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  1. Honestly I don't feel that travel time is conducive with the level of technological advancement given the setting of the game.

    I have gotten to fly an actual flight simulator and after doing a list of preparation checks the plane literally flew itself. So I would love to see an autopilot feature with the bubble that will fly you directly to known bodies/stations which would notify you of hazards and non routine issues like potential hostiles or specific signal sources.

    The functionality of the autopilot would expand as explorers map the systems outside of the bubble

  2. Elite has a lot of beautiful locations to visit, but once you realise it will take you hours upon hours (maybe even days) of mind-numbing repetative jump sequences with ZERO game interaction – the will to go there goes away really fast. SC is not better in any way. Now, long travel times can be mitigated with further game interactions. EVE does it perfectly since you can literally do anything you want while flying. From looking at shiny stuff around you, fiddle with ship fitting, browsing all the ships ingame, browsing the market, talking to people, managing your assets, plot routes with filters etc etc. The problem (itself) is not long travel, it's the fact you literally do nothing ingame during that time. And if you need to tab out to watch TV while "playing" the game… it's not much playing nor a game now is it?

  3. Thanks for discussing this topic OA. I much prefer the travel times in SC since you can do things in the ship while travelling if you want to. Unless travelling in system in ED, I've got to mind-numbingly jump every 45-60sec to get anywhere meaningful. Even on big voyages like DW1, there is little to do while going from A to B unless you've got a group to stop and look at things with.

  4. I've llargely stopped playing ED in part due to travel times. My play session aren't long these days and to spend 15 minutes just getting somewhere is a large chunk of my play allocation. ED could maybe have a more logarithmic scale for acceleration so you start off slow but accelerated much quicker as your speed increases.

    I dropped into a distress USS and the npc needed fuel. However I didn't have any fuel limpits so couldn't help. Why cant we have some form of ship to ship docking that would allow fuel transfer, it is just another barrier. I cant just help someone, I have to make sure my ship is kitted out to help, compromising what I might actually need for my mission etc.

  5. You are an explorer OA and you still doing it because of travel time ,if that was not there you wouldn't have content anymore a long ago. What about distant worlds ?? wouldn't be distant anymore.
    The jumps in ED its really short compared to SC and does becomes repetitive ….they should have different time duration.

  6. I don't mind / appreciate the long-range travel mechanics in elite, in the sense that many hyperspace jumps are needed. For me, it does the sense-of-scale thing pretty good. I could however go with much shorter witch-space time, but as far as I understand, it is completely filled by loading / server sync stuff. In-system travel is generally ok imo, unless the port is especially far out. More ship-side interactions in the meantime would be interesting, but I don't want hundreds of surprise encounters in the middle of nowhere.

  7. I still believe a Babylon 5 style jump gate system would be a good addition to ED, I would not want them in every system but ones with like high population concentrations or even in say the powerplay/faction capitals along with Colonia. It would ease the burden of travel in human controlled space yet still give explorers the option to venture out into the black and still keep the feel of adventure but allow those of us that travel in the bubble have less tedium to get around. Another thing I would add would be a star selection in cases of binary/trinary etc. systems so we can jump closer to the destination we wish to reach. I would also (and I doubt this would happen) would like to see the jump ranges increased they always felt low/small compared to the scope of the game it wouldnt need to be a vast increase maybe just double of what the current value is.

  8. I don't get why you have this grudge against space travel time. For me it's all part of the simulation, I embrace it. Travelling to the far reaches of the galaxy gives one a huge sense of achievement, and knowing that not all commanders have the stamina for it makes it all that more worth while. I sincerely hope FD do not change this game mechanic, it is what separates this game from being an experience (a space simulation), rather than being a mere "game".

  9. I used to do alot of trading wen i played, alot of trading.
    So three quarters of my "gameplay" was watching netflix and youtube videos, now thats bad!

  10. Additional methods of travel would probably be useful.
    Like wormholes and jump-gates.
    I always thought it would be cool in Elite Dangerous to traverse between stars a'la Space Engine.
    Would also be neat if trade lanes were a thing so that the player could encounter random events such as piracy on their travels.

  11. Im fine with SC in system, but I don't see why we couldn't have some sort of short range FSD between stars within multiple star systems. For example if you jump into binary system and the stars are so far apart you should be able to jump between them within that system. This would greatly shortening some travel times and add an interesting new mechanic to the game.

  12. One of the things I love about Elite’s travel mechanics is it has a great sense of realism while still enabling interstellar travel. The galaxy feels more realistic and less like a game, and so more immersive, since it feels like a natural progression of where technology could be, opening up the galaxy but still having limits. Nothing has been more satisfying to me than flying to Sag A*…it felt like an accomplishment, but more importantly like I actually did it. Just being able to select the destination and get there in one jump ruins that level of immersion for me.

  13. As far as I know Frontier they would add a cryptic Mission, which you can only find out how to do it by thrid party sites; and after 10 hour gri- quality game time you would get 20.000 Cr + Biowaste out of it.

  14. I hope cig overlooks every idea in this video and doesn't implement anything that makes traveling less time consuming. the e.d. game can do whatever it wants.

  15. I agree with everything you say. Having spoken to David Braben recently about this I can say Frontier have considered and could (relatively) easily implement in system micro jumps. The reasons they haven't since this yet are the ones you mentioned to do with the reason for super cruise and especially the enjoyment of flying to and past stellar objects. I don't believe it's off the table either although they likely would add it as a new module.

  16. What I would like to see, perhaps, is a megaship that can be used by people who have already been to specific places to go back and forth "quickly"

    Been to Tir already? Take the weekly megaship there or back again to change your pinned blueprint. Want to go back to Sagittarius A* without devoting 3 months to the trip? Shazam, hop on the weekly megaship. But I would say it is important that the shuttles be permit locked to only those who have been to the system in question, and only go there or back once a week, that way forum dads can still feel like they did something.

