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Manila’s hotplace with a fantastic night view [Battle Trip / 2017.01.29]

Manila’s hotplace with a fantastic night view [Battle Trip / 2017.01.29]

The Philippines was a colony of Spain for 3 centuries, so there’s a castle where Spanish people used to live. The Spanish streets from the past are still kept. My friends visited there and posted pictures. I’d like to go there and take pictures. That’s one of my bucket list. The Philippines was colonized for 3 centuries? Yes, so the Filipino language is very similar to Spanish. This is Intramuros… I told you about. All the buildings that Spanish people used in the past have been preserved. – They’ve been here since then? / – Yes, all of them. – They’re all very old. / – My goodness. Rich Spanish people used to live here. This is the famous Manila Cathedral. Oh, this was a cathedral. Almost 100% of Filipinos are Catholic. – 80%. / – Over 90% are Catholic. It’s one of the oldest cathedrals. (Over 80% of the population being Catholic) (A central cathedral of the Philippines) There are a couple spots to take good pictures. – Photo zone. / – Yes. Dara Tour. – 1, 2, 3. / – My goodness. (Manila Cathedral and Intramuros with Dara Tour) We’ll go around this village on a carriage called a kalesa. We’ll go around this neighborhood? Yes, the horseman over there will explain everything in Korean. Use an official kalesa. It’s a fixed rate of… It’s written there 500 peso, $11 for 30 minutes. – There are carriages for 2 to 6. / – Here we go. You can pick the one you want among different kinds. – It’s supposed to be like that. / – It is? I thought it was because I’m too heavy. Goodness. – I’m sorry. / – Here we go. There are different courses, a 30-minute ride or an hour ride. You can stop and see the places you want. You can look around? That’s nice. Let’s go. (They go to visit Intramuros on a kalesa) Manila is pretty. (They feel the vibe of Spain in Manila) It seems like Europe. The horseman will explain well. He really speaks Korean? – Really? / – As we go, he’ll explain. This used to be a city hall in the past. – What? / – That’s how he explains? – He spoke very clearly. / – “A city hall in the past”. There’s a distinct vibe in this neighborhood. (It feels quiet and peaceful) I’m amazed how cars wait for you. Look back there, those tall buildings. It feels ironic. You can see the past and the present of the Philippines. You’re right. As you go on, you’ll find historical places with traces of the war. – History… / – It totally feels like Europe here. This is an old Spanish house. It’s an old yet rich Spanish house. (Casa Manila) There’s a spot where you can take good pictures. How pretty. I’ll show the spot to my customers. No matter which period it was, rich people have lived so well. – This is the spot to take pictures. / – A photo spot? This is one of them. There should be sunlight… – Nobody lives there now? / – Right. – It’s just preserved. / – Yes, it’s used as a museum. Intramuros. Intramuros means “inside the castle.” Inside the castle. (This place was most turbulent during the 20th century) This is a wedding hall. It used to be a Japanese prison, but now… Japanese prison. This used to be a Japanese prison but it’s now used as a wedding hall. – How ironic. / – The police wear Spanish uniform. You still get that classic feel. – There are bullets in the walls. / – Right. What is that? – A cannon. / – A sweet potato roaster? (He tries his best to pick on Dara Tour) Was that the sweet potato attack? Sweet potato. – What could be here? / – I can’t imagine. (After climbing the old stairs of history…) We’ve travelled to the past. (A tower was here before the war and earthquake) What is this place? Was this the prison? I think so. – Doesn’t it look like something? / – It looks nice. It looks very similar. A place like this is still left in the city. It’s amazing. It’s preserved really well. They carried all these by hands in the past. Unbelievable. Hundreds of years have passed. – Exactly. / – It’s preserved so well. It’s amazing. You’ve walked around Intramuros today. How was it? It’s my third time in the Philippines, yet it’s my first time learning the history of it, so I am really amazed. I feel as though I gained much more knowledge of it. – Dara wanted to explore history. / – Where do we go? Yes, she really did. We’ll go to the hottest modern place these days. It’s not over yet? – No. / – What? You’ll go somewhere else now? They make good use of time. