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OUR FIRST FAMILY VACATION TOGETHER | What went wrong? | Destin, Florida

OUR FIRST FAMILY VACATION TOGETHER | What went wrong? | Destin, Florida

you love these tank top we’re tan we are we gonna my gosh off our tans we’re badly to the end welcome back to the channel hey guys welcome back alright you don’t they do that yeah that’s okay I’m gonna do it first okay okay yes we’re finally back to Portland we’re span of fealty a few days in Florida with your family mm-hmm like a week and a half yeah a couple days and a couple of days yes it was your first time going to our like family vacation which we’ve done ever since we were little it’s like a big thing for my mom and dad we wish we could say that the vacation was amazing but to be honest we had some some some low points it wasn’t as relaxing as we thought it with you because just like for this instance we’re talking about about being in front of kids we’re very touchy in front of each other and so okay we go to Leesburg and we feel a little suffocated like we can’t do that not because my family said anything we’ve yeah we also did the video about my hometown growing up in Leesburg and about the therapy just went to do I’ve always wanted to do here they’re a job from the video we did get some some comments like oh yeah that therapy was 15 years ago you’re okay now but there are things like a lot of people didn’t know what was happening in the therapy and yeah when someone says that you you try to block it out like it wasn’t part of me anymore and you’re weighing through therapy for a long period yeah about three or four years three or four years that’s a lot and that causes a lot of impact and yeah Everson there were things that I was I wasn’t comfortable saying like verbalizing to me they were in my head and I didn’t know that they had affected a lot of my choices or made me kind of who I was today and I think it all came up at that trip and then finally I just there was one day at the beach where I I left my family I left you I was crying I didn’t know what was happening or what I was doing he had I he needed his space he went to the beach and because that’s where he feels yeah closer to God and and then you you said put your head on my shoulder but then I went to the beach yeah you’re like tell me more I know there’s more and so that’s where I shared everything and yours so when you had a breakdown yeah here’s static crying a lot and I thought that if I became true to who I was and to share everything that maybe you would have left but not throughout if you for sharing that with me so it’s a good step in and a lot of weight has been off my shoulders and it feels very good and feels very peaceful and that’s good that’s the beginning of healing but there are many good things that happen on spark vacation we also had high point yes right we did we have good Mormons we went to Destin which is not new for us because we’ve normally normally go to New Smyrna so the beach in Destin Florida I’ve never seen a beach like that before it’s so good [Music] Bernard’s gonna get his first snow cone ever and that crazy so that’s good okay what’s up I mean sweets good how is it good oh did you catch it and it was the first time we ever got one big house together cuz they were about let’s say 20 of us around trainee yeah so you had my family as people and then my then my aunt which of my mom’s sister and her family part of her family mm-hmm and yeah we were nervous to do it we went on a boat ride well actually two bites the first first one was redneck island down a pilot yeah it’s not a good name that’s not today the official name is crab island yeah but people call it redneck island [Music] there we go to be a fun day on the boat [Music] I’ll get them back [Music] my brother-in-law he has a boat so we went on the boat and I had never seen anything like it I thought that was something common for you Floridians no idea to get a boat and go somewhere yeah it was hang out there it is beer yeah but not for me for my sister’s it is and so for me it was new for me it was completely new I had never seen something like that yeah yeah and they were selling stuff in the middle of the ocean yeah and then you can drink beer which we weren’t drinking but you play games and hang out with the family on the boats it was really cool the next place we went to was a little bit different for our family because we normally don’t do this but we went on a big boat and we snorkeled and we saw some dolphins but it was because of my cousin who works on the boat he offered us to go on the boat and so we did it okay I’ll go scuba-diving guys like to welcome you home or the Seaquest my name is Cody let’s got Blake and Tate in here fun really turistic there but the kids like it for note of this too there are some crabs yeah are you scared of the crabs not really that really no don’t scare me the jellyfish scared me be careful the jellyfish that’s where it was oh right here I’ll be on there better if she gets done there it is yeah well it damn baby they’re just kidding Oh stupid I was gonna say I was gonna drop the camera I got stung crab crab Bernardo Bernard Bernard oh no Bernardo Bernardo Bernardo stop stop [Music] another tradition that we do is we go crab hunting with the kids your family has a lot of traditions will he do and that’s cool that’s good especially we go on vacation we have a lot of traditions you do like yeah hey a crab hunting was one of them but this time the crabs weren’t so big there were little ones but we found a big one and then at the end of all the crab hunting we put them in the buckets and then we let them everyone gets in a circle and then we let all the crabs go maybe free to press yeah and then you run for your life and we’re not supposed to run you did I did they’re little tradition Kaplan someone oh gee Oh like she liked it yeah you moved out of the circle what do you mean yeah we all created a circle and then we let the crabs go in you then no there was a huge one coming after me first falou next year the next year I’m gonna book movers and we had a chance to watch the sunrise and the sunset and they’re really beautiful in Florida yeah a lot of different colors they don’t live here I like that one since that’s very nice the Irish or there though the Florida funfair [Music] it’s warming the water and we would do cardio sometimes with mom sometimes with dad sometimes it both cardio it was about everyone here hey hey there dad and mom and we also celebrated your birthday twice actually we did yeah we did it once at the beach bit of a house it was kinda enough your birthday yeah but one of so one of my nephew’s it was his birthday in June but we celebrated it at the beach with all the kids so on my birthday it was actually his birthday yeah like okay you can have it but then we went back to Liz Berg where we had a chance to celebrate North’s something more private and yeah because that’s how you prefer it – yeah you don’t like when there’s a lot of people right now I don’t like that I don’t like that either but it was a good birthday yeah how I would like to spend it with family yeah with my husband their dad food right yeah he grilled out some state your dad in your brother-in-law [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] can make two issues and then the sad part is saying goodbyes this is the heart those are the hard parts for my mom and dad oh for us too yeah for us too but we’ll be back in October so October you have the competition so we’ll be back to Florida we have Goods and Bad’s good Tim bets but but we learned a lot from the goods and we learned a lot from the baton and that’s the important thing yeah it feels like we like went to another chapter if your hair really lies yes I think reading another level now remember to go out make memories and yeah you’re worth it I think that was hard to learn on this vacation but I think it’s it’s important I don’t want all on this vacation you like yes or no and we’re working on that in the hard lesson but is it going everyone is with thee I agree John Jim nothing all right we’re not saying I love you more it’s part of part of the deal yeah because we love each other just the same agree no more DVD is down now well our videos are getting so deep hi God back to being crazy we need a break from the deep to use yoga challenge in our other where

