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Low-Cost Travel in Africa is Tough

Low-Cost Travel in Africa is Tough

this is how the rainy season in Africa looks like so eight days ago I got malaria I went to the hospital and I got to me five days ago don’t happen in the City of God I rested one day in polymesh then we went to the city of attack bummin we are not a comma for one day then we went to Cara the journey was incredible to four hours the nature was breathtaking we spent one day Cara and today we went to today we went to the pound it was pretty interesting because there were seven people in a car sometimes we listen to a very inappropriate song for this date and time of the year it’s the 31st of August and today I’m here in Devon and tomorrow we are going to vote Akina Faso finally I feel a really good guy he’s gone let’s go to work in a fossil the malaria was gone the beer was on point and the day was over good morning sunshine let’s go to the border after 15 minutes the engine broke down it’s broke again it seems very going no we’re not going again after more than an hour all three pairs where you go the journey that should have taken 45 minutes took three hours but eventually we managed to get to the boys we’re here at the border and I just arrived but it’s it’s raining really this is how the rainy season in Africa looks like so we’re waiting at the border for the rain to stop after a while the rain stopped it was time to turn off the camera and pray for uncorrupt Border Patrol officer this was the best border crossing of my life absolutely no hassle no corruption everybody just smiling the police officers were joking now we need to find some transportation to walk at the roof Waga dugu one of the worst sounding sounds in the world the capital of Burkina Faso and also as we were about to find out an unreachable destination oh I really hope this is our bus I think this isn’t our bus it looks very abandoned there are other buses here but this place is kinda abandoned not like all the other boarders that we experienced and I have no idea how these buses can get full there isn’t anyone waiting we’re getting some bad information those two buses that was the station of the border and they told us there are no buses to walk either good today because it’s some Muslim holiday and there should be some mini buses or cars but nobody knows where but we’re trying to find some transport we finally found our bus it was it was too much hassle to be honest finally hassle that’s what we missed here this is our bus the people inside and also outside are kind unfriendly so I will not be recording anymore I don’t know what to think about them right now they also tried to scam us with the bus we had to negotiate the price down they doubled the price but we are not stupid let’s go another change of plans ladies and gentlemen the driver got mad most of the passengers are not going to walk out to goo but to a town before waka the who so he would not make that much money so he got mad and said we’re not going anywhere I have no clue what’s gonna happen right now we are going to log on the who but he raised the fare for all passengers in my understand correctly we’ve been waiting 40 minutes for the driver to show up he’s still not here we have no idea where he is nobody understands this bizarre surd situation he’s here buddy he cannot open the door words cannot explain we are finally on the move we are going to walk out the room the driver just left we went for like 2 minutes no idea what’s going on what’s going on police checkpoint after five minutes we’re not gonna arrive today fuck sake ladies and gentlemen after 20 minutes the engine broke down I don’t know it’s more appropriate to laugh or to cry we’re now getting to walk out early today welcome to burkina faso he’s smoking I’m not sure if that is safe to smoke while you’re trying to fix a banking problem this has been a very bizarre experience oh yeah baby yeah baby that’s what we want to hear all right you can stop unfortunately that wasn’t the sound of a working engine it’s gonna be dark in two and a half hours that’s the scary part we’re still like five and a half hours away from Wagga do boo finger gonna make it to Google today No let’s go there’s apparently still some problem with the engine we’re waiting for the mechanic whatever the person is to fix it the amazing mechanic finally fixed the problem and we arrived at huaca dugu not that late I’m kidding we’re making absurd stops every 5 or 10 minutes driver is making stops for cigarettes all the time we got pulled over by cops they were arguing with him because they said the capacity of this bus is just 15 people but there’s apparently like 22 people here eventually they started laughing with the driver till this moment I was really chilled out and relaxed but now I start to feel tired we haven’t eaten for a very long time since breakfast and it’s 5:30 p.m. it’s gonna be dark in one hour we’re very very far from Waga dugu extremely extremely uncomfortable here in this bus sorry that I’m complaining but right now I I just cannot be positive a lot of people here are complaining as well I’ve never experienced African people complaining but right now they are complaining because these stops it’s just too absurd that the driver is making stops every five minutes for cigarettes it’s dark we have another police control in the city of Danko dongho we were hoping that we may leave someone here so there will be more space in the bus but actually one more person came to the bus we are still far far away from Guadeloupe I really don’t like travelling at night here in Africa but what can we do I hope to see you in waka the last three hours were absolutely horrible we didn’t move we didn’t eat we are extremely tired they’re too many mosquitoes flying around I got bitten so many times ten kilometers away from Wagga dugu the car broke down again sometimes Africa pisses you off this is the time it’s 11:30 p.m. fucking that but we’re here in a walk out the booth now we need to take a taxi finally we can get to our hotel and eat something I would really appreciate some good food right now it’s 2:00 a.m. I can hardly talk I think no explanation is needed we should be grateful that we are here we really need to rest thanks for watching see you in the next episode

