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Lee Suji and Song Daeun’s trip to Bandung! Part.2 [Battle Trip/2018.11.11]

Lee Suji and Song Daeun’s trip to Bandung! Part.2 [Battle Trip/2018.11.11]

Look at this. This is all a floating market. (Fried banana, $1.50) I’m scared of rabbit. Chicken, please. (Chicken skewer, $2.20) Let me try durian. (Lastly, they buy durian as their dessert) (They picked 4 types of simple snacks) – Let’s sit and eat. / – I love eating at places like that. (They try the chicken skewer first) – Isn’t it good? / – Yes. – It’s the peanut sauce. / – The peanut sauce. Let’s try the steamed buns too. Mine has milk filling inside. – You’re so cruel! / – So cruel! Mine has strawberry filling inside. Strawberry. There are milk and strawberry flavors. – The colors are pretty inside. / – There’s a variety. – The milk bun is… / – That looks good. – Did she say milk tea bun? / – That looks delicious. – I bet it’s delicious. / – It’s sweet and sour. People should buy what kids want too. – It’s fun to eat cute buns. / – That’s right. (Lastly, it’s time to try the durian) – Durian! / – Grilled durian. And this is fresh durian. Fresh durian? That’s a bit risky. They must brace themselves before eating. You’ve had this before. How was it when you tried durian for the first time? I liked it because it was sweeter than it smelled. Isn’t it because of the sauce? Without the sauce. (She tries the grilled durian first without the sauce) That was my first time. People who love durian only eat that. (Ew) – At first… / – That was for real. – A real reaction. / – Can’t handle it? No, it’s better than I thought. Stop lying. (However, she can’t keep a straight face) – Did you smell it? / – It smelled like fart just now. That’s the smell of durian. – Jooe, have you had durian before? / – No. – I want to try that. / – My mouth smells like farts. – She’s enjoying that. / – I want Yeonwoo to try it. – You said it smells like your feet. / – Yeonwoo… – Daeun. / – No. Daeun. Let me try the fresh durian. She put the ice on the bottom like it’s shaved ice. (Suji enjoys it as expected) (That’s delicious?) It’s good. (They have two opposite feelings) I guess people eat this like shaved ice. If it’s hard, don’t eat it. But I’m curious about that. – It’s good. / – Fresh durian. There’s not much flesh left. Was the fresh durian okay? It’s like mustard, right? – Did you like it? / – Look at her. She’s so fun. Suji, this one is tastier. – This is better? / – The fresh durian was tastier. Grilled ones have a stronger smell. It smells bad at first but I can taste the sweetness. I felt it right away. – Right? / – I want to try it. I’ll stop eating now. (You can have it all) You’re not stopping because you don’t like it, right? Remember when I said I’ve tried durian before. I said it was sweet and tasty. Turns out, that wasn’t durian. (It was Suji’s big picture of making her eat the durian) (She fooled me!) Viewers, brace yourself before eating durian. We still have the highlight of today’s tour. I’ll take you to the most popular spot. We’re confident about this place. You must go here. – Is it a rooftop bar? / – Yes. – Rooftop? / – Seriously. – Look at that. / – What’s happening? (It’s a popular place on social media) In Indonesia… – A lot of people use social media. / – I see. That place was really popular. Daeun, don’t let this surprise you. – Hello. / – This is very nice. What is this place? Look at this. Someone put a bus here. – There was a real bus at the bar. / – That’s pretty. – It’s mostly visited by young people. / – So nice. – Daeun, should we sit here? / – Take a seat. (Dancing) – We ought to look chic when we sit. / – Just like this? I thought that this would be the place you like. I have to visit popular places. I researched a lot online. (You’re the best) This isn’t a popular place in Korea. It’s a popular place in Bandung. And they sell simple drinks here. – Are you hungry? / – Yes. – Are you hungry? / – Yes. You have my respect. Seriously, I respect you. – I shouldn’t eat a lot at night. / – Right. – Let’s get pizza. It’s simple. / – Pizza? Excuse me. – One pizza costs… / – Cocktails. – $4.80. / – How much is it? – $4.80. / – So cheap? Here’s what you must do here. Before they serve us our pizza, that bus is the symbol of this place. We must take photos there. – Others come here to take photos too. / – Yes. Suji, I prepared this for today. – Earlier, we made this. / – What’s that? (After lunch, they made the toppers together) (Self-made toppers