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MY FIRST CRUISE! ROYAL CARIBBEAN | Navigator of the Seas! (Cruise Vlog 1, 2019)

MY FIRST CRUISE! ROYAL CARIBBEAN | Navigator of the Seas! (Cruise Vlog 1, 2019)

Hey everyone, welcome to my channel. I’m Julia a Dallas based flight attendant If you watched my last vlog Then you know that me and Eric are packing up our hotel room and we’re heading to Miami for part two of our vacation We are heading out on a cruise. I’m so excited It will be my first cruise and if you guys missed my Florida vlog, I will link it at the end of this video But this was our view from our hotel. It is absolutely stunning I love how close we were to the ocean and the beach. This is the outfit that I’m wearing on my cruise It’s just a dress and then Eric actually bought me this super cute hat. I’ve never worn a hat, but I really like it On a scale of one to ten how excited are you for the cruise I Didn’t realize that with persons there are different terminals. This is like an airport but ships it’s really cool We just got to the cruise drop-off area and it looks like there are different places where we place our bags and then we go Like I think it’s some sort of security and then we get to head onto the ship And then we have someone here that’s going to help us get all checked in just dropped off our bags and Now we are heading into a terminal day We just had her picture taken right before we get on the ship I keep wanting to call it a boat it’s like a ship We still have a few hours before our room will be ready but I am starving you haven’t eaten anything at all today So I just got some pizza And first to eat that and hang out before we can head to our room Whose radiance of the Seas I don’t know. Which one this is Oh, this is voyager of the seas his vision of the seas we’re on navigator of the Seas. Oh My gosh, this is so cool We came up to floor a lemon. Yeah Yeah so we’re on floor 11 and we’re an area called the solarium and it looks like you have to be 16 or Older to come here. So this is nice because it’s a lot quieter and I feel like it’s more of like an adults-only area Yeah, so it looks like you can have a lounge chair or maybe rent like you’re a little Cabana there’s a bar over there Oh my gosh, there’s a hot tub and a pool How freaking cool is this but here is the Whirlpool, which I’m assuming is a hot tub in the solarium area and then over here. We have a pool Which it looks like some people are already enjoying Okay, so this looks like it’s the main deck and they have a pool right here where it looks like kids are Allowed of course, there are drinks that you can order This is so cool, I have never seen anything like this before in my entire life I feel like since this is my first time on a cruise I’m just feeling like super giddy and really excited and sort of like I’m in like another world right now Yeah and out on the main deck they have some restaurants They have like some Mexican food right here and then down there. They have a Johnny Rockets So you can’t like shapes and a burger and there’s plenty of places to lay out. Oh it’s windy so we just walked up another level on the cruise and it Looks like it’s just like a big area where you can lay out there kamek Sorry right here there’s a running truck not that I will be using it at all It’s like a shower right here and then you can Walk up these little steps and there’s another hot tub Right by all of the other stuff this is just insane I feel like I’m just on another plane area This is so cool. And there’s a big screen over there that Eric told me. Sometimes they’ll play movies on at nighttime This area is called the lime and coconut Rooftop hangout area and Eric was saying I threw out the cruise. This is probably the most empty. We will ever see it So it’s pretty cool that I can get some video footage of it now As you can see it’s right, but by the main deck it’s like right on top We also have some of the most like beautiful views of Miami that I’ve ever seen So there’s these zig zag like pillars Eric was saying so that the top of the ship doesn’t get so windy Now and there is Mini Putt Putt like minigolf it’s really cute There’s the basketball court Oh and then there’s the rock wall right here And as you can see the slide goes all the way around like the back end of the ship It looks like people are already going down the slides as well Here is the Waverider Someone’s already on it. Are you gonna try this in the crews? No? FlowRider I think I might be good. I was a gymnast I got good balance. We’ll see Gosh, that is so cool. You can see people going through this slide. It goes off the boat the cruise does have a gym that I will not be using who knows maybe Eric will use it if he wants to but I’m I’m pretty okay not using it are very nice size gym for a cruise I was not expecting it to be this big Kirk. You look like such an athlete today Yeah, you got your done for a soccer backpack your Denver shirt. Yeah, I’m representing and I look like a tourist And they’re here. There’s an arcade Check this out This is pretty cool, I don’t really play games but this is like a really nice area for kids Looks like on Dec 14 they have Like a sushi restaurant and a private function that we are definitely not supposed to be at This is probably the only time that the dining room will not have people in it We just checked out the dining hall it was stunning Probably one of the most like beautiful dining halls I’ve ever seen in my life And now we’re gonna look at the art gallery that is right across like the hallway from the dining hall So this is the art gallery on the cruise it is beautiful look how stunning all of this is and Then through here is I believe the ice rink. I Highly recommend anyone who is going on a cruise especially for the first time to get to the cruise ship as early as possible I have really really enjoyed getting to be able to just walk around the ship and See everything for the first time without that many people here. It has just been really really such a cool experience Gambling is a very big thing on cruises. I don’t gamble Eric doesn’t gamble, but we’re walking through the casino right now Just so we can see it Every day, they have a drink of the day and today it is this week of my time But lucky for us we might see unlimited drink. We don’t have to worry about any of our beverages It’s one o’clock right now and we were told that our room should be ready by 1:00 So we’re gonna head up there and check it out originally We were in an oceanview balcony room, but we were upgraded to a junior suite. I am so excited it is so beautiful Let me show it to you guys when you walk in the room. There’s a mirror right here. Here’s the bed There’s a couch a chair right there looks like there is a coffee maker a TV some dressers a large mirror and Then there here This is our closet. This is super nice. It’s like a walk-in closet with a lot of space and Then I’m gonna guess there here. We have the bathroom never been on a cruise So I don’t know what a normal sized bathroom is on a cruise But everyone was saying that this is pretty spacious and pretty large for a cruise bathroom. So we have a bathtub right there with the shower and Obviously this is pretty decently sized. I’m very happy with it. And then we have our own private balcony, which is so cool I’m feeling this will probably be like my favorite part of the room. This is our private little balcony, which is awesome There’s like this roof right here for some privacy You can step out over here and O’Haire that thunder we have a beautiful view of Miami Look at this you guys Eric got us some champagne and chocolate delivered to the rooms You are the best These are our cups that I’m assuming we get with the unlimited beverage package we’re hoping that we get to keep them but we’re not sure so there are these tugboats right over there that Help guide us out to sea to make sure that basically we don’t like crash into the road we just heard an announcement that came over this ship that we have about like 15 or 20 minutes to Head to like I think the main dock for a safety demonstration They said this is like mandatory for everyone on the cruise Even if you’ve gone before which is funny like as a flight attendant Lee we have to give safety demonstrations on our flights, too So this is like really interesting for me to see with the safety demo It’s gonna be like on a cruise ship and if we are officially setting sail It’s time to pop some champagne and get this vacation started Time to open this chocolate. Oh Those are pretty you wine dark chocolate passion fruit Sea salt chai tea and coca It’s really cool is from our room. We have a view of where the captain is right there This cruise ship is a Norwegian sky, we would love to go on a new region cruise So if any of you guys have been on one Let us know in the comments below if you liked it in comparison to Royal Caribbean Tomorrow we port in cocoa K, which is Royal Caribbean’s private island So make sure that you stay tuned for that vlog me and Eric just got back from dinner. It was really good So I think we’re just going to have a quiet night in and so we’re gonna call it a day But thank you everyone so so so much for watching this video and for supporting my channel. It really means a lot to me so if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel so that you never miss any of my travel tips and adventures. I will see you guys next time. Bye

