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Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure: First Look

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure: First Look

(upbeat music) – Ah. Okay, I get it. Looking at the Ring Fit Adventure
for the Nintendo Switch, it looks kinda silly. It’s basically the successor
to Wii Fit-a fitness game that utilizes the Switch’s Joy-Cons to get your heart pumping. In story mode, you squeeze
and pull a new controller called a Ring-Con to
control your character. Squeezing will help you shoot
obstacles with this air blast, while pulling will help you
collect items in a vacuum. To beat up baddies, you select an exercise and do a few reps to knock
down their hit points. There’s also a leg strap
with the other Joy-Con in it, and that’s to make sure you
lazy bums aren’t cheating by sitting on the couch. Strap it to your left leg,
so when you pick up the pace, so does your character. Aside from the main story mode,
you can also play mini-games or keep it simple with targeted exercises based on muscle group. You can also measure your
heart rate and calories burned via the IR sensor in the Joy-Con. So I get that in the video, it looks easy to squeeze and pull this Ring-Con, but let me tell you, it is not. It is actually very hard to manipulate so you will get a workout. You probably won’t get buff like Dragaux from playing the game, but it is a fun way to trick yourself into some activity without having to leave your living room. And who cares if you look stupid
if you’re also having fun.

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