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No Pants Subway Ride 2014

No Pants Subway Ride 2014

welcome everybody to the thirteenth annual No Pants Subway Ride (cheers) this is also happening in sixty cities and twenty five countries all over the world (cheers)

Reader Comments

  1. This is an awesome idea and all but isn't that kinda dirty? Your ass cheeks and upper thighs touching the germy train seats… Yuck

  2. You guys need to be reported to Guinness World Records for creating a global annual holiday in a decade or less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow!!!!!!

  3. So many ppl saying "what s the point?" can t you do stuff like this just to have fun and make other ppl laugh a a bit, maybe smile in an usually boring part of the day?

  4. 1st: take your pants off in public then get fully naked cause it's hot,
    2nd: get horny, 3rd: fuck each other !!!!!!  Some ppl just need to use their minds, maybe!  

  5. I love how girls wants so much to participate (and waits desperately) this event as an excuse to show how hot they are. yummy!

  6. Never do it. Ur parents raised u better. If ur going to do this one day when Im around, Im gonna start recording and use it to embarrass u.

  7. This year's ride is happening on Sunday in cities around the world.  Come be a part of it! Details:

  8. This just shows how dumb and useless most people are. They won't do an event for something productive.

    To those behind these dumb campaigns(probably the Zionists): Next time, please do a campaign for those brain dead zombies to POUR DETERGENT DOWN THEIR THROATS. This way we'll get rid of the excess of imbeciles.

  9. Oh. Young insecure females need another excuse to be half naked in public to get attention? Cool. I can see why men would enjoy this prank, but I honestly didn't think women would flock to it so….. liberally. This is honestly just an excuse for girls to get attention. Who the fuck, as a self respecting oman, akes up and says 'Hey, it's a really good idea to walk around in NOTHING but a fucking g-string in the dead of winter'? Ones who have literally zero values and self respect, that's who. And here come the "IT'S JUST A PRANK' comments. Fuck you and fuck your prank. If you don't have a problem with your daughter being naked in a VERY dangerous city(new york) or any fucking where for that matter, or don't care enough for yourself to not be an advertising whore, then you have some damn priorities to evaluate. On any other day, if a group of women did this, they'd be whores. Nothing more.

  10. This is called social engineering and redisgn by the elites to break the moral fabric of society ( and the sheep just follow) in the name of liberalism and freedom of expression which is supposed to be a coool and positive thing in their sick minds. In a few yrs this will be so boring that they will introduce a newer version of it when pple will have sexual intercourse on the subway. It's an attempt to destroy the little remnant of modesty in western societies. The consequences of such social re-engineering on societies are to tear apart the family unit, relationships, faithfulness and loyalty between couples and fatherless children.

  11. Seeing peoples weird reactions is always great. Though I got to admit, these "No Pants" videos are getting a bit stale after so many.
    Love the Shimapan at 0:08 though, that girl has taste.

  12. If only I lived in a city with subway trains! Darn Texas… Does it count if I go eat a sandwich at subway without pants?

  13. People are so sensitive. And they children werent dragged along by there parents, children can make desicions too. Dumbasses. Toughen up.

  14. Ladies don't you hate it when you're minding your own business, taking off your pants and a bunch of pervert men are starting at your  butt.

    I get it you chauvinistic rapists, just because I'm walking around in see through lacy panties from VS you think you own this but guess what, YOU DON'T!!!

  15. 13th Jan 2014 would have been the day of our species' first contact with the God race who travelled millions of light years to reach us, but were forced to an emergency U-turn after seeing what was going on.

  16. Why isn't the song no pants policy by Leslie Hall? Someone needs to get on the subway with a boom box playing no pants policy

  17. All the liberal snowflakes saying, “Think of all those TRAUMATIZED children!!!” While in reality the children looked like they were having a blast!!!

  18. On second thoughts I think you guys did me a good turn. This makes me want to wear shorts underneath my trousers more than ever in the winter.

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