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Gosh, they went clubbing. She’s so adorable. This isn’t a club, everyone. – It’s not a club? What is it? / – Sky view… A sky view lounge? I’m so excited. Since I like old music… (The trip planner is excited) This place is really hot nowadays. You must visit places like here when you’re on a trip. So pretty. If you don’t make a reservation, there won’t be a table. It’s a really hot place these days. You can get the whole view of the city like that. Shall we sit here? I didn’t know that Manila had such night view. Exactly. It’s hard to see the night view in Manila, as there aren’t many skyscrapers as tall as this one. Seeing the view makes me realize that this is the last night. My goodness. (Surprised) This is like to thing used to break ostrich eggs. – What is that? / – A cocktail. I should break it well at once. Here we go. – My goodness. / – Harder, harder. Bang, bang, bang. – My goodness. / – You’re crushing the ice. – It’s a fun drink. / – I crushed ice… Then the emerald green sea came out from it. – Exactly. It’s like the Palawan. / – My goodness. – Cheers. / – Cheers. Say something. For the success of Dara Tour Part 2! For the success! What if I get drunk on my way to the airport? No way. If you drink a bit of wine or a glass of cocktail… – You can sleep in the plane. / – Right. You can. The second tour was much harder. – What was the most memorable one? / – Amazing view. It felt as if we rented the whole island for lunch. – That was… / – There! – When I saw the island as we left… / – Unbelievable. I couldn’t believe that I had fun at such beautiful place. It was a very good memory of mine. This country has endless charms. I really liked it. Cheers! I thought about the third tour. Only this town in the Philippines has a cold climate. It’s Baguio. Baguio. Local Filipinos go there for vacations. – I’d like to take you there. / – That’d be wonderful. I love you, Battle Trip. (Please love Dara Tour) The audience seems to like it. Even though I want to attack them, I can’t do it… – It was perfect. / – There’s nothing to pick on. Except that it was a bit boring at the end… The history part… One must visit historical sites at one point. In fact, Intramuros is a very important place for Filipinos. Since it’s an important part of history, students learn about that place in school. The Philippines was discovered by Magellan. Its name came from the Spanish king at that period, Felipe. That’s how the Philippines was born. – Really? / – Felipe became the Philippines? – Really? / – Sandara has changed a lot. – She studied history for here. / – I liked history… When I was in school. It’s the most important time. The video footage and the content were very solid. What I’m worried about is, Dara Tour Part 1 only cost $230. – Their expenses were really low. / – That’s right. This time, they actually spent quite a bit of money, for example with the hopping tour. For your trip of 3 days, not including plane fare, how much money did you spend? We each spent $202.40. – My goodness! / – My goodness! It got cheaper? – You spent less this time? / – We did. You ate more and visited more places though. Did they get discounts there because they are celebrities? Not at all. Coron’s hotels were cheap. The dishes were cheap there too. Coron is not yet developed much… – So everything is really cheap. / – It’s so cheap. I should’ve known about Coron. – Lastly, say a few words. / – Say a few words. The charm of travelling is that you get to escape from the repetitive and boring daily life. If you will escape anyway, it’d be more meaningful to do so by going to a new, unknown place. That place is Palawan in the Philippines. They sound like a TV commercial. Come with me on the Dara Tour. Go, go, go! Did they come up with it in advance? – I guess so. / – They practiced it. Everyone, Dara Tour Part 2… Will you follow this itinerary? Please vote. (Dara Tour designed the tour for the Philippines) (What will the judges choose?) How many judges will pack… – Their bags for this trip? / – Her heart is so cute. – How many judges voted for them? / – I’m scared. – What’s the result? / – They’re already… – Hot spring. / – They said they’d be happy… – If they get over 80 votes. / – Food. Let’s do this. – 3, 93! / – 9! 9! – 8? 83? / – 9! – 9? / – 7, 8? If it’s 9, we can’t win. – It’s over. / – 8 is pretty good too. – 7, 8! / – 83… Better than last time… – Unbelievable. / – My goodness. – That was high. / – They’re really objective. Sandara was really cute. I was looking at her. I guess she wanted to get 93 votes. As soon as she saw 83… She seemed relieved but also disappointed… – She seemed complicated. / – Yes, it was complicated. Are you satisfied with the result? Thank you… That was a lot. Congratulations on 83 votes. Look forward to the MK Tour next time!