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  1. Darn… you guys really have the patience. Funniest part is when you said "I've never experienced African people complaining" 🤣😂

  2. ))) this African vlogs are such an amazing! To See the real emotions of him and his girlfriend, that absolutely opposite. I don't know why this guy doesn't have a 10mlns subscribers. Maybe because he is doing good content and not… )

  3. i feel so sorry for the africans they suffer too much.. the government should make an actions for this country.. how sad

  4. You so awesome YOUR MY IDOL I HOPE U COMW HERE IN ROME VLOG OR PHILIPPINES 😊 Pls uploud more adventure videos 🤴👏👏

  5. What how is that song inappropriate?? I was expecting swearing or that it was mocking some tragedy or something rofl. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  6. Having traveled in or through about 1/3 of the nations in Africa, I can attest to the fact that the purpose of traveling in much of Africa is NOT to get to a destination or see new sights, but rather to LEARN INFINITE PATIENCE. If one remember this, traveling there is much, much easier and pain-free!

  7. lol be specific on which part of Africa you are travelling which is definitely rural…..i am in east Africa and it sure as hell does not look like that.

  8. Next make vblog here in the philippines the beautiful beaches the food the culture and most of all, the philippines is cheaper than other counrty, there are many american blogger here, he/she gain a lot of viewers and subscriber here. Hhehe
    Thank you.

  9. I wouldnt take my cute girlfriend to a 3d world country.Man they could easily kill you and keep her as a sex slave,I'm a Mariner and I've seen a lot and even heard more.

  10. OMG, I thought I seen it all while traveling inside Africa..Yours is unbelievable! I wonder if the driver raised the fare each time his van-taxi broke down.

  11. Africa is huge! It’s a continent and not a country. You can’t generalize, you don’t say “This is how the weather looks like in Europe” when you’re in Slovakia…stop it😬

  12. Come to Kenya (Nairobi,Nakuru, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu.) Nairobi matatu culture will spoil you for any other city not just in Africa but the world…trust me

  13. of course its safe to smoke while fixing your engine. for real you can even put a glowing cigarrette inside fuel. its not enough heat to ignite it.

  14. Owww wow nice vlog bro I just started watching your videos and its great so far especially the worst rated east European bars etc. Keep it up!

  15. Wow! Gorgeous girlfriend! Good for you and she also seems to be really cool…what a life! Keep it going I just subscribed

  16. Heyyy! my god! 😂😂😂im the first time in your canal! I love travel around the world and i saw alot of things but your trip was amazing horrible😂😂 i was laughing all the time in your video😂👏🏻 … that are no words about.. greets from switzerland🇨🇭🙋🏼‍♀️

  17. Can you stop using the work Africa to talk about certain countries in Central Africa ? , did you ever go to North Africa it's completely different .

  18. Hi PPPeter. If you wouldnt be a vlogger – what on earth would be "added value" to travel to Burkina Faso?? Why would some sane european want to visit those "countrys"?

  19. The usual sorry state of the African continent with so many natural resources !
    Throw away the corrupt politician !
    Just rise common people of Africa !

  20. I took a shot every time you said Oagadogou. I just came back from the ER. Alcohol poisoning. I'll send you the bill. In LA is a bit more than Eastern Europe.

  21. This looks like an absolute living fucking hell. I can't even conceive of the amount of $ I would insist upon being compensated to go on a trip like this one. That being said, thank YOU for doing it.

  22. The whole African vlog was great, so much adventure and memories :)) Watched it in one breath.

    I love traveling, hopefully one day will do something similar

  23. 5th stop .. africa is a shithole .. could have told you that bro. Pay a military guy to get you the fuck out of there.

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