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so follow me I really like cycling but I mean I can't live in the bicycle canoe see naked it will take time to like properly get used to this nature is ten miles doable I did it you can do things differently I've become a naturist because it's kind of like one way of showing this rebel side covered so they take switch on writing life because why the hell we feel restricted boxes to get your electricity from those managers just earning look at much space our good day it's like a double bed just like proper party car need starting jesus what a mess probably the journey is just to learn to accept other people even more and just to show people that no one is perfect body is just a body it's what's inside of the body that's what matters it used to be very very hardcore never cried really but like now on this journey I cry almost every day yes I do and I'm not afraid or ashamed to admit that because it's just part of the becoming more real like exposing myself it doesn't have to be interpreted in direct way it's more like metaphor one of the reasons is just to really shut off all the layers of Lies what I'm trying to show to the other world you know laws that say I'm beatable and this hardcore body which doesn't really give a fuck about anything which is wrong which is fucking wrong I really do care about homeless animals and and wild animals and I really want to go to Africa ride an elephant just connect with nature more and try to find more organic ways the natural ways how to live life basically yeah and probably the purpose of one posting these videos is just to inspire people to really be themselves just go for it and appreciate who you are bring awareness to show that it's possible actually to maintain your individuality don't think about what others think because others really don't care they are preoccupied with their own insecurities everyone has that dark side you know it just some people hide it very well really important that we are knowledge that we have this dark side and try to accept that try to come in terms of being friends with the dark side and see how the dark side actually can help you in life because everything what is within us you know is there for reason thank you for those who have subscribed I really appreciate and for those who happened please subscribe subscribe to my channel because we are about to get very very naked thanks for watching

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  1. We do a lot of sailing and camping out in remote places and never wear any clothing whether on the boat or not, there is nothing like living free and naked. Love your video

  2. Being nude in the summer, in a camping or on a beach or in the nature, is normal. What is not normal is to wear clothes when there is no utility.

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