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Minkyu keeps asking “Am I handsome?” [Battle Trip/2019.10.06]

Minkyu keeps asking “Am I handsome?” [Battle Trip/2019.10.06]

It’s time to start shopping. That’s somewhere Sook shouldn’t go. I would go crazy. A lot of young people come here. Wow. Wow, so pretty. A lot of tourists come here, so they sell a lot of souvenirs. An old-timey building. I like stuff like this. (Perfect for looking around and shopping) So pretty. These are the clothes the minorities wear. (Everything is so interesting) (They stop at a vendor) You wear that on your head. (Accessories aren’t that interesting to Minkyu) (Refreshing) – This feels nice. / – How do I look? (Cao Lu finds something) – Doesn’t this look pretty? / – Yes. Wow! (Impressed at her own face) (She’s so silly) What was that? It looks good on her. (She’s so silly) Sorry. I’d like to sincerely apologize. But it does look pretty. – Just say yes. / – Yes. This put me in a good mood. I feel so different. That’s wine made with flowers. – Really? / – Yeah. – Nihao. / – Nihao. (You can taste the wine before buying it) You can taste the wine here. Rose wine. Is it strong? High alcohol content? 8 percent. – 8 percent? / – Yeah, like beer. (She drinks it all as Minkyu hesitates) Yum. It’s sweet. Wow! – Good, right? / – It doesn’t taste like alcohol. Kind of like rice wine. I really don’t like drinking. What do you like? – I bet you had another. / – He’s on our team but… (Making it hard to protect him) He’s on our team, but every time he sees something, “I don’t like that stuff.” (I can’t believe how good Chinese wine is) This is jasmine wine. Good, right? Should we buy one? – What was the first one? / – Rose wine. Rose? The first one. Hold on. (He’s making a shameful memory…) I like how hard you’re trying to learn Chinese. It interests me. I’ll teach you how to introduce yourself in Chinese. Oh! Nihao. – That means hello. / – Hello. Nihao. – I am Kim Minkyu. / – I am Kim Minkyu. – Am I handsome? / – Am I handsome? It means, “I’m an actor.” She didn’t even tell me that when we got to Korea. How does it feel now that you know what it means? – It’s embarrassing. / – It’s cute. (That’s how Minkyu learned his introduction) Introduce yourself. Am I handsome? What does that mean? It means, “I see.” (That’s how he began making shameful memory) (Asking everyone in Kunming if he’s handsome) (You’re handsome!) – It’s okay because he’s handsome. / – Right! So it’s alright if he asks people that. – What did that mean? / – “You’re a good actor.” (You’re handsome) (Minkyu gets his first fan in Kunming) – He said that to everyone he met? / – Yes. We made friends with people in Kunming. – Oh, we’re friends now? / – Yeah, I think so. (Laughing) (Tries to haggle by bragging about his looks) Am I handsome? Can you give us a discount? I’m sorry. I’m just a part-timer here. She’s not the boss, so she said she can’t. – Tell her it’s okay. / – It’s okay. (Rose wine and cassia wine, $46) – This is heavy. / – I’ll carry it. These are all old buildings. Cool, right? So pretty. This is a tea house. We need to buy tea. (Puer tea is a specialty in Yunnan) Things you have to buy in Kunming… (Researching souvenirs to buy in Kunming) There’s nothing. Why am I not getting any search results? Puer tea! Oh, I think she mentioned this. (I should buy some puer tea!) Right, she mentioned this. I exchanged a lot of money just to buy tea. – Really? / – Yes. So buy the puer tea mountain. Look! A puer tea mountain. – That’s all puer tea. / – That? I bet that’s expensive. – What’s this? Puer tea? / – Yeah, a mountain of it. (Amazed) It’s only puer tea if it’s from Yunnan. It’s stored and fermented. The older it is, the more expensive it is. And let me show you something else that’s cool. This. That puer tea is popular in China these days. – That? / – Yes. Ta-da. Calamansi. – This is calamansi? / – Yeah. They took out the fruit inside and it’s filled with puer tea. Calamansi puer tea. – Calamansi puer tea? / – Calamansi puer tea. – Yes. / – Calamansi is good for dieting. Right, they do the calamansi detox diet in Korea. I bet this is twice as effective. I should drink that for my comeback. – Right? / – Good luck. Let’s taste some stuff. (Making puer tea) You don’t drink the first batch of tea. This is dried tea. So you pour water on it so the shriveled tea leaves can spread out. Cao Lu, you’re like a tea fairy. – China… / – The puer tea fairy. It helps the nutrients from the tea to come out faster. – It’s dark already. / – Yeah. Because of the first pour. (Time to try some puer tea) I’m curious. Me too. Thank you. Step 1. Look at the color. Step 2. Smell it. Step 3. Drink it. It’s good. Puer tea is really good for you. Good for high blood pressure, good for dieting and good for hangovers. Oh, hangovers. The second pour. – Does it taste different? / – Yeah. It’s stronger than the first pour. Try it. It’s stronger. – Yeah, it tastes stronger. / – Yeah. Puer tea has that clean finish. You taste the calamansi. It’s refreshing. That stuff is great. This is so interesting. (The calamansi puer tea is so refreshing) Thank you. – Let’s buy this. / – Okay. – This one’s good, right? / – Yeah. (They’ll buy the calamansi puer tea) – Thank you. / – Thank you. (200g of calamansi puer tea, $25) We bought gifts for all the hosts.

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