  17. I have watched YouTube, Netflix or listened to a random podcast while travelling. However, when I build my new computer, I want to be able to use VR. With that, I would only be able to listen to a podcast and not be able to watch movies. If I was able to watch a video in my ship, that would be awesome.

  18. Perhaps instant travel should be included with a module? Give the player who wants that level of speed something to work for, while also making it fill up enough space so that it's difficult to fit it onto mining or trading vessels, making it still sub-optimal for those jobs that turn time into profit. I can see it having much more value to someone who enjoys bounty hunting or exploring.

    Alternatively, or perhaps alongside, maybe finding derelict explorer ships in places that don't have a star you can scoop from. Maybe some can still be saved, if you have enough fuel to spare for them. That'd be a nice, non-combat oriented random event, I think.

  19. supercruise and instant travel are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but it instant travel can make hauling much easier.

  20. I think in-system jumps would be good, at least for getting to stars and maybe large Jovians. If I can jump 40 light years to a star, why can't I jump 200,000 light seconds to one?

  21. Pulsar the lost colony has an interesting take on travel. Travel times take several minutes to get from system to system but the captain has the power to skip it. The sense of scale is still there and you do still have to plot multiple jumps to get to a location.

    The skip feature makes it bearable and you can also use it to get the crew ready. When they are the captain can skip the travel and instantly start the action.

  22. One solution to the travel time in elite would be to remove the slowdown time and just have the ship drop you out of supercruise instantly at your destination. You could still have the long slow acceleration to provide scale.

  23. You do indeed dream while sleeping, I don’t see why you can’t play while traveling. If you watch Star Trek or other types of shows, things happen onboard the ship while traveling. I think many interesting things can happen on the ship itself. Once we can walk around our ships, this type of game play can become more of a reality.

  24. So yeah Frontier.
    Introduce Space Legs so I can go to my Ship Cafeteria and have a chat to my Fighter Pilot and grab a coffee myself.
    I can go down below and tinker with my FSD. I can work in the astrogation room. Watch a Galnet video. Relieve myself in the toilet. Or have a snooze on my King size bed.

  25. The game is what it is, deliberately. There are plenty of other space games for those with short attention spans. Leave ED alone and go play them if you don't like it.

  26. I am in the relaxing side of the game. I have been playing it for 8 months and I really enjoy exploration and long distance travels while watching videos or movies. I haven´t started yet with combat, even mining. I am fine with this system.

  27. Ant, although unrelated to this video, would you ever consider doing some gameplay and commenting about I-War 2 and the possibility of a 3rd I-War game or a new space game as detailed?

    I recently reinstalled I-War 2 and am having a blast, especially after adding a sensor range mod which alters my ship signature depending on how far I'm scanning for contacts.
    The in-game Engineering tab is quite complex, allowing you to manage your ship power in a much more detailed way than in most other space games; and the in-game encyclopedia is very well done and immersive, explaining pretty much every ship and weapory system in details, almost making you believe it was real.

    Right now, a "I-War 3" with Elite's/SC graphics level would probably be one of the best space games in the market.

  28. I do like how it can take a while to fly intersystem I must admit, it helps with immersion for me, but in saying that, as an explorer. It does mean that I get less done at times

  29. the real reason is actually the drive acceleration. i once travel to carpenter city and it's about 550.000Ls from the star. so it took about 10 minutes just to get to the station. the acceleration is too slow. i only manage to achieve 700c, and even at that speed is not enough. if somehow elite dangerous was able to boost the speed of supercruise to 2000c at long distance travel between bodies, it should've solve the problem.

  30. My suggestion for elite: We already have super-cruse assist, have that module allow instant point-to-point travel. Balance that with stress to the ship's modules, with damage based on the distance traveled.

  31. This is the main problem…. I love super cruise and normal travel. But the 4,3,2,1 countdown every minute, time and time again. its too much. You gave some great examples of how to make it fun, at least in the Bubble..

  32. I feel like you're overlooking USS and understating the risk of pirates in Elite.
    Broadly, I do agree with you… but I think there's a lot more to do when flying in Elite than you're suggesting.

  33. One thing that could appeal to both camps of thought would be the ability to select what star you want to lock onto in multi star systems. It would still make the star systems feel big once you're there but you wouldn't always be forced to fly long distances to get to certain POIs.

  34. "You're not going to find a cave in space".

    Heh, in ED, you're not going to find a cave on planets, either.

  35. When space legs come if they do it will make it a lot better you could be doing something on your ship and you hear covas say you’ve arrived at your destination

  36. In ED the main problem I have is not the actual travel time, it is the fact that there is no enganging gameplay waiting at the destination, which would make the travel worth the time. Trading means you arrive – dock – do a few clicks in a menu – undock – and travel again for x amount of minutes. Bounty Hunting is basically the same, no matter where you are/fly to.
    Everything feels copy pasted. Why would I ever fly 1000s of LYs if there is nothing special and worthwhile at the destination. Heck even the stations look alllmost the same no matter where you go and the whole interaction with them is to ask for landing clearance and click through a menu .

    I feel like SC is trying give us way more stuff to do at the destinations so the travel times in SC are no big deal for me at all, I actually like it, since there is enough stuff to do allready at the different planets. And it actually feels like a different location.

  37. My controller is buggered and the nose of the ship drifts down very slowly. If you don't like hands off travel time I can sell you my controller and that will be your problem solved!

  38. I stopped playing ED because of the travel time, I want my playing time to matter. Thank you for abording this subject. Really! Thanks!

  39. I think a major problem is background simulation, if everything is in sync, you can't just have a loading screen and you are somewhere else instantly and the world clock moved 15 minutes


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