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Overland Inspiration: Defender 110 Camper Through Africa for 7 Months with Juba’s Journey [ROAM]

Overland Inspiration: Defender 110 Camper Through Africa for 7 Months with Juba’s Journey [ROAM]

we are out here in rainy Grabouw in the
western cape and i’ve got my second guest on the overland inspiration show
Juba from Jubas journeys and we’re gonna be having a deep dive into his land
rover defender 110 this thing is awesome you do not want to miss this
welcome to a special episode of roam over landing called Overland inspiration
I take time to sit down with Overlanders and outdoor enthusiasts who inspire me
and I hope that sharing their stories with you
will give you ideas for your own vehicle build will give you the courage to head
out to somewhere special on your next adventure on this episode we get to take a look at
a classic Land Rover Defender 110 with a couple of special tricks up its sleeve
and see what its new owner juba has been up to over the past couple of years by
the looks of it this defender has seen more of the world than most and I’m sure
it still has many more epic Overland trips in it so we decided to brave a
rainy day out on the trail see the defender in its natural environment it really started to pour down so we
figured it was time to stop for the day set up this beast of a rig and dig into
Jubas journey but not before some hot coffee first things first jube has just been on
a seven-month journey around southern Africa so there’s gonna be a lot to
unpack that questions that I have how you’ve managed to do this why you’ve
done this and I mean that’s a big move that’s a really big move it’s a big
inspirational move I remember seeing one of the first videos you made where you
kind of announce that you guys were quitting your jobs and you I mean you’d
already committed to the trip by then so tell me a little bit about what went
into are you thinking what kind of head space were you in what was happening in
your life that made you decide shit I have to I have to do this I have to do
this I think it’s a little bit of everything
so the initial plan was to take an entire year off my wife and I just to
spend time for ourselves and then we kind of split the year up into two Sigma
or three segments the one being this overland trip in Africa and then some
time with friends and family and some time abroad that means you get to really
enjoy your time in places you do not like Jan jumping from place to place
everyday to squeeze it into a two week time frame you if you like a place and
you’re like cool it’s been four days yeah you know what was the longest time
you’ve spent in one place I think the longest time was was about five nights
in one place but then again also we spent a month in the Kalahari alone and
a month in the Kruger alone so the objective in the beginning was to spend
as much time in wildlife parks filming wildlife and so that’s how the tour was
kind of structured we booked pockets in parks and then the stretches in between
was unplanned okay and then obviously so you kind of had a point to get to yes
yeah except for yeah except for when we left Namibia and went into Zambia Malawi
we we had no plans because that was not directed at being in wildlife it was a
little bit more going to experience cultures and
different countries with South longer and Zambia being the wildlife component
your setup is so simple and it’s really like your house on wheels
I mean you out of the elements you out of everything this is such a special
setup let’s let’s maybe talk about a little bit because I mean how did you
find this vehicle so when I when I started searching for a vehicle I’ve
kind of always had this idea in my head that it would be great doing it in the
defender but initially the defender wasn’t the goal was the ultimate goal
but I would have settled for something else so I spent a good four or five
months just searching for vehicles and I wouldn’t go and look at a vehicle if I
weren’t hundred percent sure and this was the first vehicle I waited market
and yeah after the first day it was also from the previous owner it was there was
kind of an interview process you know he didn’t want to sell the vehicle to
someone who’s just gonna drive it and resell it again so you kind of had to
fit a certain profile before you would let go of the vehicle yeah yeah I think
that’s cool but I mean I mean considering that you’ve bought this
thing done up I mean you you could essentially drive it from there and go
straight on your trip or did you have to do a little bit of work on it and make
some modifications or some changes I could I see if you drive it from this
straight the only thing that I did is I installed a bigger second battery and
the solar system and I read it some of the wiring okay yeah that’s I mean
that’s lucky that’s really lucky because look for me personally my favorite thing
is the build it like I mean I I’m just I’m such a geek when it comes that I’m
sitting there online and I want this thing and what that thing and we can do
this thing and they’ll do that and I love that transformation process but I