Reader Comments

  1. 💕💕💕 Your videos are just amazing … Love being allowed to get an insight in your life. You are part of my LGBT family. xxx

  2. Very nice video.l wish you can capture the low moments it's more authentic and help those who are still straggling.

  3. Que lindo ver Adam vc com sua familia , de valor a cada munuto com seus parentes pricipalmente com seus país , são lindos e um lugar realmenti belissimo. Fico emprecionada e com as casa vcs sabe aqui no Brasil ( São Gonçalo ) nem pença não ter murro alto estariamos em muito apuro. acho linda as casa ter a segurança , mis entendo e ontro mudo onde tem lei e organização. Aqui no Brasil Bernardo vai concorda com migo que essa frase combina . Que País e esse ( Brasil um país belissimo, ceio de riqueza naturais mais tanta violencia em todos os sentidos e variedade, beijão ao casal que amo e respeito e sua lnda familia Adam! su amiga YouTube.

  4. If you bury the pain, it will rise a monster. I should know. My self-condemnations which are just mirrors of an instilled set of "righteous" values from my early culture are best met by 1 John 3:20. "If our hearts condemn us, God is greater than our hearts, and He knows all things."

  5. Hi guys. Wow, you are a perfect couples. It is so wonderful to see you guys happy together.

    Do you plan to travel in Canada sometime?

  6. Adam, thank you for sharing your life (the good & the struggles)! No shame in showing vulnerability sometimes. It's what makes us human. You are lucky to have found Bernardo to share your life with. You will get through the hard times by leaning on each other when needed.

