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all right we’re about to check in for
our cruise. We just made it through customs we’re checking in to our cruise Yay! hello That’s our boat! we made it we are on the cruise
officially Wow this is a big room we got an upgrade. We actually rented or ordered the cheapest inside room and we got graded it has a window
it’s blocked but at least we have some natural light and we’re near a safety
ship in case there’s any problems. But this is actually apparently
because we didn’t choose our room the room shows us and it is actually a
wheelchair one so it’s like double the size. we’re just sitting down for our first
meal the board the cruise. oh yeah mashed potatoes and gravy. Can’t go wrong. mmm.. green salad is nice. Brr Just got into the hot tub Here we go! Here we go! (music playing) we’re just about to go underneath the
Yokohama bridge super excited apparently we only have two meters clearance, which isn’t much. Should be pretty interesting. so we just finished having a hot tub
watching the sunset was pretty amazing I’m not going to lie. And the elevators
arrived now we’re gonna go to our room they’re way out there Quin there’s some there too! Where?
Oh wow alright so we just got back from the
amazing hot tub and we set sail officially and yeah now we’re just going
to go wander the ship a little bit before our dinner our dining room reservation
at 7:45. I’m here for line dancing and there’s no one here. we’re at Club fusion guys one of the
most popular clubs here on the ship and at 7:00 p.m. there’s gonna be line
dancing pretty excited dinnertime !
We just got sat our table of 2. We requested a table of six because we want to meet new people but here we are. It’s the first day ofthe cruise and we’re super excited we’re gonna have an early night and get ready for first port tomorrow. we
have a bottle of wine to take back to the room and we’re gonna watch movie. It’s day two on our cruise and I have to say this is a pretty good way to spend it in the hot tub by ourselves at the back of the boat. we just finished the most epic hot tub
it was an amazing sunset this evening we hope you guys enjoy the time-lapse they
can see you in the mirror and we’re going to go get changed and then go grab some
dinner pretty amazing evening got to love
sunsets in Japan that’s for sure madness here the ship is just starting to get really
rocky 830’s when the captain said it was gonna like really pick up it’s not even
830 yet so not looking forward to it. all right so it’s the day the morning
after the big storm it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be the way the
captain described it and talking to Megan about her Alaskan cruise I thought
it was gonna be like this scene in wolf of wallstreet where he’s out on his
luxury yacht and they have to get rescued so it was not like that it was
actually like pretty easygoing so yeah probably didn’t need to drink that much
wine last night we’re feeling a little bit rough today but yeah we’re about to
get off our cruise and head to Kyoto which we have no idea really how we’re
getting there we have to figure that out I think we’re gonna have to find make
our way to the bullet train so that is what is on the agenda today next stop
Kyoto see you soon

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  1. Where were the ports? It's too bad you didn't show the places the cruise stopped, I was looking forward to that.

  2. I don't know why I feel I don't like riding this ship I just like the ship that crowded and small lol every peoples were sleeping in the floors well but I still enjoying.

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