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  1. MY FIRST CRUISE! 🚢🥂 Eric and I had a blast and we hope you all really enjoy part 1 of this mini series! Did you all like the tour of the almost empty ship? Have you ever been on a cruise?! THANK YOU for watching and supporting my channel. ✈️❤️

  2. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing your tour of the ship. It was great to see how excited you were about your vacation ahah Can't wait to see the rest of this series 🙂

  3. Cruising is a great way to vacation. It's nice when ships have adult areas. My husband and I love to cruise on Princess cruise line…it usually has an older crowd( we are in the older and the ships are smaller than most RC ships. Your first cruise is always so fun. If you ever want to watch good cruise videos check out Cruise Tipstv on yt. Wow, what a nice room upgrade Thanks for sharing your trip. It will be fun to follow along.⛴🛳

  4. So glad to see you having a nice time on your first cruise. I think you and Eric would enjoy a cruise on a yacht with maybe 6 or 8 couples. You are allowed to help out with the sails if you want to. It's quite intimate and you get to visit places the large cruise ships can't go. One of my sisters goes with her husband this way and they love it. There are some good cruises like this in the Polynesian Islands. Anyway it's something to consider sometime. As always, take care and Happy Travels!

  5. I look forward to the upcoming videos! I’ve done 2 cruises to Alaska on Holland America (I did them during the hot summer months in Vegas). I’m still wanting to do a Caribbean cruise or a Hawaiian Island hopper cruise someday.

  6. OMG that is incredible! Nope have never been on a cruise. It's amazing how those things stay afloat! And couldn't ask for a better tour guide 🙂 You're awesome. I'd love to play that mini golf course ( I saw a lighthouse on it..I am into lighthouses big time ). So you're going though the Bahamas? My heart goes out to those poor people in the path of that monster hurricane.

  7. Nicely done vlog, Julia. We've been on 7 Princess Cruises, 3 Norwegian Cruises, 3 Celebrity Cruises and 2 Royal Caribbean Cruises and 1 Carnival Cruise. We plan to take another Carnival Cruise this December with our grandkids, and our first river cruise in August 2020. We find Princess, Norwegian and Celebrity our favourites. Carnival is good if you have kids with you. Royal Caribbean, on the whole, are too large a ship cruise line for us, as we like ships around 2700 passengers max. You have a long life ahead of you, so make the most of seeing the world with these cruiselines. I hope you get to the Mediterranean, and the Greek Islands one day. You'd love it there. Happy vacationing!!!!!