  7. Oh guys your together is so romantic best couple I love… Everytime watching your video😘😘…have a good day and enjoy with your family

  8. Question.
    1) were you nervous filming when all of your close family members are there?
    2) do they know about your youtube channel and do they watch it?

    Kinda wonder

  9. Im crying by the end of it. I wish i had someone like how you both have each other. I met someone who I thought the one, but i had to let him go due to complicated circumstances. Now im just alone, wishing things were different.

  10. Lembrem-se sempre que você nos guiará sempre. Seus familiares são sua prioridade, mas nós somos seus amigos, reais virtuais e seguidores. Eu sei que lhe sigo porque no pior momento de minha vida conheci a sua história e a terapia que precisava veio de vocês. Adoro suas novidades e memórias diferentes. Respeitem seus familiares, mas aqui neste vídeo vocês são nós e nós aceitamos vocês como são. Se modificar porque seus parentes são preconceituosos, homofóbicos ou perversos, isso não é bom para nós. Se vocês seguirem a linha papai e mamãe, e vida de héteros deixa de ser nossos ídolos, nosso representante 500mil. Teremos que procurar outros. Preferimos vocês pelo amor que passam para nós, pelos beijos inconstantes, pelos seus de repentes. Por um ser americano e o outro ser brasileiro. "As vezes temos que desobedecer para transcender". Recife/PE-NE- Brasil, 10/08/2019. A. Cabralles

  11. Good morning Adam and Bernardo, last April I was assaulted, nothing serious but it brought out repressed memories from a previous abusive relationship that I thought I had buried. I had a major meltdown and if not for a good phycologist I would not be here today. My point is, I think it would be a great help for Adam to talk to a phycologist about what happened when he went through the conversion therapy. I learned so much about myself and how I had blamed myself for things I had no control over. I am truly a better person now because of the counseling.

  12. Str8 people have no idea of the damage they cause. They have created a world where gays need counselling and medication in order to survive… this needs to be examined. I'm picturing a massive class-action suit.

    On another note, I wonder if you two know about the "Old Gays Talk About"… series here on Youtube. Here is a link to one of their videos:

  13. Hey guys!! Love your videos and wishing you all the best. Random question, if you want to answer feel free no too. How do your parents feel now about sending you the conversion session?

  14. I LOVED the honesty and realness in this video! You both are such beautiful souls and thank you for sharing this all with us! I loved seeing you be around your family and I can relate to you so much Adam. I come from a similar family and I am also married now. You just have to take the good with the bad and grow through it as you said. Hugs to you both!

  15. I hope, Adam, that your healing journey will allow you to acknowledge the "therapy" for the abuse that it was. Your ability to forgive at least some of those responsible for that abuse is to your credit.

  16. Family things can be very hard and there is no time limit on how long it takes to get over or come to terms with bad things that happen in life, but things fall into place over time and you realise things as life goes along , you are someone to be proud of, talk with your hands love with your heart and follow your dreams 🙂

  17. This is my favorite couple on YouTube, it's amazing and I see how much they love each other, when I saw this video I had no hesitation in not subscribing and being part of this family.💝💝💝💝

  18. Your family is the first I've seen like mine where men kiss men . . . smack right on the lips! Fathers, sons, brothers. Seemed so strange when we'd get comments about it or that it'd even be, "a thing." Many of my friends said they'd do that when they had sons and they did. They've said they wouldn't have it any other way, now, and rattled off many reasons it's made their relationships much stronger than with their own dads. Proud of you two ❤️–Jay in Seattle

  19. Love your videos! I'm from London and like your relationship, what comes across is how much you care for each other. Keep up the good work!


  20. Adam, as gay men most of us grew up with a lot of confusion, uncertainty, and self doubt. You had the added burden of conversion therapy. When we return to our home it is so natural that all these feelings get stirred up. But we can use those times to grow. Never apologize for being human. Your followers love the real you. Bless you and Bernardo and the love you have for one another. ❤️❤️

  21. OMG…You guys are AWESOME!! I love the video. I live in Destin with my fiance we love it here. I'm glad you both had great memories here.