with paint markers and OHP films) (They can take photos just like this) I’m going to take it like this. (They take the best photos with handmade toppers) You look cute, Suji. That looks so cute. (SuDa Signal Tour in Bandung) Try to look cool. A popular place in Bandung. (Sexy at times, lovely at other times) (Photos for social media, lovely Daeun) – I’ll hold this part of the bus. / – Okay. (Here’s the real strong woman!) – She looks cute. / – Look at her! (Exerting superhuman power) It looks so real. (Taking photos while catching everyone’s attention) The people in the back are taking photos of you. Okay. (A simple meal, pizza, is served) – The pizza was really good. / – So funny. – $4.80. / – It looks so good. That pizza is big too. – It was so good. / – So big for $4.80. – We ought to… / – Take this. That’s right. We ought to eat pizza with our hands. We have to roll it too. Is that chicken? Daeun, are you really always hungry? When I see food… – I can’t stop eating it. / – I see. – I love eating with my hands. / – Right. (She rolls it with one hand) (She takes a big bite) My gosh, she eats so well. It was to die for. You look like you’re eating buckwheat crepe. It felt like I was too. Isn’t it really good? I only taste the cheese, the dough… – And meat. / – I can only taste the meat. Do you like thick dough or thin dough? – I like thin dough. / – Me too. I like crunchy dough. I like it when it’s like chips. If that’s how you’re going to eat, can I roll up this entire thing? (Roll up the entire thing?) Go ahead. She has my respect. (Rolling two slices into one) She was rolling the slices like they were rice rolls. (I have to record this) This is how it looks. (Looking thick) – I like Daeun. / – It’s as big as her face. She’ll eat that? (This is thick enough for her to chew on) – She eats a lot. / – How is she so thin? Do you work out to eat? – Yes, I love eating. / – I can see. (Today’s queen of eating show, Song Daeun) How was it, Daeun? We finished the first day of our trip. Give me a signal to tell me how good or bad it was. Everywhere we went was pretty. It was prettier because we were part of it. – Bandung has beautiful colors. / – It does. Actually, I love the weather. (She sends her evaluation in a text) Let me read this for you. “Thank you for a day full of joy and excitement. Please look forward to tomorrow. Good night.” I’m so grateful of your comment. You texted her when she was right in front of you? We parodied “Heart Signal,” sending the text at night. I haven’t exchanged texts in a while. – Do you like it? / – Yes, it brings back memories. In that show, we sent text messages to each other at night. Waiting for that message felt longer than a day. – Until the message arrives. / – I bet. On the show, I had to pretend that I got messages for the days I didn’t get any. How did you pretend that? How did I pretend? I did my best to pretend but on TV, you could tell. – You pretended to get messages. / – Yes, I did. The caption said that they felt bad for me. Everyone, have fun in Bandung! – What a beautiful place. / – It was so pretty. The next day is Daeun’s Day. – Daeun’s Day. / – Daeun’s Day. (If you like taking selfies, pay attention!) – Seriously. / – What are those houses? (Princess Daeun and Princess Suji will set out to find) (The best photo of their lives) We prepared the costumes. – I can’t wait. / – What is that? Did they lend those costumes to you? Look at the monitor. Why are you turning away, Hwijae? No, I didn’t turn away. I was glancing at it. The paradise for photos will be revealed. Everyone, remember this. – Look at the look on Suji’s face. / – My gosh. (Screaming) Please don’t do this! (Dizzying) Hold on. My goodness. This is just too scary. What is this? This is too scary. (What on earth happened to them?) (At least for today, they will be in the limelight) (It’s the Mecca for selfies) (Day 2 of SuDa Signal Tour begins now) Where is this? hotel? Our second day has begun. – Yes, it’s our hotel. / – Today is Daeun’s Day. Yesterday, I had such a great time. I’m very looking forward to today as well. You won’t be disappointed. As I told you in the beginning, this tour will start and end with awesome photos. – I said I’d plan a tour like that. / – Right. – There’s one more thing I prepared. / – What is it? Surprise! I prepared a rental car. (1 day rent including the driver, $56.50) – Is the driver’s seat on the right? / – Isn’t it expensive? Yes, the driver’s seat is on the opposite side. They don’t have international licenses