mean for you you more about getting out into the bush and being living and
experiencing you know being out there is you’re not so really I mean the build
stuff is it doesn’t really faze you too much or yeah look if
I bought a vehicle that wasn’t as key to disease I would have built a lot of
things myself would you have had fun with it I definitely would I mean I
enjoy working little things little thing that can make things comfortable for you
the hoop here something there a ratchet that do you have any plans for cooler
going forward do you have any things you want to work on or after I’ve got minor
things like changing the category system on the rear door small small things like
that but the inside I mean it just works oh nice this there’s nothing I would
really change I think the only thing that might change is if at one stage you
start having a family and I mean this is a two seater they might look at
converting it back to a four-seater but yeah that’s in the future you’ve had a
lot of experience doing over land travel but doing seven months is something else
I want I want to know what are some things you thought we’re gonna be so
important to bring with you but then you got out there where you got to the end
of your trip and you’re like these things were useless we never use them or
you ended up throwing stuff out I’ve got an episode coming up on that but I think
it’s it’s difficult to say like I carry two spare wheels the entire trip and I
didn’t use one of them but that’s something I would carry with me again so
I think a lot of my recovery gear I didn’t use and that’s that’s a good
thing but generally there was almost nothing
that I didn’t use except for my fishing rod right I had
this ambition and I thought I was gonna sit next to a river somewhere and I’m
gonna fish a bit but I just never got to it so I mean that’s pretty impressive
because austell I go away for a weekend and they stuff where I’m like why the
hell did I bring this like I get so I but I think that’s the geeky thing about
me is that coming home and need this thing I’m gonna have to do luck what if
I get stuck then I’ve got to do this recovery or I got to do this thing
that’s a plan a lot of things and I don’t have a lot of space in my car but
now with you obviously having a lot of space you’ve got a lot of stuff you’re
doing a lot of traveling now how are you storing all your stuff because this is
not a traditional kind of build especially of Africa you know maybe more
in Europe people will see a lot of defenders in
things like this but now for you how is everything stored in here how do you
access everything you know run over you’re kind of set up you’re you know
kind of get to camp and set up the easy part is just popping the roof and then
generally we get a fire started and our setup and on the inside is you are a
central like a little passage of you’d court you have a bench and you have the
the fridge and then you’ve got cupboards so we basically in this distort of the
trip we kind of divided our cupboards up into rather have our food we’ve got some
spices we’ve got all your what we called flour for bread all your oils all those
same things so a full kitchen and then there’s a small section where we had our
clothes and the rest was recovery gear camping equipment and peg stuff like
that yeah just kind of divided up among states in order would you have preferred
having an outdoor set up on your trip I like the setup inside because then what
we had outside was if you just a small little table and chairs so and most of
the time we spent outside so we also very clean campus so we like a very
minimalistic type thing outside where you get sometimes especially in your
view in a group people can just pile stuff on tables you know just a lot of
stuff but I’ll set up is if things got a fixed place and so you work out of the
vehicle you’ve got very limited stuff outside and especially if you’re
traveling long-term you must know you you can’t make a mess you know you can’t
leave your mace for the next day so hate it otherwise just get every day you make
sure you wash your cups you get everything back into its place because
otherwise it’s yeah anything you’d add to the space will take away
not really I mean we’ve got two plates in there as well we’ve we’ve only used
it once or twice I could you could maybe just do with with one little plate but
then again that’s pasted on top there it’s sufficient so it’s not like you
need to take something away to make space for something else and I mean we
got a water system so how many liters of water do you take about 60 eaters of
water 60 and you keep that all drinking water do you just keep that river water
whatever water you have you’re just put in there look.we throughout the whole
trip we we kept it drinking water some of the campsites
it’s got potable water so then I fill up the tanks with that but otherwise I’d
buy in bulk in the cities okay and then I mean in others other liquids your fuel
stuff like that how many liters are you carrying with you also is this three
tanks the one is a gravity feed into the main tank and I’ve got a third tank
underneath the driver and that I’ve got a little switch with a pump that pumps