  8. I've been on all 3 of the major Cruise lines, love Royal Caribbean the best. We fly out Saturday Sept. 7th to sail on Navigator of the Seas. We will be sailing on Anthem of the Seas in January and Oasis of the Seas in April that is how much I love RC.

  9. We are so happy to have stumbled upon your channel! We are also excited that you went on a cruise! We had our first cruise together last year and we are hooked! We have 3 more booked for the next year. 🙂 You have so much happiness and are so much fun to watch! We definitely just subscribed and are excited to watch more!

  10. Nice job of posting your first cruise. Wife & I just got back from our 13th cruise(3 to Alaska) with RC – Ovation (360 sphere above the ship, robot bar tenders & the huge TWO70 area in the aft of the ship(rear or back for those not ship savvy) Yes, ALWAYS call these ships & NOT boats or you get thrown off that ship.(lol) RC has been our Go To cruise line as they are the leader in cruises. Best to stay with one cruise line and earn points for upgrades and bonuses. Had dinner with the captain on one cruise, zipped line on the Oasis of the Seas, toured the kitchens, back stage and captains deck…. ..OK, I need to stop, people – you just need to try cruising once but be prepared for crowds. Happy sailing!!

  11. Great Video. Love the tour. Sometimes the tours can be boring to watch but you made it very enjoyable. Maybe because you are first time the joy in your voice made it a lot better. LOL. I Can't wait to be on this ship in 42 days!!!

  12. Hi, great job Julia! My wife and I have been on 12 cruises between RC and Carnival and love it so much. By the looks of it, both of you do too. Continued happiness on all your cruises and the best advice I can give you is that no matter what cruise line you use, the fun, relaxation and enjoyment is all what you make it! Best wishes and great vids!

  13. 13:21 Most definitely check out NCL (Star). My wife and I absolutely loved our cruise in Europe. We're looking to try RC in Dec 2019 so looking forward to that trip. We've heard good things about RC so your video does help.

  14. You bring back memories on my first time cruising I’ve been on 28 cruises mostly RC and it never gets boring. Try the Oasis RC line. Biggest ships in the world

  15. I've been on 2 Disney Cruises and they have proven to be far superior to any other cruise line out there. Everything from amenities to service is just completely unbeatable. Food for thought.

  16. Great video and congrats on your first cruise! I’ve been on 25 cruises and I’ve stuck with NCL 23 of those. I did go on RCCL Allure two years ago. It was a nice cruise but I’m sticking with NCL. I love everything about Norwegian and it’s ships

  17. I've been on Norwegian cruises, but this year we tried Royal Caribbean for the 1st time. We sailed Anthem of the Seas and now I am a RC cruiser for life. No more Norwegian or Carnival.

  18. I rather NCL over Royal Caribbean cause it's more free style and fun the ships are nicer and everything isn't all fancy if you don't want it to be I've been on 3 NCL cruise and I love it to the 1 Royal Caribbean cruise I've been on

  19. I hope you weren't too scared of the first flush of the toilet. My husband ran out with his pants around his ankles. Lol. Thx 4 sharing

  20. Yes!! Cruising is the best!! I've only cruised Carnival 3x and Norwegian 2x. Norwegian is my current favorite!! I'm definitely planning to cruise with RC on the Navigator or Mariner of the Seas!! My next cruise is in Feb with the NCL Encore!!

  21. All it takes is one,then your hooked.I did my first one 9 years ago and this January I will be going on my 21st.You need to try a carnival cruise

  22. I sailed on The Navigator of the Sea's in May of 2019. No one does cruises like Royal Caribbean. This was my third cruise with Royal Caribbean.

  23. From July 29 to Augest 2 of this year, I went on my first cruise onboard the same ship!!! Navigator of the seas!!! 4 night cruise to the Bahamas!!

  24. If you really enjoyed the Navigator of the Seas, the two of you should go on an Oasis class ship with Royal, those ships make the Navigator look like a tug boat!

  25. Nice Vlog!! You know what, I can relate because I had my first experience on cruise four years ago.🛳

    By the way, you're a flight attendant on what airline?🙂✈

  26. Of course you were upgraded to a mini suite for your first cruise 😂 princess wants 70.00 a day for full beverage package so our 10 day Alaska Cruise would of been 1400.00 700 each, how much they charge you?

  27. Cool video. Well done. I am a retired FA. We love cruising. Like RCL alot. Been on many NCL cruises. NCL is very good too. Vacations to Go Interline rates are great. I subscribed to your channel, please subscribe to my channel too. Actually we are going on a cruise Tuesday.

  28. Great video. Just got off my 3rd cruise. We went on Harmony of the Seas. Perfect Day was a great Island. BTW that's a big bathroom for a cruise room.

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