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  1. That ol' girl might ride a bit better if she wasn't loaded down like a 747 cargo plane out of Jakarta πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing!

  2. i don't get it. 1. you said your wiper worked, then you never used it. 2. rain-x did nothing on the front windshield. 3. do you make $300k+ a year? Why would you stay away from home that long. 4. not an insult…what is your wife doing for 4 months? just seems weird. I wouldn't think there'd be enough biz to make a living, but perhaps that's why you have that schedule. Thanks for vids.

  3. And I thought roads in Washington State were bad!!! That is ridiculous. Looks like you were driving through a car wash.

  4. traveling and road trips are fun, but pulling into the driveway after a long haul is the best trip of all…

  5. I love to watch you work. As a retired truck mechanic I know how tough that work can be. And it's twice as hard doing it outside on the dirt. However, this post is just to say – I'm not interested in seeing you drive. I only watch for the mechanical work – so please edit out the driving parts and provide more of the mechanics/repairs.

  6. Aaaw, great big puppies. I simply love dogs. My grandfather once had a very big St. Bernard on which kids could ride easily. This dog was very strong but had a very gently, good- natured character. Even cats could ride on his back! But he was also a trained watchdog if I remember correctly.
    Best regards luck and health.

  7. Those are some β€œGrand” puppies!

    I had Rain-X on my windshield once and was hundreds of miles from home. My drivers-side wiper arm fell right the hell off my car. Kept right on driving. So yeah β€” good stuff.

  8. I love dogs! Our little one (Silky Terrier) passed recently, and damn it, I miss having a dog already! My parents are older and don't want anymore. They are awesome, any breed, smart and are always glad to see you, and know when you are sick, hurting, etc! They are FAR more intelligent than we realize! I miss having a furry friend I can cuddle with, especially when my MS acts up, and spasms in my paralyzed legs cause bad pain. I love all animals, heck, even horses are awesome pets! They give us so much that we can never begin to be able to repay! When they die, they take a chunk of your heart and soul with them, and you will cry for days. It is a relationship without condition. I also love how you are always happy and bubbly and cheerful, BGM, and wife! You are an awesome couple, and you know your Detroits! Awesome to see someone love these 2 stroke engines as much as I do! Magnificent machines! Cheers BGM! Your pups are adorable, I'd transfer from my wheelchair to the floor and probably spend hours cuddling and petting and loving them, they cannot be beat! πŸ˜€

  9. Thanks! Nice to travel with Greyhound. Courteous and Safe Driving. Go Greyhound and Leave The Driving To Us ! Most certainly you are the best bus driver. Handled the rain traffic and pot holes like a pro. You certainly earned your drivers hat !

  10. Looks like your driving thru Shria! Or Yugoslavia! So glad Trumps on top of infrastructure! !πŸ‘ŽπŸ™ƒ

  11. Something you might consider. Get a sheet of 1 1/8" plywood. Rip it down the middle, then cut those two pieces so you end up with eight 2'X2' pieces. Those big strong pieces are wonderful at spreading out the load under a jack when you are trying to keep your jack from sinking.

  12. Now you are back home so I reckon I'll be seeing you around town somewhere or better yet you'll see my big rig in passing somewhere as I also have a few customers in your area. You've more than likely already seen me while I was working on the new bridge project over CSX railroad last year. That was one project I was thrilled to work on.

  13. Ya know they say that the dog looks like the owner and in your case they are correct ! Lol. Nice to be home for sure !

  14. One thing most people don't know.. DON'T try to use your windshield wipers AND Rain x at the same time… It will smear black stuff all over your

  15. Thank you again and again for these great teaching videos. When I get my bus this year, I will be very well prepared.

  16. "just passed me, now he wants to go slower than me"
    Drafting time. Watch that pyrometer drop like a rock.

  17. The fact that you are out on the road helping us all with our buses, and missing so much wonderful time with family and all, has me want to help you even more in your dedication to keeping these old buses running. Tell us what we can do and we will support you in your endeavor. Thank you both for all you do out here in the country side.

  18. Nice dogs. I’ve always heard that large breeds have many health issues and shorter life spans than the ankle- biter varieties. Don’t know if that’s true.

  19. just drove that route from Richmond to Terre Haute and i had to stop 2 times to retie my load and check to make sure i did not bend an axle or lose a wheel.

  20. Those puppies are biiiiiiig…..big like… buses. The puppies are like small buses! Welcome home Happy Father's Day weekend!

  21. A YouTuber that's Australia, has a channel "
    Dangar Marine" and mentioned you and your channel "Bus Grease Monkey" on his channel (10:28). He is working refurbishing a steel trawler that has a Detroit Diesel and will be using your technique for using vise grips on the injector rack to keep the engine from running away. I left a link to his channel and time stamp in case you're interested in watching. And by the way, I am a new subscriber and enjoy watching your channel very much. Best Regards

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