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  1. This is so awesome, as a kid I was too young to remember the Senators and the only baseball I knew was the banner they used to walk around the upper deck of RFK Stadium during Redskins games that said Bring Baseball Back to DC. We finally got the franchise and we endured back to back 100 loss seasons and didn't care because we had baseball and the Nat's were OURS!!!!! We endured 2012 and other playoff failures wondering why we never seemed to catch a break. Well for the first time sine 1933 a Washington DC team will be playing in the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO NATS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a incredible moment for the DMV. The fignt in this team will go down in history. So happy that this team played as a TEAM. Makes it so much sweeter during football season. Congrats fellow Nats fans. Stay in the fight!!!!

  3. Amazing story that a team 19-31 can end up with this kind of success. That's what's great about baseball. Sometimes teams just catch fire and roll with it…

  4. As a Cardinals Fan I would like to Congratulate you guys on winning the NLCS….. good luck to you guys in the World Series

  5. Chicago Cubs fan here. Just want to say congratulations to the Nationals and all their fans. One more thing Bryce who? He went for the money you guys went on to win the NLCS. Now go bring back the World Series for the National League

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