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KSP – Journey to Pluto. Episode 4: “The Abyss”

KSP – Journey to Pluto. Episode 4: “The Abyss”

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  1. awesome
    I got a very interstellar vibe from the kerbin landing sequence.
    Now we know why Kerbin is mostly, if not only, inhabited by kerbonauts. lol
    Really enjoyed your series.

  2. fantastic, i love it so much, very interstellar vibes. I always wanted to recreate interstellar in ksp but with not only RSS, but the gargantua system in realistic scales. im never gonna be good enough for that tho

  3. Petition to adopt this as the official lore of KSP, lol.

    Even after moving over to RSS/RO, Stock still holds a special place in my heart.

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