here. Since we can’t drive here, I rented a car and a driver as well. You must have spent quite some money. That car looks expensive. It’s cheaper to rent a car than to ride around in a taxi. – Driver included. / – It’s included and still cheaper? – Yes, it’s cheaper than a taxi. / – All day? And if you get stuck in traffic, the meter continues to go up. But if you use a rental car, that’s no concern. – Would you ride the car with me? / – I will. Good job. – Okay. / – Let’s go take pictures. – Hello. / – Hi. – How are you? / – Hi. He’ll be driving for us the whole day. – He’ll drive us around. / – Thank you very much. (Bandung Tour, Daeun’s Day) (The sacred place of selfies, selfie park) (The selfie tour starts!) – I’m getting used to this. / – What a relief. (Hotel to the park takes about 35 minutes by car) – Daeun. / – Yes? Since you’ve been talking so much about taking pictures, I prepared something today. When we take pictures, it’s important to have pretty faces. But also… – Our outfits are important too. The concept. / – True. I think the concept is the most important thing. – So I borrowed some costumes… / – Yes. From the “Gag Concert” waiting room. The “Gag Concert” waiting room? You went into the wardrobe and brought them? Yes, I carefully picked them. Are there normal costumes in that wardrobe? There are many pretty costumes. Goodness. This is what I was talking about. – They’re not that pretty, are they? / – She looks cute. – I got nervous. / – But that wardrobe… – Has all kinds of costumes. / – I couldn’t hide it. – Let’s put on the costumes. / – Yes. I can’t tell you what costumes they are yet. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. – Alright. / – You’ll be satisfied. – I’ll be looking forward to it. / – Okay. Let’s take great pictures in the costumes. I wanted to make the best out of it. I brought costumes for the photos. You should have taken the wigs too. If you go to Disneyland, you’ll find people in costumes everywhere. That’s true. – I mean it. All Elsa. / – They’d be a thousand Elsas. – Elsa from “Frozen.” / – There are 10,000 Elsas. (Selfie park is popular among the youth) People call this place as selfie park. It’s a great place to take awesome selfies. It looks safe. (It’s a paradise for selfie lovers) How cute. It looks fun. (Open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., tickets cost $1.50) Even children do it. – Yeah. / – It’s safe. The entrance fee is very cheap as well. – $1.50. / – It’s only $1.50. The entrance fee is $1.50? (Under the sunshine, princesses walk in) Do you like it? I’m very pleased. I really like this. Me too. He looks so surprised. They’re shocked. You look great in it. You can’t wear such costumes… – When it’s too hot. / – You’re right. (Princess Daeun) (Princess Suji) It’s so fresh. – Even the weather is… / – It’s blissful. I feel like at the end of this road, there will be seven dwarves. And you’ll meet the Beast. The air is so fresh here as well. I feel like I’m in a theme park in Korea. The wind is so refreshing. There are a lot of places where we can take pictures. Is the dress made of velvet? – Yes. / – It must have been so hot. – Weren’t you hot? / – It wasn’t hot that day. – Weren’t you hot? / – I was really okay. – It looks hot. / – The weather was… – Worth it if you get a good shot. / – There is a reason… Why this is called a selfie park. I can see why. Isn’t this place pretty? I know. Let’s jump so we can wear the hats. 1, 2, 3. (Giggling) That yellow looks like it’s dyed with gardenia seeds. I see what you mean. – It’s a very bright yellow. / – Exactly. Clothes in bright colors make better and prettier photos. You even considered that. There are so many places we can go. – I know. / – I’m not sure where to start. Princess Daeun, could you sit over here? – Here? / – Yes. (Let me take a nice picture of you) Our Belle is so pretty. (Is this a fairytale? She’s so pretty) You look so pretty. Oh, my. Prince Charming. Prince Charming. Oh, my goodness. (This is the place!) (This is where you can take great pictures) (A photo spot recommended by SuDa Signal Tour) My prince has a carriage. (Flying white horses) (Flying white horses, $2.20) Let’s go. (She’s feeling great) ♪ Bandung style ♪ (People take pictures here and there in the park) (2nd photo spot, social media picture frame) Shall we take a picture over there? – We made something like that. / – We did. It seems like many Indonesians use social media. Because of the big population, I heard many Indonesians use social