  22. 2 years of videos seen in just a month! OMG and now? I’m looking forward for the new ones! Thanks for this amazing and emotional journey <3… Adam thanks again for sharing your past issues…believe me you’ve helped lost of young people out there telling your story…a big hug from Italy to both of you

  23. Adam, thank you for personal videos & posts about your family vaca & hometown these past few weeks. You & I have a lot of parallels in how we grew up, family issues, etc. I'm on vaca this week visiting my family, and today i was inspired to visit my old Baptist high school. Not a lot of good memories, yet I realized my classmates who accused me mercilessly of being gay believed in me at a time when I was heavily closeted & failed to believe in myself. Love watching you guys & your adventures ❤

  24. Great holidays! It's important to share and make memories with the family… Adam has a big family full of happiness and loving kids… I love seeing the dolphins in their natural enviroment.. I would like seeing Adam sharing with Bernardo's family and friends in Brazil.. I am very anxious for your wedding plans guys… you're the most adorable couple in YouTube… Love you… a big hug fromVenezuela

  25. Hola 👋🏾👋🏾amigos que lindo video como siempre, compartiendo🌝 lindos momentos, como siempre les digo me encanta la pareja que hacen💞💞 y wow esos lugares, esa arena ⛱⛱por dios…aca en Argentina Buenos Aires todavia hace frio❄️❄️, odio el frio jajaja me encanta verlos les mando un beso grande a los dos y espero algun dia ver un comentario✅ ✅en alguno de mis videos si es que les gusta claro…seran bienvenidos…besos💯💯

  26. Hi gays… Nice to watch your video again.. Thank you for your memories, and there is one of mine, i guess more for Bernando.. 🙂 just for your nice time together…

  27. Greetings you guys! 👋
    Нарpy Angel's Day, Adam! 🤘🌹💐🎉
    Yes-yes. The most precious thing in life is life itself. Appreciate what you have. Proverb: "What we do not store, lost – weep" and "terrible is not old age, but lonely old age." If possible, you see your family and friends more often. By the way, holding hands to thank for a meal is not accidental, although this is an ancient custom. If it’s pleasant for me to see inside, when my friends and acquaintances cook for the whole big family every day, this is because we need it as in nature, for example, the lion pride hunts to continue life. Not because there are stoves in the kitchen from morning till night, but to thank this day that today there is food on the table. In the besieged Leningrad in World War II, they died of starvation. If you wish, you can watch the film "The Pianist" with Adrian Brody. I read your instagram. 👀 The uniqueness of each case. Love has no orientation. Meeting at the cafe.☕️🍔 It is on this day, hour, in this place to see each other. I think that even at the time of conception by nature, a double orientation is laid down, but it manifests itself in life to a greater or lesser extent and, as it were, in case one plan leaves, the Second plan is replaced. Spare Cell. For a long time I could not solve the problem. Like this, if two heterosexuals lit a flame. Love is a phenomenon. It combines heaven and hell, and stress, and the eclipse of the mind, and a number of other ingredients. Feelings can manifest in any period of life. Sorry, I have my own philosophy. 👁️👀🤗😊😘

  28. Wait you kiss your parents? Wow , I'm learning a new culture.. my culture just take our parent's hand and kiss it.. that's our culture

  29. Adam, a melhor terapia é falar, falar e falar… chorar até esgotar e só fazemos isso com uma pessoa que confiamos e amamos, é o tipo de coisa que não se publica, mas se divide com alguém em quem podemos repousar a cabeça. Voce tem o Bernardo que te ama e esta ao seu lado. Se abra com ele, perca a timidez dos traumas e se liberte daquilo que te magoa, você vai ser mais feliz. Os traumas de infância são monstros que cultivamos ao longo da vida. Se não podemos nos livrar deles, temos que aprender a faze-los trabalhar a nosso favor. Beijos no coração de cada um. E Bernardo… voce está muito gato rsrsrs.

