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My Natural Hair Journey | Relaxer, Transition, Damage, Color Treatment

My Natural Hair Journey | Relaxer, Transition, Damage, Color Treatment

hey guys welcome back to my channel so I'm finally doing a natural hair journey video I talked about it in my first ever video a little bit I've given you guys some snippets you know I talked about my struggles accepting my natural hair texture a few times but I never really gave you guys the full journey from like birth up until now you guys will probably like to hear about it and I've never done one of these videos and I feel like what's a natural hair channel without the natural hair journey video you know so let's get it started it all started on April 25th 1995 at 7:56 a.m. hello baby Janelle is born with kinky curly hair well as you can see as a baby it wasn't that too kinky curly but you know baby hair it was baby here but of course with my kinky hair and my mom would always do you know the little ponytail puffs with like the bubbles and the clips I think we all know what that looks like but this is a little example of that and I would also get my hair braided a lot you know cornrows and I mom would do like the two strand twist and just leave them in it for like a week or two I used to love that I did get the occasional texturizer here and there as you can see let me standing next to my dad my hair looks a little bit straighter you know I look a little bit wet or something I don't know what that's about I'm pretty sure that's a texturizer but for the most part I was natural as you can see I think this is like another texturizer picture here because looks really straight or it was straightened I don't remember but but you know my mom never wanted to relax my hair because a lot of people were damaging the kid's hair with relaxers at a very young age like putting relaxers in at two years old I have cousins who had relaxers when they were two years old like that was ridiculous so my mom was just like no I'm not doing that I'm probably never gonna relax her hair but I wanted my hair to be straight if you guys have seen any of my other videos about how I struggle to accept my hair texture I struggled I struggled to love my kinky hair I didn't like it I thought it was ugly I mean I think the environment for natural hair back then was not a good one it was not seen as good hair it was it was nappy it was poufy it was not pretty it needed to be contained you know so that's I absorbed all that and it was internalized so I wanted straight hair so I asked my mom to take me to the beauty salon and give me a relaxer so she did 2006 I got a relaxer and looking like I was as right as I was entering middle school honestly I have to say that it was the perfect time for me to get a relaxer because I was pretty much on my own with my hair at this point you know I was in middle school I was starting to be a big girl now so I had to do my own hair I would not have known what to do with natural hair guys with kinky hair I would not have known what to do so I had my hair relaxed and there's not a lot of pictures from you know the first three years because I've burned them all because middle school sucked but here's a few pictures from high school I was rocking the Nicki Minaj bangs like most of us okay my relaxing was pretty Along Came I has always been pretty long my entire life as you can see here I mean it looks pretty long which was kind of like you know out of the norm a lot of people who had relaxed hair since they'd been getting relaxer since they were a baby their hair would fall out it'd be damaged and people would ask me all the time is that your real hair are you mixed you know I'm like no I just take care of my hair and my mom to get married going up I never really wore weave like that until I joined the step team in high school and we would have to wear like this ponytail as you can see and you know a bunch of other you know hairstyles for the shows I would put them in that night and then immediately take them out because my parents did not like me wearing weaves at all so yeah but however one of the weaves is the reason why I decided to go natural weekend we had to wear curly hair it was like a ponytail with curly hair or something like that and I was just like wow this is so cute I wonder like what it would take for me to get my hair to be curly like this you know like how do I like I feel like my hair probably looks like this how do I get it back to this so I started doing my research looking up how to go natural and I realized that I was either gonna have to shave it all off or grow it out and I was like now about to shave it all off okay oh and and something else that added to that was as you can see my hair looks pretty short in this picture compared to how it was you know like a few years earlier maybe a year or two earlier I was noticing that I wasn't able to retain a lot of that link that I was gaining I had to cut my hair so short this is probably the shortest it had ever been and I was just like like I don't want to deal with this anymore so that is also part of the reason why I decided to go natural and so I got so I tried to go natural for like a month or two and then it didn't work out and I got one more perm and after that perm I was like okay no that is it as the last perm I am transitioning to natural at this time this was kind of revolutionary because there was not a lot happening in the natural movement it was just getting started you had a natural 85 who still probably had a TWA at this point you know like that shows you how long ago this was so boom here we are transitioning 2010 to 2012 I transitioned for too long long years man this was a struggle I don't know what that style is but hey I started off scrunching my hair you know when I was first transitioning and then I started experimenting with braid outs and twist outs and for the most part I was doing like braid outs or flat twist outs but because I live in Florida where it's so humid no style would ever last it was the most frustrating thing ever my straight permed ends would just fall like the curls would just fall they would be gone okay it was awful I would try to straighten it from time to time here it is looking a little straight as you can see like the ends of my hair look very wispy it's still relaxed right there I'm almost fully natural at this point this is like 2011 close to 2012 I think my go-to style was flexi rods I love flexi rods that sets they were the only Styles that lasted through the humidity it blended my two textures perfectly like this was it like this these were the glory days of my transitioning when I learned how to do a flexi rod set okay and then we have the Brazilian Botox treatment that I abused I used and abuse it okay I started to straighten my hair all the time so basically what happened was at this point I was fully natural probably for like a month okay and I don't even know if had trimmed off the perm to NZ the relaxed ends yet but I decided to get this Brazilian Botox and I was straightening my hair every single week like a little clown okay like what was I thinking I don't know but I was just rocking this straight look all the time because the Brazilian Botox made it so easy to straighten you can check my video out on that I want to talk too much about it but I was training my hair every single week I would do the occasional curly style here and there but for the most part I was straightening it and then I