media. (Shall we take one too?) (This will surely get her 10,000 likes) – Goodness. / – What’s that? Is it this way? (The best photo spot of Daeun’s Day) It’s the carpet! It’s so amazing. We should go somewhere that is not too common. – Suji. / – What is it? Have you ever dreamed of flying in the sky? Hold on a second. Flying in the sky? I hate climbing up somewhere high and jumping from the top. – That’s not it. / – What do you mean? You can actually fly here. (A flying carpet next to a thick forest?) How is that possible? How does that work? – It’s hilarious. / – It looks high from that angle. – But it’s actually not that high. / – It’s very safe. (Aladdin’s Carpet, the most popular spot in the park) (This place is already popular on social media, $2.20) Look at that. (It’s 100% manual) – It’s manually operated. / – Wait a second. I can’t ride this. This will make me feel bad. So they pull the rope here. – The kid seems to have enjoyed it. / – It looks alright. She’s not crying. Kids can ride it too. – Let’s give it a try. / – Shall we? Suji, you try first. Okay, then please take pictures of me. As long as you’re under 100kg, it’s fine, right? Good. No problem then. (You must put on a seatbelt) It looks a little scary. – There’s safety gear, right? / – Yes. – It’s safe. / – You wear it on your waist. (They look somewhat nervous) (This is not going to be easy) (Suji should be alright) – Suji. / – Okay. I’m scared. Oh, my! (Good luck) – This looks interesting. / – It must be so scary. (Screaming) I’m so scared. (Please help me!) – Hold on. / – This is so scary. Please don’t do this to me. My goodness. Please don’t do this to me. (Suji, are you okay?) Suji. (Laughing) (It’s fun for those who watch her) Take photos of me. Try to look pretty. (Screaming) (I want pretty pictures) What? My goodness. When women change like that… It really scares me. I had to change for the pictures. – She’s so funny. / – There you go. (She made an unforgettable memory) (She plucks up courage once again) I’m Snow White from Korea. (They finally got a shot with the bubbles) Here you go! (She feels totally comfortable on it now) (She even sings songs on it) Women are scary. Everyone, she is wearing a harness. If you wear them under your clothes… – Don’t be scared. / – You can’t see them in pictures. I wore them under my clothes. Princess Daeun, how is it going? So far, it’s okay. I know. Once you sit on it, you’ll feel different. (Nervous) Oh, my! Wait! (Screaming) Wait! Wait! No, this isn’t the right time. (Suji tries her best to make the best photo for Daeun) (It was filmed safely with expert help) I tried to make the photo pretty. Princess Daeun, here it comes. (You have to take the best shots) (I’m scared but I will take the best photos) (Princess Suji is sending soap bubbles) Look at the bubbles. Women are scary when they do this. She was crying but she suddenly changes. The picture looks pretty though. That’s right. There’s a professional photographer too. I want to try this. What about you? Seriously. Where else would you get such photos? – You’re right. / – In fact, that picture made you go. – That’s right. / – That’s why we decided to do it. I think it’s worth going there. Time has changed. People go on trips for just one photo. True. (The princesses are revisiting their childhoods) – You’re Snow White, right? / – It looks delicious. Look at that. It looks like the house is floating. Isn’t that house from “Up?” – That’s right. / – The animation movie. From the movie “Up.” I want to take pictures there. These all are… They’re good enough to be your profile photo. Bye-bye. Bye. (Today will be remembered by these funny photos) (Bandung Tour, Daeun’s Day) (Famous restaurant, Kampung Daun) (Selfie park to Kampung Daun, 40 minutes by car) Suji, you did great. Where are we now? It’s called Kampung Daun. It’s a restaurant that looks like a village. Are we going to eat there? Are you sure they serve meals? – I’m sure they do. / – Okay. (You can have a meal and take good pictures) (Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.) I can tell they serve good food. Sikyung has a special skill. – The food is good. / – Once he sees a restaurant… He can tell if the food is good or not. All I saw was the concrete road, but it’s good? That means good food. Really? (As you walk down the street with engraved leaves) The restaurant is called Kampung Daun. It’s like a chicken restaurant… Near a mountain valley in Korea. We can take a green shower in there. – You can relax while you