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My weight loss journey (Week 213)

My weight loss journey (Week 213)

Hi guys; I hope you’re all well. It’s currently Sunday the 9th of February 2020 and welcome to week 213 of the weight loss journey. I’m going to start the proceedings off by reviewing my calorie consumption for the past week, which you can see in the graph above. The average of this was 3,016 compared to the previous week at 2,700. So this week as you can quite clearly see has been an absolute disaster. In terms of sticking to my 2,500 daily calorie allowance. I’ve; what can I say….pretty much from the start the week, last Sunday right through to Saturday…it’s not been perfect. I’ve had this emptiness feeling, hungry feeling that I just could not get rid of, I couldn’t satisfy. And I’ve also had this bloatedness feeling as well…it’s been…a rubbish week, an absolute rubbish from start to end. Fluid wise though…this is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. That’s at 3,637 millilitres compared to the previous week at 3,311 millilitres. So…..above my daily weekly average allowance target a 3,500 millilitres, so thankfully at least I got this thing right. If we now look at my step count, which you can also see in the graph above. The average of this was 10,424 compared to the previous week at 11,501. I’m still not with it, it’s been one of those weeks. So at least I’m still above 10,000 steps, which is a surprise. Because I feel I’ve probably not doing as much this week. But…..the data obviously…shows that I’ve just crept in, within that target that I’ve set myself. Yeah not with it at all. It’s that time of the week, where we all get to see if I’ve managed to lose any more weight. So here is guys, here’s my weigh in. I weigh 167.9 kilograms which is 370.2 pounds or 26 stone 6.2 pounds. This means in the last week I’ve seen a gain of 3.5 pounds or 1.6 kilogram. But if I compare this result to result I obtained at Slimming World, you can see this right here. At Slimming World this week I also saw a gain of 3.5 pounds or 1.6 kilograms. Obviously this week’s result is absolutely rubbish…obviously no one wants to see a big gain. As a result my….percentage weight loss of what I gained over Christmas obviously has to go down. From 63.2% to 50.9%, so yeah just giving myself more work to do, making my life just a little bit more difficult. Based on this week’s weight gain it sees my Body Mass Index (BMI) go from 48.6 up to 49.1 And if look at my third weight loss target; Last week it was 49.3% complete and after the gain it has to go down to 44.3% complete. So in the 213 weeks I’ve been doing this weight loss journey. I’ve lost a total of 171 pounds which is 77.6 kilograms or 12 stone 3 pounds. Next week what can I say I just hope this emptiness/hungry feeling doesn’t come back. I’ve still got it actually today if I’m being honest, not feeling 100%. But I’m really hoping that I can turn things around and lose this 3.5 pounds that I’ve just gained this week and of course, much more. So I may mean for at least the 5 pound weight loss next Saturday. And I’m gonna pull out all the stops. Making….sure without any doubt that I’m going to get within my 2,500 calorie average for the week. Stepwise keep that above 10,000 steps and of course fluid, keep that above 3500 millilitres. And I’m gonna see if I can fit in a bit more activity, maybe by going to the gym. I don’t know, I’ve been extremely busy for the last number of weeks. Well since the start of the New Year, I’ve been…absolutely crazy busy. And so yeah…that’s my hopes for next week and let’s see what happens. But other than that guys, that’s it. That’s the end of this week’s video. As always if you’d like to continue following me along my weight loss journey and hopefully get to see much less of me in the future. By all means subscribe to my channel, so you don’t get to miss out on any future videos that I post. I wish you all a fantastic week and I’ll see you all again next Sunday.

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  1. Unfortunately I know your struggles all to well. You continue to be an inspiration. You have a plan and goals so that in itself is hopeful for progress in the battle with food. Its aggravation we can't live without food to nourish us.

  2. Hi Stu, it's the bloat? I'm sorry, I know this hungry empty feeling. For me it is insatiable. You have come so far, and I believe in you!! You have got this! I finally got back to food prepping again. I threw the cereal in the trash. I just cant have it in the house. I have very little willpower. Keep up the fight! Best wishes in the upcoming week! Best wishes- Robin

  3. Sorry mate. Hang in there. I had started ballet but then stopped because work got busier. Looking forward to bringing it back. My weight has been a steady 193 lbs. Not really trying to diet though, would like to focus on my mental health and well-being at the moment. Best wishes

  4. Food was bad but water was awesome. Step count was terrific. Oh nooooo 3 1/2 lbs gain. Hope that feeling can e overcome. Stu do you have any access to ongoing counseling? Maybe talking to an expert my help you.

  5. Wow week 213! That in itself is truly inspiring. We are also on a weight loss journey on week 7 and seeing this has motivated us to keep going. Couple little tips, I notice I feel a lot hungrier when I haven’t had enough sleep. Also, we started measuring ourselves too because we noticed our weight going up even though our clothes felt looser so you could try that? 171 pounds is amazing tho! Keep going, you got this.

  6. Hi! God, I know the feeling, had a huge gain on the first week of February too and I'm still working on that haha
    Hopefully the hungry feeling will at least lessen! Keep up the hard work, Stu. Have a nice week!

  7. The ghost of Christmas past has defo come to visit this week Stu keep at it brother just put this week behind you and attack this weight loss with a new laser focus MINT

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