discovered clipping extensions okay as you can see I was wearing them for prom and I after that it was well I was straight hair every day all day every day all the time with my little extensions okay even though they were synthetic Jesus fix it but all that straightening led my hair to complete damage okay mm took 13 my hair was completely destroyed as you can see that inspector my hair is straight there is no curl there's a little wave but no girl okay I decided at this point that I was gonna just go all the way natural no extra treatments no extra anything just me and my kinky behind hair okay so I decided to start doing protective styles I got my first ever rope twists right here single Swiss whatever you call them and I was just it was just gonna be me in my hair working it out so this is my hair after I took those sink Lee's twists out as you can see my ends looked kind of thin compared to the roots the roots are you know kinky and fake but the ends are still straight you know so I had to curl them had to blend the two textures it was basically like I was transitioning all over again this was when I got my hair straightened for the first time after being natural but at this point I was starting to learn my hair or starting to learn what styles work I was experimenting a lot and I was I was figuring things out it was a struggle don't get me wrong there were days where I missed class because I just couldn't figure out what to do with my hair every day is where I just broke down crying in my dorm room because I didn't know what to do like I didn't know what to do nothing lasts like everything I did it just I just didn't feel pretty you know I didn't feel beautiful like there was a lot happening and all of this is happening in my first year of college so you can imagine the did this stress okay a girl was stressed but I was finally starting to figure things out around 2014 here they're wearing protective styles here's my fro it's looking pretty healthy here not completely there but almost and then boom here we go this is the most moisturized braid I have ever had in my life okay it was looking so good I was finally together so enter the glory days alright hey my hair is finally healthy I'm rocking these styles okay twist outs and the braid outs I am rocking it everything was starting to get really good with my hair and then I started my youtube channel because I had finally figured things out and I wanted to help other girls figure it out too because I felt like my hair was different from everybody who was already on YouTube you know I could never find someone whose hair type was exactly like mine or you know close to mine like everybody's hair type seems to be like if I thought it was close I would see them do a certain style or like wash their hair and I do like this is totally different like I can't do that with my hair like I can't do a wash and go like that you know I can't do what Swit out like that so I decided to start my own channel and then I started to really getting I've always kind of been experimental with my hair from the get-go you know I had bangs when I was relaxed I was doing I did all types things my hair but I even started to do wash and gos which was something that I didn't really start doing until late in my hair journey because I was just always afraid and the one time that I did try it didn't work out but I finally was starting to learn how to make that work for my Yankee behind here okay so here's a couple of pictures of that I'm doing blowouts I'm wearing clip-ins I'm I'm doing it all okay my puff is glorified my hair looks amazing I've come so far at this point so so far in my journey so many things have happened and not to mention I got the queen of protective styles obviously because I just I love to experiment with all different types of styles okay we've got clippings we've got wigs long wig short wigs curly wigs you know all braids all of that marley twists all of that i love to switch it up constantly I love it I love it I love it and then we enter into a new experimental phase which is right now the face that I'm in right now which is experimenting with colors it's something that I was always kind of afraid to do I never wanted to do it on my own I never wanted to do the at-home thing because I just didn't want to risk dealing with damaged hair again so when I got the opportunity to have my hair done professionally by my homegirl julissa I jumped at the opportunity you understand me but I trusted her because I'd seen what she had done and so I'm like alright girl have at it you know lighting me up give me some highlights let's change things around see what we can do she gave me this beautiful ginger color and this is awesome twist honestly the best was I've ever seen on myself I mean she did an amazing job look at how beautiful that color was and I was rocking with that for a couple months I loved it okay I love it honestly of my hair this honestly is the best my hair ever looked and then I tried red which I still have right now I still have the red in I dyed that myself and then I got it touched up by IMDb Michelle she made it look better than what I did cuz I didn't do it that great of a job to be honest but she also trimmed me up so my hair is actually the shortest it has been in a very very long time and I've heard about it but it's not her fault it's my fault because I didn't get trims as much as I needed to professionally I was trimming my hair the wrong way you know just doing all type of thing but she shaped me up she trimmed me up in my hair my shape looks amazing my color looks amazing my hair is healthy as it's ever been and I'm ready to experiment with new colors I think I'm doing honey blonde next I don't know yet don't see but I'm very excited to try some new colors and just switch things up again cuz I don't know how I do but I've been talking for long enough I hope you guys enjoyed this video this video of my natural hair journey it documented like this video if you did enjoy it let me know in the comments down below if you have any questions comments concerns follow me on social media my handle is at Jenelle so Pyrex all the information will be in the description box down below thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you in my next video bye

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  1. Loving the color and the shape! Thanks for sharing your journey. I am now 8 weeks into my natural hair journey and I’m loving loving loving it!! Especially the coily girls support system 😁

  2. The natural hair confidence and breakdowns was definitely me when I first went natural. I used to be sooo scared to walk out the house when I started because I didn’t know how to style it. I crieddd and missed school too. Now a bad hair day just goes into a ponytail. Lol its funny when we get better with our hair we become experts. Wish I knew then, what I know now

  3. I enjoyed this video!! I have thick, 4 b/c, high porosity hair so when I found your channel, you gave me a lot of encouragement, tips & so many product suggestions for my hair.

  4. LOVE!! Been waiting for this from you. I think you are one of the few that match my hair type and I agree, not many of us. Can you please bring a tutorial on the bomb hairstyle at time stamp 11:15? 🙂

  5. Do you have your friends info that did your ginger color? It was beautifully done ! (BYW love your hair journey, the journey to self love and growth shows ✨✨✨)

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