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NASA's Journey to the Moon | Apollo Trailer

NASA's Journey to the Moon | Apollo Trailer

the path to the moon traced a dangerous line of risk and reward in a race against time we choose to go to the moon NASA challenged our scientific capabilities within a single decade the Apollo program redefined the boundaries of humanity to celebrate NASA's 60 years of exploration seeker will go back in time to relive each Apollo missions join us as we take a ride to an entirely new world

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  1. Why is it that the quality of the moon landing videos appear to be getting worse and worse every year. They were crap then. They're barely visible now. It's almost as if they encourage the moon conspiracies with the terrible video quality. Almost as if…

  2. I'm looking forward to 2036 when China will land on the moon. I wonder if they will pick the original NASA landing site…….

  3. To: The brainless retarded Moon landing deniers…
    From: Reality. It's 2018. Every other Superpower now has the ability to prove we didn't go. They could easily rub our face in a fake moon landing just as a dogs face in the pile of shit left on the rug. This would be the story of the century. But why haven't they? Is the whole world in on your conspiracy?

  4. And here I was, thinking this was about Nasa sending someone else to the moon. But, not unfortunately. How disappointing. That title was a Major let down lol

  5. Cool. Most documentaries focus on Apollo 1, 11 and 13 and if it wasn't for books about the subject I wouldn't even know about all the interesting anecdotes regarding other missions (also 12 was the funniest, 17 the most impressive). Same for Gemini and Apollo Applications. Good stories.

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