eat. / – The food is good. (What food are they going to eat here?) – Before we look around the place… / – Yes. – We should eat. / – Okay. – Let’s go eat. / – Okay. Let’s hurry. – It’s a restaurant. / – This place is like a theme park too. The place looks amazing for dates. (They can have a private meal in a little cabin) There are separate bungalows. I can hear the valley. I can hear the sound of running water. My goodness. The stream is flowing down the rocks. (A small stream is flowing in Kampung Daun) Look at the stream over there. We should practice singing here. Our seats are over there. – Over there? / – Where we can see the stream. – It looks like a resort, but it’s a restaurant? / – Yes. You can borrow the whole bungalow and have a private meal in there. – That sounds nice. / – It is cool. It is amazing. It’ll be good if you go there with your parents. (The place is crowded with tourists on weekends) (You can choose the room through a reservation) This is so cool. I was so hungry. They have a lot of dishes on the menu. Where’s the bell? They have their own special way to take an order. It’s right there. – It’s the tube. / – You blow in it? – What is it? / – It’s a wood tube. When you place an order… (You bang the wooden tube to call the waiter) That’s new. – Instead of ringing a bell? / – Right. I should hit it four times. “I’m hungry.” Like this. (Princess Suji is calling us, let’s hurry) (The food is being served) I think it’s nasi goreng. (The best dish, nasi goreng, looks and tastes good) (Nasi goreng set, $4.10) It looks delicious. – It must be good. / – It was so good. – I told you. / – Was it good? The food must be good there. It looks so cute. This is exactly what I saw on the internet. Let’s taste nasi goreng first then. I hope it’s not spicy. What would nasi goreng of Kampung Daun taste like? (How does nasi goreng taste in Kampung Daun?) It feels like eating rice with sea. It tastes like the sea. It tastes different from what we had yesterday. – It must be good. / – It was great. – I love it. / – It tastes like seafood fried rice. You can really taste the shrimp. – It’s very rich. / – Yeah. I think this place can be… Enjoyed by people of all ages. Anyone can enjoy the food with no problem. Exactly. It’s here. (What’s the second menu?) (Rib soup, $7.30) It’s rib soup. Let’s taste the soup first. Okay. It must be delicious. – It looks just like rib soup. / – Yeah. Isn’t it Korean food? – It feels like we’re in Korea. / – Are we in Korea? It tastes like Korean rib soup with a little fat. It is a little greasy, and it has some spices in it. Just a little. But it is not too strong. It doesn’t ruin the taste of the soup. – Exactly. / – It works well. It tastes like Korean food. It’s so good. What should I do? Beef is expensive in Korea. You should eat a lot of beef when you go there. – It’s cheap. / – Right. – And it tastes good. / – Exactly. That’s a good idea. Do you want to put rice in it? Get it, get it. – I’ll put all of it in. / – Let’s put it in. It’s a magic act where rice disappears. (It’s the perfect combination) This is it. This is it. It tastes like short rib soup you eat after a long day of work. (It relieves the fatigue from the day’s work) – It tastes better with rice. / – Gosh. – It looks amazing. / – The rib soup. And I want to try the shrimp. (What’s the last menu?) That tastes like kimchi. – Shrimps. / – It’s barbecued. – Shrimps. / – It looks well-grilled. It’s only $6.50. – My goodness. / – It’s so cheap. (Daeun is removing skewers to eat the shrimp) Daeun, can I have it on the skewer? (I should eat the whole shrimp) This is it. – It looks so good. / – I guess they grilled the shrimp. (What does the grilled shrimp taste like?) How is it? (How is it?) Is it good? Is it delicious? (It’s the best) (I can’t wait any longer, I have to eat it) It’s well-grilled. It was really good. We ate the whole shrimp without peeling it. It tastes like Korean food, right? They grilled the shrimp without peeling it. But it’s very tender. I love it. And the sauce is sweet and salty. It’s so good. It’s sweet and salty. I don’t like to eat the shrimp shell. But after grilling it like this… It’s tender and crispy. Here we go. (Taking a big bite) She’s eating two at once. It was so good. – The shell was soft as well. / – It’s so good. It was so good. It’s not tough at all. It’s thin and crispy. It has a nice, crunchy texture. – It was the best dish. / – Right. It was the best of the best. This is the best, right? There’s seasoned vegetable. – It