few layered basics with coordinating jewelry and scarves are huge- you can even buy little tassles/decorations that clip onto shoes to dress them up! Accessorizing is the key- you can often take 5-7 lightweight fabric items of clothing and pack them with a few accessories and it changes the wardrobes completely and are easy to wash/hang dry. Also, light infinity scarves with hidden zipper pockets are a MUST- no handbag or backpack when on excursions-you can even take sunscreen in small travel packets- ask your dermatologist (I'm a derm PA), they will be glad to set you up with the FREE samples they get from their drug reps! Let's face it, most of us never use half of what was in our backpacks on excursions anyway! Pack collapsible hats, and protect that skin—your older self will thank you when you don't have the wrinkles and skin cancer of your peers! 😉

  39. I find that instead of rolling my clothes, I lay them out flat, not folding or rolling…pressing out the wrinkles. They actually take up less room and when I get to my destination…NO wrinkles! One thing you have to be careful with this technique, though, is it easy to over pack, because you can fit so much more into your luggage.

  40. You didn’t pack any underwear, bras, socks, gown, housecoat, slippers, I didn’t see anything like that go into that suitcase.

  41. My top is take your outfit you want to wear for a day and pit in a ziploc bag and put the day you want to wear it on the bag with a sharpie

  42. I'm cruising from Galveston to the Western Caribbean in late May 2019 for 5 days. Since it's spring, I'm guessing it may be cool. rainy, &/or windy. What types of ladies tops and bottoms would you suggest I pack so I won't be too cold on the ship? Packing for warm, sunny days is so much easier! Really enjoying your videos. Thank you.

  43. Hwy Miss Sherry! Love your ideas, except my hubby is a big guy–not sure that his clothes can roll up that easily (I tried a few months ago). Any suggestions for BIG clothes?

  44. Actually, you’ll have more space in your suitcase because you don’t have to pack you first days travel clothes since you’ll be wearing it 😁

  45. We are not flying. We are going to start our cruise from Vancouver to Alaska and back. Does our luggage need to meet a certain weight like in a flight?

  46. Can we bring any size luggage to a cruise? What about 2 carry on's? I am going to Alaska so layers take more space than traveling to a beach…Last year I traveled to Europe for 2 weeks and I only brought a carry on with packing cubes. Of course we wash clothes often but we didn't have to dress formal or carry to many heavy clothes as I have heard people packed for Alaska. I am wondering if bringing a bigger suitcase would be better?

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