  30. I nursed and cared for my husband full time for the last five years of his life. He passed away in January. I just wanted to write and share with you how much your videos have warmed my heart as I watched your relationship grow and deepen and to take pride and joy in the new memories you both make, as we did throughout our 38 years together. Sending you both my very best wishes and blessings.

  31. I have been away from you 2 all summer. Didn't have any computer access and I have missed so much. But am catching up now. And DESTIN is the BOMB! Best beach in the US… Hope life is treating you wonderfully…. Enjoy, be Happy and have fun! Sue

  32. I love seeing you guys happy together. Adam, Bernardo really cares about you, never forget that. He’s always going to be there for you, regardless of what happens. The way he looks at you says it all. The PERFECT couple! ❤️

  33. I think this trip will be remembered as a time of putting things in perspective in terms of healing! This had to happen and it just shows that love does conquer major obstacles🙋🏽‍♀️🦅✨🕊✨❤️

  34. From someone who has benefited so much from therapy I say, hope to get past the pain of those 4 years and never forget what you suffered. I constantly express to young gay people, do not come out until your independent. Yes, We all have the right to be ourselves, but not at the cost of our own destruction. You should be proud of your forgiveness! Always remember, people will always forget what you say, but will never forget how you made them feel! I enjoy watching you both, because I’ve been there. Your both in the honeymoon stage of your relationship. Enjoy this part, but I promise that after this stage is the true love. No doubt, no question and no regrets. Love Ray O’Mara Poughkeepsie New York

  35. ( The break down )This video touch me at a deep level. In the spots no ones sees. The spots I hide.
    I did not fully understand what had happened
    but i can feel a soul opening and pouring out
    and this is just me…but i believe that there is where the magic starts to happen.

    Thank You for sharing and please do keep making deep stuff too for i need them too =)
    Much Love 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  36. Adam, I can so relate. I went through 13 years of reparative therapy including electronic shock aversion therapy. The effects that were huge and still is today and that includes two lots of major surgery on my oesaphagus for gastric reflux as a direct result. A 49 year marriage to my wife hasn't changed a thing. I've cared for her with MS for 24 years. Full hoist the last 7 years. I was a Baptist Pastor and missionary but not allowed to even attend church now.
    That is why I so appreciate you and your videos, watching them almost every day. Love you guys a lot. May the Lord increase and deepen your love for each other every day.

  37. as Ive said, wonderful… then today I found this….
    .. omfg

    stay to end please….. more work so needs to be done, and yes I did hit his bell button….

  38. Holy shit – I live in Leesburg – Silverlake area. New Smyrna is my fave beach …. shark attack capital of the east coast =)

  39. Adam, I hope you discussed your feelings with your parents, I'm sure the guilt they carry is almost as intense as the confusion, anger, and disappointment you feel. So many parents of gay children think they have failed them in some way. Parents turn to the church looking for a "miracle" … the miracle might be their child is happy, living life to the fullest, and embracing their sexuality with healthy attitudes.

  40. Adam e Bernardo eu sou um fan de vocês dois eu assisto seu vídeo no YouTube todo dia não perco nenhum dos vídeos amo vcs dois continuem sempre assim que vocês vão conseguir abraço pra vocês dois

  41. Stepsof2Foreigners I really inspired by your story, your love and your personality… my family is hard here. And I have met someone in Colombia. And I’m from Alabama here. Was plan on a trip to visit my novio in colombia for the first time. So I keep on watching what you guys have and it just inspired me a lot. My heart with you two. Hope to meet you guys some day because it is an honor to meet people like you and I don’t have friends like that. I am hoping to be like you two one day.. sharing memories with the person we like. I hope we can stay in touch. Y’all stories and memories y’all have is real. I want you two to keep on doing what makes y’all happy because I am trying to do that on my own without anyone’s help. I am not out of closet. But hope one day

  42. CAMP❤️Adam❤️ Bernardo ❤️❤️🏊🏊CIAO🖐️🍧🍧❤️❤️BuonRioRno❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️;)❤️okkkkkkk💋

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