looks like kimchi. / – Right. It looks like mustard leaf kimchi. (This is just like kimchi) It tastes like kimchi. – Is it kimchi? / – Is it refreshing? – That’s interesting. / – Yes, it tastes like kimchi. Place a kimchi leaf on my spoon of rib soup. Am I in Indonesia or Korea? (The perfect combination that can’t fail) It’s delicious? This is excellent. It works well. When I had this rib soup, I wanted to eat some kimchi. It tastes so good with rib soup. It was the perfect harmony. I was worried about the food of Southeast Asia. Even people like me can enjoy these dishes. – Right. / – They all are good. It is well seasoned. It’s not too salty either. I think it’s suits the Korean palate well. It’s so cost effective. Whatever you order, the price is very cheap. You can enjoy the trip without worrying about money. There aren’t many dishes that cost more than $10. – That’s right. / – Okay. What do you think? Did you enjoy the food? Now that we had a meal… And enjoyed the beautiful view. – Tell me what we haven’t tried. / – Coffee. We haven’t had coffee yet today. (Time for coffee?) Is it time for dessert? (Bingo) I love you. – We haven’t had bread since arriving here. / – Yeah. It will complete our trip. (Let’s go to complete our trip) Let’s go, go. (Bandung Tour, Daeun’s Day) (Bakery cafe for the best photos) (Kampung Daun to bakery cafe, 40 minutes by car) Ta-da! Are they having a festival or what? It’s beautiful, isn’t it? – It’s beautiful. / – It’s chilly at night. (Look at the beautiful lights) If you wear a jacket, it’s a bit cool at night. (This is the hottest place in Bandung) – So many people. / – It’s pretty. There were a lot of people. It’s a good place for a date. – There were a lot of lovers. / – There were. It’s so affordable that it’s worth going there. Where does the cafe start and where does it end? – All of that is the cafe. / – All of it. – All of it? / – Yes, that entire area. (Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., admission fee, 70 cents) – It’s a cafe street. / – It’s really big. – Is there an admission fee? / – It’s really expensive. – It’s 70 cents. / – Yes. – It’s 70 cents. / – 70 cents. Every spot was a great photo spot. So pretty. 2, 3. 2, 3. (You can’t leave us out when it comes to photos) It’s so cute. All they did was take photos. (Can you guess which is the flower?) – They say only photos will remain. / – That’s right. – That castle is also in the cafe. / – That’s also in the cafe? – Yes. / – Wow. (Daeun’s Day ends at a beautiful castle) This atmosphere feels like a movie. – It’s really like “Harry Potter.” / – It really is. – Men really like that movie. / – That’s right. I think that men and women of all ages would enjoy this place. Right. I say this with utmost confidence that this place is worth recommending to everyone including family, lovers and friends. I’m serious. I think it was such a perfect day. Really? Are you satisfied? I’m satisfied but the bread isn’t here yet. Making me disappointed. Wait a minute, Princess Daeun. – Banana split. / – What is this? – Banana split? / – Banana split. Brownie with ice cream. It’s a brownie. (Two desserts to capture the hearts of women) (They are pretty desserts that are perfect for photos) – This banana ice cream was good. / – What is this? – Brownies and banana split. / – Banana split. – Banana split? / – That looks a little expensive. – It’s only $2.40. / – What? – Isn’t it really cheap? / – That’s impossible. – All of that? / – I want to live in Indonesia. I also want to immigrate. Men and women are different. Honestly, there aren’t a lot of situations where men get excited about desserts. To be exact, it’s hard to understand why they’re drinking coffee when the sun is already set. I can’t believe this! – It looks really good. / – It looks good. – Should we try them? / – Should we? Cheers. (How does the brownie and ice cream combo taste?) (She is lost for words) (Bliss) – It’s like a commercial. / – Was it good? Yeonwoo has been won over. – We’ve got you. / – It went so well with coffee. Let’s be honest. MOMOLAND likes this, right? Right? The brownie is so moist inside the mouth. You could say that we drank coffee to eat desserts. There’s thick chocolate inside the brownie. (Another bite) (The next dessert they will taste is the banana split) (They are tasting it) – It’s good. / – It’s really good. (Perfect combination of chocolate ice cream and fruit) You have to eat fruit when you’re there. The sweetness is different. (They ended the day happily with