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Live PD: Trip Gone Wrong (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Trip Gone Wrong (Season 3) | A&E

– We’re en route to a
disturbance with weapons. There’s a naked guy running
around, punching people and punching out windows. The caller has a gun, which I
don’t know if it’s associated with that. But there’s definitely
something going on. Think they’re out with him. [shouting] – Get on the ground! – Get on the ground. – Help me. Help me. [bleep] stop!
Stop! Help! Help! Help me! Help me! [shouting] – All right. I got this arm. I got this arm. Let’s switch around. Let’s get the left. Let’s get the left. Let’s get the cuffs. Cuff him. You need to stand
back, all right? He doesn’t have [bleep]
pants on, either? – No. – What the [bleep]? – What are you trying– – Ow!
Stop! – Peter. Uh– Henry. – Stop! Hold me. – Let’s save your taser. – Uh-huh. – All right. – How old are you? Ow, dude. – Help Brittany with the feet? – Stop being such a [bleep]. – And we’re going to pick
him up and straight in. All right? Ready? Let’s get him up. [screaming] – Straight back. Straight back. – [terrified screaming] Help me. Who are you? Help me. Help me. What the [bleep]? – All right. – All right. – Where’s the pants? Hey, man. Let me talk with you. First of all,
where’s your pants? – Well, we were both naked. – Well, no. Before you go back in. – Some pants on, or– – Well, you know what? It’s casual Tuesday, all right? So what’s going on? – We took some acid. He’s tripping out. – Yeah? No joke. He’s tripping, right? You live with anyone else? – Me and him both
live here together. – OK. Is anyone else in the house? – No. – OK. How’d you all end up naked? – Uh– – OK. Yeah. It’s acid, right? Yeah. Just him and his
roommates started up, thought they were just going
to have a nice, mellow night on acid. And it spiraled out of control. Was anyone else here
hit, or anything? – His window’s
busted on his truck. – Hello.
– Hello. Did you see what happened? – I heard the screaming
and hollering outside. Then I heard bang, bang,
bang, bang, bang on my door. I’m sleeping in my
chair in my living room. I open up the door. And I didn’t realize– I didn’t look down. I didn’t realize
the guy was naked. And he was hollering
F you, F you, F you. And I’m thinking, OK. So I opened the door. He punched me in my face. And he spit in my face. And then he turned around
and walked this way. Well, I closed the door
and immediately called 911. I went and grabbed my gun. I didn’t know if he was
going to enter or not. My gun’s–
– I don’t blame you. Yeah. – I let my dog out. My dog started running across. And so I’m just trying to
get my dog back inside. And so he heard me hollering. He’s running towards me,
[bleep] you, [bleep].. I’m just trying to run
back inside to lock my door and hide in there. My husband woke up. And he came out just to try
and see what was going on. Well, he walked up to him
and just smacked the [bleep] out of him in the face. – We’re going to need a state– I know you don’t want
to pursue charges. But I’m going to need a
statement from you, too, all right? He’s lucky that he
didn’t get shot. Because one of them
does have a gun. So it could have
ended a lot worse. But luckily, you know, minimal
damage and minimal injuries. So we’re going to go check
on the status at the hospital and see if they need
any help over there.

Reader Comments

  1. Imagine the embarrassment bro of being on national television and just your neighbors seeing you like that 😂 id move to a different zip code

  2. Why do drugs always make people irate and violent? Aren't there drugs that make people uncontrollably polite or turn them into good bakers?

  3. Being tazed and dog piled while on acid sounds like the scariest thing someone can go thru 😂😂


  5. Dude I can imagine what the tripper was feeling. Already having a bad trip and then being tased and held down while you are on acid is terrifying because acid intensifies how you are currently feeling. Rip

  6. Spiraled out of control, for sure. I wish I could have been there when they first took the acid and watched them fall apart.

  7. -80 percent of the comments: who went straight to the comments????
    -20 percent of the comments: omg the drop kick

  8. This show is way better than First Responders live! FRL always cuts from the good parts or when it’s getting good to switch over and show you grandmas cat stuck up a tree.

  9. Flying ninja kick!! Awesome. That liked like a bit more than acid. Unless he took like 100 doses. You usually never recover from a trip like this. You never feel normal ever again.

  10. I'm from Lafayette Louisiana and that guy is my friends ex boyfriend and he currently had a girlfriend in this video😂😂 what a way to get caught cheating on your girl, WITH A DUDE😂😂

  11. 3:30 ….you know that land whale aint running anywhere except for some mcdonalds…the sad part is that if she lost some weight, she would be very pretty… being fat is not healthy in any way. shes on course for a heart attack and probably already has diabeties.

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