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Leveraging Breaking News: The Journey, Episode 18

Leveraging Breaking News: The Journey, Episode 18

– I’m already getting
heat from some people, saying that I’m a fear monger. (PROMO INTRO MUSIC) We’re in the midst of a fun part of the job, which is redesigning everything. In the prior years, we had
these pages and pages, of huge bios and this year,
we’ve greatly simplified it. So now we can get 10
speakers on a single page. – We are reviewing our wristbands for our new All Access ticket. – The inspiration for this came, when I was staying at the
Grand Wailea in Hawaii. Every single person
is accounted for. Security is a problem,
you know what I mean? And it’s been a problem in the past, so now, people are gonna
have to have a wrist band, and a name badge.
– Name badge. – They’re gonna match.
Made a lot of progress today. – Yeah. – ‘Cause I’ve been putting
fire under people. – Thank you. I appreciate it. – This is the current last year’s lanyard. As you can see, it just said Social
Media Examiner on it. The idea was, the brand
would be right around the neck. So this year we’re going
for a full color design. This is the proposed design. I am at the dreaded
Department of Motor Vehicles, and, there’s a really big line. For the San Diego Tourism Authority, with Tyler Anderson
to speak about, The Facebook apocalypse.
The room only capacitates – If that’s such a word – at 120. And they got 150 people
rsvp’d to come here. I spent the whole
afternoon at the DMV, and I just barely made
it here in time. (UPBEAT MUSIC) – [Kim Reynolds] How to
interject this big new thing, that happened last
week with Facebook, into our email messaging strategy. – [Molly] This is a gift we were given. – Yeah. – [Molly] of something
else to talk about. (LAUGHS) You know, at least for a week or so.
– OK. – [Molly] That directly
ties to Social Media World. At this conference, you can
learn specific strategies, that will make sure you don’t
get lost in this change. – OK. – [Molly] To make
sure you can adapt. We wants you to be adaptable,
here are four or five sessions. And put the specific
session titles in there. – Yes. – [Molly] For some reason,
people love that. – OK. – [Molly] Yeah, the
confused mind says no. – Right that’s true.
That’s a good point. – [Molly] Just something
to think about for next year. Like putting all of your energy
behind these physical tickets. and then saying, “OK, if you haven’t
bought a physical ticket by now, you probably can’t make it
so, join us virtually.” Talk to you later, bye, bye. – OK, bye. She helps a lot with the timing
and strategy and stuff and, Yeah, it’s nice to have kind
of a messaging coach. I think our emails
are going to kill it. – Knock knock. – [Kim] Hi. – Hey, so how’d your
call go with Molly? – It was good. – So you guys were specifically
saying how can we leverage the… – Yeah. – ..whole Facebook Zero,
Facebook apocalypse thing, into some of the email promotions? – Into the emails. Yes. – And what did you
guys come up with? – She said maybe first
do a longer one, that sort of paraphrases what
you said in the video. Maybe do that tomorrow. And then on Thursday, do one that is a shorter, just wanna make sure you didn’t miss
this. This is really important. – I don’t think it’s
overkill because I know this is the biggest earthquake that’s
hit our industry in a long time. – Yeah. – But I’m already getting
heat from some people, saying that I’m a fear
monger which I’m not. – [Kim] Yeah.
– The idea of preparing an email, that might only open
up more questions, for people at this juncture. – Yeah.
– Like this is not gonna to go away. You would have to be very
careful about… being a leader in the industry
and providing value to people, and then trying to sell them. – Yeah. – it’s a very careful line,
because what I’m doing with the video I did last week, and all the news
press that I’ve done, is providing value with
no promotional anything, no mention of the conference at all. And I think that if I come
across as an opportunist, who is just using this to
try to persuade people to come to the conference
as my sole mission. – [Kim] Right.
– It’s gonna kick us in the butt. – [Kim] Yeah. – Instead, I feel like
I’d rather do that, after I’ve provided
value, value, value. It’s what Gary Vaynerchuk
calls jab, jab, jab, right hook. – We move the apocalypse
stuff to next week, keep- – We’ve got to stop
calling it apocalypse. – OK. – We can call it, call
it Facebook Zero. – Facebook Zero. OK, got it. – Because we’re
approaching Facebook Zero. It sounds a little less…worse. There’s even a touch
of phrase you know. – Hold on. Hold up, the lighting.
Let me give you some light. That’s not even
better. I don’t know. – Videographer that does all of our
sizzle real stuff and our B roll and we’re super excited Michael, to be working with you this year
to do just about everything man. How cool is that gonna be huh? We want the B Roll so
that we could use it in all of our future
marketing of course. And we want you to be
able to use the B Roll, in the final products
that you produce. – And you’ve always walked away
with all the footage at the end. We always give you the hard drive. – Cool.
– What do you think? – Perfect. Alright man, it’s
a pleasure working with you. I really appreciate it. This
guy, this guy is solid gold. Seriously, solid gold. – You’re a rockstar, man.
– Have a good one, OK. – Thanks buddy.
– Bye. So, sales are strong. -Yeah.
– I did an analysis. If we get 18 more sales
today which is possible, then we’ll be on track with
where we were last week, which was our best week
ever since the launch. – [Kim] That’s really good. – It’s it feels like we’re like
firing on all cylinders now. I don’t know if it’s gonna
be too little too late. I ran the math on it to get
to the 5000 at this juncture I feel like we’re gold mining
and the Alaskan freeze is about to come in. – [Kim] Yeah. (CHUCKLES)
– And we’ve just struck gold. – [Kim] Right. – And it’s like, “Damn the ground’s
gonna freeze. We’ve run out of time.”
– We gotta beat it. – I was on the phone with Emily this
morning and, what we’re trying to do is secure, the CEO of MiniChat,
and the CEO of Chatfuel, to have a panel on Bots, specifically moderated
by Molly Pittman. And it’s kind of like a
race to lock it down. – [Kim] That would be great.
– So. – The following week for
email plan is to talk about, having more speaker focus.
Speaker in session focus. – So maybe we’ll talk
about the keynoters. And then we also need
to be thinking about, how we’re going to convince
people on location, to buy the 2019 tickets. ‘Cause our goal is to sell
a thousand of those on location. – Hello. – Geeze you love that. – You OK?
– Yes. – What you doing? – Analyzing the ad numerals. – You are in your zone huh? – I was. – The Facebook Zero Apocalyptic
Ads. How are those converting? – Great in fact, over
the weekend we had four sales. – OK, well why don’t you
keep doing your analysis, and then tomorrow, if you want,
you can give me a clearer picture once you’ve talked to Molly with
the recommend course of action. – Oh you’ve a sign. – Well it has fallen little
bit. That’s not good. The real question is what do
you think about the size of it? We’re gonna keep it on
paper like that Scott. – OK, That’ll save money. (LAUGHS) – Oh, wait a minute. – [Irene] I’m thinking that some of
it needs to be upper and lower, so that like a quality stands
out, an excellent stands out. Like those two in all caps. Oh, There you go. The sign is speaking for itself. – I think that’s a no. Thank
you for the excellent feedback. – [Irene] Well we give
you our quality response. – So, hey what you guys don’t know, is what transpired over the
last couple minutes here, is a crazy idea that came from Kim. (PROMO INTRO MUSIC) – This… is a giant bag… of Zevia. And I vow to drink one can
of Zevia for every person, who shares this
episode of The Journey. Will you caffeinate me…Please? Please join me on The Journey. Subscribe now on
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    Enjoyable episode, well done. This time next week we’re doing it! Very excited. Hope you got to 5k.

    And Mike, I’m buy you a sugary fizz drink… you seem addicted!

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