sweet desserts) (It’s time to send a signal) (Daeun nervously planned the second day) (She nervously waits for a text) (She wonders if Suji enjoyed it or not?) (Was Suji satisfied with Daeun’s Day?) (From Suji) (Thank you for the photos and memories) (That’ll last forever) (I’m so happy to have a friend like you) (I felt rich here in Bandung) (Let’s be friends forever) (She is full of cute charm) It feels like we succeeded in becoming a couple. I’m not that happy but it’s good anyway. – I’m happy. / – I’m also happy. (We guess it’s all good if they’re all happy) I have never been to the U.S. or Europe. So I really wanted to go there and it was my dream. But it feels like my dreams came true. – That’s right. / – After I came to Bandung… It really felt like I came to Europe. I felt it wherever we went. It feels like I came to Europe. – I wish a lot of people knew it. / – Yeah. – I’m serious. / – Yes, I’m really serious. (We hope people will feel the charm of Bandung) What do you think about when you think of Indonesia? Bandung. Let’s send a signal to the viewers to come to Bandung. Bandung… ♪ I send you a signal, send you a signal ♪ ♪ Tingling, tingling, tingling, tingling ♪ (SuDa Signal’s Bandung trip, the end) From what I see… Promoting Indonesia as a cool nation was interesting. The prices are cheap too. So it will be fun to spend money. Just don’t go to Bali. If you’re going to Indonesia, you should visit the beach… – And then go to Bandung. / – That sounds nice. – The weather will be cool. / – It’s nice to take photos. – Was it the selfie park? / – Yes. I think there are a lot of places to take photos there. – That’s right. / – It really is. It’s Europe on this side, then over here, it’s Southeast Asia. It feels really different. It felt like a movie. The admission fee was really cheap, right? – It was $1.50. / – Yes, it was $1.50. Do you have to pay more for the carpet ride? Each theme has its own charge. So you only pay for what you want. Is the photographer included… – In that fee? / – Yes. The photographer is included in the fee. It’s not $2.20 for each photo. You can receive every file for that price. When you say every file… – Do they take lots of photos? / – They keep taking them. It’s so cost-effective. – Yes. / – The most important thing is… That Yeonwoo and Jooe have been totally won over. – Because of the food. / – Yes. – And the photos. / – And the desserts. They were won over by the dessert. – They enjoyed it so much. / – They like sweets. – It’s really good. / – They took more than 1,000 photos. That’s right. We had to delete some because the storage was full. – Really? / – They were all works of art. – They were so pretty. / – It looked so pretty and tasty. Let’s find out how much they spent now. It must be close to nothing. – How much did you spend? / – How much? For 2 nights and 3 days, the total amount we spent per person in Bandung, Indonesia is… – How much? / – It’s for 2 nights and 3 days. $229. That’s including accommodation? – Yes. / – Everything is included. – It’s included. / – Accommodation was $60 per night. If you exclude that, they only spent $100 for 3 days. – That’s right. / – It’s really cost-effective. – It’s the best. / – Yes. Let’s do the final vote. Will you take SuDa Signal Tour to Bandung? Please vote! (They designed trip to a hidden location) (What will the judges choose?) We saw the trip to Bandung, Indonesia. This is also my first time. Next week, we will see… – A trip to Sakhalin, Russia. / – I’m so curious. We will reveal the trip of Jooe and Yeonwoo. Will you be energetic next week? – Yes! / – Yes! – Let’s go, MOMOLAND! / – We can do it! See you next week! (Next episode) Sakhalin! – We’re in Sakhalin. / – This is Sakhalin. I’ve been overwhelmed by the beauty of this place. Yeah. Is it delicious? Is it good? I’m just going to trust you. No, it’s really good. Wow, unbelievable. Hey, seals! I think I got one. – I’m scared. / – No, no! Screaming together and not caring about anyone else. I think that was so nice. (Battle Trip) (“Shoot Out” by MONSTA X)

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  2. Lokasinya enggak poular banget sih tapi di jawa ada loh kapital dari indonesia adalah jakarta dan bandung ada orang jerman (you need to google this english people or korean people its indonesian word and indonesia its muslim)

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    어머! I always eat at Kampung Daun with my family before leaving Bandung.
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