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Opportunity of a Lifetime: Ashley and Amanda’s Prep Journey

Opportunity of a Lifetime: Ashley and Amanda’s Prep Journey

I believe that in her life, because of Prep
she realizes there are no limitations. Look at what it meant for my child. It took her and grew her into another person:
academically, mentally, emotionally, socially. Prep has affected the course of my life exponentially,
without a doubt. The preparation that you get from the program
and the support that you get, not only while you are completing it but afterward when you’ve
been placed in your private school, and after you’ve gone to college. It gives you room to figure out what you want
to do and what you love but it also helps you achieve those things once you find out
what you want to do. “I am so not going to be a brain surgeon. We have to take the t-pins out first… …Ewww.” Amanda has been a pillar of support for me
since my first summer in Prep and just seeing her achievements… it’s like okay, I can do
that, my big sister did it so I can do it. When I was in Prep I don’t think I could’ve
imagined making it to an Ivy League university. At the end of this I’m going to have four
degrees. I was just focused on reading the book at
hand, so now that I am here looking back and I kind of see how Prep steered me in this
direction and made this possible for me, I am just grateful. Next year is probably going to be different
because I will be in a private school, hopefully Poly, I am praying that it is Poly, I can’t
take this anymore, I need it to be March even if it means I have to skip my own birthday
I need it to be March. Hi Amanda, it’s Ashley, I got into Poly! After Prep I went into Poly with a lot of
confidence which gave me room to discover my love of theater. Then when I came to Yale it was the same situation. I also found that I really love history. I became a history major and focused on the
Civil War. Since I graduated from Duke I’ve earned a
master’s degree of political science also at Duke, and after that I interned in the
State Department for a summer. I started a PhD program at Brown in Africana
Studies and I also returned to Prep first as a TA, and then to teach. I am teaching a class called Black Life in
the Post-Industrial City and it is crazy finally being on the other side of the classroom,
not just as a TA but teaching my own original class. My future plans after graduation right now,
I’ll be taking a summer to study for the LSAT exam which I will be taking in the fall and
then I will be going to law school most likely in two to three years, after a little break. Everybody who knows me says, “Ashley you need
a break.” My Prep network is enviable, to say the least. I have friends who make me look bad. JD/MBAs at Penn, lawyers at top firms,
doctors, engineers. It’s amazing how a bunch of folks who started as nerdy ten-year-olds are turning into game changers. Excellence, Courage, Integrity, and Commitment. You put children into that pot with those
ingredients simmering in there, guess what? What comes out is a leader. What comes out is the future of America and
the world.

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  1. It stirs my emotions to see the father, Eustace Greaves, after all the sacrifice and dedication, as an older gentleman but now with tangible evidence that his commitment to Ashley's future was never in vain!

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