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Lego Technic Theme Park Thrill Ride — With GOPRO Ride — 4K

Lego Technic Theme Park Thrill Ride — With GOPRO Ride — 4K

gopro tijd! het geheel wordt aangestuurd door 4 SBricks, en aangedreven door 14 motoren alle segmenten hebben voorgeprogrammeerde knop om de attractie te automatiseren Ik heb geen complete bouwinstructie gemaakt, maar ik heb wel een 3D model van het basis Principe gemaakt ( deze is te vinden in de omschrijving) bedankt voor het kijken als je mijn kanaal wilt ondersteunen, deel dan mijn video’s met je vrienden

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  2. +Shadow Elenter This is really incredible! There were moments when I felt like I was actually on the ride!! Well done.

  3. Hey shadow, I really like the creativity and design for this ride, I would have definitely ridden it, but I would probably chicken out first! 😀

  4. I would hate that moment when one of the motor runs out of battery power and you have to take apart the whole ride just to replace a couple batterys

  5. how people can do this is because they have the capacity in their mind so that they can literally make lego instructions in their head

  6. Exposed sharp-edged moving parts that close to the ride with no customer protection whatsoever?
    What could possibly go wrong?

    Needless to say, it's still amazing!

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