back into the the main tank okay now if it’s you add wine put it 150 litres yeah
that’s quite a lot and this is their two point five two point four two point
force is it a spoon Marcus Wow okay that’s that’s nice that’s this thing’s
value must be climbing yeah okay so that’s not so how do you find your fuel
consumption I must say throughout the whole trip and we have reached an about
seven and a half kilometers per litre that’s really not bass that’s really not
bad especially if you considering the the roof rack was full yeah and but then
obviously I very this isn’t a charge day yes is turbojets
Wow and the worst fuel consumption was five point five kilometers per litre and
that is was in the Makua section heavy sand because I mean I think I’m getting
I’m getting 12.5 liters per hundred that’s around 8 KS per litre
somewhere around me considering what you’re carrying
considering where you can go and what you can do with this vehicle that is
phenomenal fuel consumption yes but you must also take into account that you
know you’re not doing the two weeks trip we rush between campsites to get to all
the places you want to be so I generally had a rule that we wouldn’t do more than
four hundred kilometers per day and we try to stay at each place at least two
nights unless it’s really a stopover so we were traveling very slow III I almost
never went about 100 km/h so we were just crawling away taking it very easy
stopping taking pictures and I think that that helped a lot with the few
points I mean that’s nice because and that’s something that I would love to
try and do I just don’t get enough time to be able to travel like that
but the four hundred kilometer rule is a big thing because especially if you’re
stopping and forming I think it’s something that a lot of people don’t
understand when you when you when you traveling content creator everything
takes longer you need to plan things to be slower but at the same time were you
filming every single day or did you give yourself a break every now and then I
always made sure that the cameras were charged and ready to go every morning I
was quite religious about that being that dropping all my footage getting it
stalled in the right format and and the next day that you could start again I
think it’s important if you’re doing a long trip like that and you want to fall
and because as soon as you start lacking that then you just do it the next day or
do it cards fool you know you miss out on footage battery state and miss the
Lions especially especially with wildlife you have to be ready every
single second so that’s also why the lenses between Jackie and I would switch
it so you’d have one with you know big lanes on and one that you could film
right here so that when you get that moment you ready ready for action we are
to dslr’s two GoPros and one drone I mean it’s really it’s a journey of a
lifetime it really is a journey of Allah so
summing story that you’ll be telling you know people for years to come and I
think you know now it’s a bit of a tricky thing now because it’s what do
you do next will you go from that and I think that’s something that like I
wonder now also as a content creator you’ve kind of like set this boom this
level and obviously you’ve got all this content that’s gonna be coming out all
of these videos that are unreleased still I mean once you run out of that
runway what’s next for dubas journeys I think for the near future
it’ll be adventures you know around Cape Town in the Western Cape I mean this
there’s so much to do here and not everybody can go and do an old land trip
like this so I’d like to show people what you can do maybe in a day or two
days weekend adventures weekend warriors but there’s there’s lots of good things
that you can do but it’s it’s getting out of the city getting into the bush
you know when people get into over landing or you know camping or just
adventuring in general it’s a it’s a bug that bites you that’s so difficult to
explain to people who aren’t interested in it carrying your house and everything
that you need with you the whole time there’s a great sense of comfort in that
knowing that you can you can stop anywhere and you’ll be fine for the
evening off yeah hopefully next time we can go and camp somewhere do some overlanding definitely yeah thank you so much for kind of sitting down with me
and you know sharing some of the information about your trip about your
vehicle and all that stuff and really hope you guys will go through and check
out more of his stuff his YouTube channel you know this is gonna be a lot
of videos coming up so it’s definitely worth hitting over there subscribing to
his channel checking out what he’s been up to and yeah there any other places
where people can find you on social media
I’m with the handle Juba’s Journey Instagram Facebook and YouTube if you
enjoyed this episode of Overland Inspiration please comment down below and let me
know who else you’d want me to sit down with and have a chat to but as always
thank you for tuning in don’t forget to like the video and we’ll see you on the
next adventure

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