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  1. OMG..I didn't know the history of the Philippines until Sandara tell. omg! Felipe Philippines found by Magellan..omg wow.

  2. Sandy's reaction when it only scored 83 is a gem and so filipino, it also shows how proud she was and her being a filipino by heart…thanks for bringing both nation closer. 😊😄😉

  3. I was born in the Philippines and lived there for more than half of my life and I've NEVER heard of the places she went….. I think she's more Filipino than I am….. wtf is life? I'm a failure of being a Filipino.

  4. I am a Filipino but all that I not go there 😂😂😂 and thank you Dara I'm so happy you more a lot history from here in Philippines
    Mahal Kita 🖤🖤🇵🇭🇵🇭😘😘

  5. Intramuros is very important as this is where the kota selurong of the pre spanish manila fortress…. thank you Dara for sharing intramuros

  6. Thank you so much Dara for promoting the beautiful places in the Philippines even though the others doesn't like it that much and you still love Philippines than the other countries. I admires you so much than any korean celebrity. Thank you so much……

  7. In the show the others said it was a little bit boring, it is boring becoz the trip is more on the history of the Philippines, but if it is more on adventure, it will be so much fun and so much delicious foods. Thank you… I'm a little bit upset on the reaction of the host and i don't like it.

  8. Yung pinuntahan nila dara (4:00) ngayon ko lang napansin na yan pala dati yong napanood ko sa kmjs dati hindi pa yan maayos eh

  9. I am a filipino sure that many tourist here because our country have 7,000+
    island and i am proud to be filipino

  10. That moment when Sandara had travelled the Philippines more than you…. Anyways thank you for promoting our country and I hope that Phillipines will be more appreciated not just by other foreign people but also our local Filipinos.

  11. I highly recommend the places that I went to such as Sagada, Cagayan(Palaui Island), Masbate(Burias island), Camarines Norte(Calaguas), Ilocos Norte, and Ilocos Sur… There are many beautiful places here. I am looking forward to go to Caramoan and Jomalig, Quezon 💕☀️

  12. Thank you, Sandara for always Showing Off our Island Country of the Philippines and for reminding us the richness in history this country has. You are Korean but you have the HEART of a Filipino. I considered Sandara and Ryan truly Filipinos.

  13. I'm so happy you guys can see Philippines I live there and.. I mean but I'm far from Manila. But still. You guys are always welcome everyone are!

  14. for foreigners and tourists, almost everything here in ph were inexpensive, but for a local like me who's not born in a privileged family, its expensive, thats why i haven't experienced those places that foreigners are visiting😂

  15. Dara knowing the history of the Philippines and then there’s me, A filipino knows only the half of it HAHAHAHAHAHA but still I’m proud

  16. that's why many Filipinos love Sandara, she realy is like a princess over here …she is more Filipino than the real Filipino who doesn't love their own country … God Bless you Dara!!!

  17. My heart bled upon looking at Dara's reaction when the scores were revealed. She seems hurt, its like she expected more.

  18. I watched this many times now I realise how embarrassing that the cars are park in the street because in developed countries like korea they have a strict parking rules that they properly follow.

  19. Philippine history is simply like this; — Magellan discovered The Philippines and Spain and the Philippines were married for over 500 years and influenced lot of things from Spain way of life and food, but the Devorce in other words ‘The Philippine gained thier independence from Spain on 1898, who helped the Phil? U.S.A. So US got married with The Philippines so being independence didnt really last long because those time security is important so getting married with a strong nation is like the cool thing to do back in the days, this is also the reason why Philippines second language is English

  20. That’s at Marco Polo Hotel. I stayed there on the 43d floor and you just take the stairs to the bar and it is really nice up there.

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