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Lila Coogan Sings “Journey to the Past” from the ANASTASIA Tour

Lila Coogan Sings “Journey to the Past” from the ANASTASIA Tour

[piano] –[sings] Heart, don’t fail me now. Courage, don’t desert me. Don’t turn back now that we’re here. People always say
life is full of choices. No one ever mentions fear,
or how the world can seem so vast on a journey
to the past. Somewhere down this road,
I know someone’s waiting. Years of dreams just can’t be wrong. Arms will open wide. I’ll be safe and wanted,
finally home where I belong. Well, starting now, I’m learning fast on this journey to the past. Home, love, family, there was once a time
I must have had them, too. Home, love, family,
I will never be complete until I find you. One step at a time,
one hope, then another. Who knows where this road may go? Back to who I was. On to find my future. Things my heart still needs to know. Yes, let this be a sign. Let this road be mine. Let it lead me to my past and bring me home at last!

Reader Comments

  1. Just saw her at the Kennedy Center on Saturday and she came to stage door. She’s so nice and so gracious. I also loved her voice.

  2. Saw her in Pittsburgh, SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS ❤️ what a gorgeous girl and voice… a lovely Anya for sure ☺️

  3. I never thought they could find someone as perfect for the role of Anya as Christie, but then they brought us Lila. So, so stunning. Not only vocally, but emotionally.

  4. i was at the greenville show on the last night and i can’t count the times i cried. it’s my dream to be an actor on broadway or just do movies or tv shows and i just thought about how that could be me one day. thank you so much for being such an inspiration for me❤️

  5. She sounds amazing. Like in excited to see her when she comes to Texas. BUTT… It seems like she’s singing without music and they places the music afterwards. Isn’t that what they did to Stephen?? The guy who plays Dmitry when he sang my Petersburg?? ((I probably got the name wrong lol))

  6. I love her voice so much, but I can't help but compare her to Christy. Not because of looks or anything. Her voice has a lot less structure and uniformity, but is so much stronger. Either way, this chick is perfect for the tour. Might see them in Memphis this Summer too.

  7. Beautiful, although I do think she needs some time finding her Anya. She added a lot of emotion to it though! How lovely! ❤️

  8. I actually just saw her on thursday at the Kennedy center!!!! omg her voice is amazing and powerful! She is a wonderful singer and actress

  9. Her voice is definitely bringing something new and unique to the production. I think with the movie version and Christy as well, it was sung to sound more whimsical and fantasy-like. When I hear Lila sing, I hear an Anya that is determined through her stronger more precise sound. Both sounds are amazing, and I can’t wait to see how she translates this onto the stage!

  10. lila has more of the youthful/determined/slightly reckless feeling from the movie whereas christy draws on the more dreamy and emotional side. i love them both

  11. Such an amazing talent! I loved that she made this song her own… loved it on Broadway and now I want to see Lila on tour!

  12. don’t get me wrong I love Christy and I’m my eyes she’ll always be Anastasia, but I LOVE this girl! I mean she’s dang good!!

  13. I saw her the opening week of the tour and she was very impressive and funny! I really recommend seeing her live, she’s so in tune with Anya and everyone in the cast when she’s on stage.

  14. Hopefully I make it to the National tour this coming January in Appleton, Wisconsin. This movie was my entire childhood. – Anastasia Lee

  15. after seeing Lila the other night, I do like her voice and rendition of Anya better than Christy's, but they are both amazing.

  16. I saw her live as Anastasia and though her singing was good, her acting was so overdone it was to the point of being cringy. Hopefully she can fix that.

  17. I actually like her characterization of Anya better than Christy! Don't get me wrong, I love her, but lila feels more like the Anya I grew up watching

  18. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this omg I love her so much. I saw her in the show and honestly I want the album with her singing I think she’s so freaking gooooood

  19. so i saw her last night . . . . i like the sound of her voice and her vibrato much better than christy altomare's, but she was so loud. dynamics, girl!

  20. saw her in the tour and she was freaking jaw dropping in both characterization and vocals!!! this video doesn’t even do her justice

  21. Well, I just saw her live a few days ago and I can say that she has an extremely strong voice. She can definitely hit those high notes and sings more of them from the back of her throat than Christy does. It's a different singing style. With all that said, I think I prefer Christy's a little more. When she hits the high notes, she sings them softly, which makes her singing more gentle on the ears. The thing with Lila's singing(and talking) is that it kind of made me feel like I was listening to her shouting quite a bit by the time the show was over. Her acting is also maybe slightly over-exaggerated and not quite as natural as I was hoping. That's not to say that she did terrible because, overall, it was still enjoyable.

  22. Great performance but I feel like they needed to add a bit of reverb to her mic, especially with a big song like that. Sounds a bit dry and enclosed in my opinion. But she did an amazing job!

  23. i like how she sings super quiet and soft and then BOOM, sings super high. she sings rlly good, i was just noticing….

  24. I get to see her live in Anastasia tomorrow!! I’ve never been more excited for something🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  25. aww her voice is so pretty she reminds me of the cartoon Anastasia. She has a voice similar to Liz Callaway

  26. saw her live last week and honestly she's my favorite anya! i love christy, but lila's voice gets me every time omg

  27. What a beautiful voice. Today I went yo see "Anastasia" and I thought Anya was Lea Solonga. What a surprise when I found out that her name is Lila Coogan. She is an excellent singer. I wish her many successes.

  28. I think Lila has such a strong singing voice that does justice to the role but when I watched her on tour, I felt that she was overacting which distracted me from the story and took away from the believability of some of the scenes. I hope she continues to work that out. Vlad and Countess Lily as a pair were hilarious and stole the night for me and my friends.

  29. Lila has the most beautiful voice! This girl has pure talent! She is a wonderful singer! Someday, I want to sing with her! I’m a huge fan of hers! She should make her own album! Lila rocks! She has a powerful voice! You are so awesome Lila!🥰😎

  30. I like it but I hope she learns to build the song more. Because she is almost blasting the whole song and it has no place to grow.

  31. I’m seeing the show when it comes to LA and I love the Broadway cast so much so I’m hoping I love the production and this new group just as much. Just from watching this video it seems that she’s very set on giving a carefully-crafted portrayal of Anya…which isn’t bad or anything but it doesn’t feel very natural at times. Christy Altomare’s performance on the other hand didn’t feel overacted but still they both have incredible voices. Very difficult to imagine Dimitri being played by anyone other than Derek Klena tho tbh lol he IS dimitri

  32. I saw her on tour. She's a vocal powerhouse as Anya. If you get the opportunity to see the touring cast. Please DO IT.

    Notable performances from Lila in Anastasia (imo): this, In My Dreams, Quartet at the ballet

  33. I literally only bought tickets because of Christy. I mean this girl is great, no doubts about that… but Christy gave me goosebumps! I literally cried at the end of it. I don’t really feel much of an emotion with this girl.

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